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  1. We lost two this year - Misty the Dog and Bella (a cat) both had to be put down. Despit medication, the dog's hrart problems just got worse and the cat got what seemed to have been a rapidly spreding facial cancer.

    OTOH, we still have the neurotic Oedipuss cat,


    Worthy the Snot Cat (so called as he even by cat standards can have really snotty moods)


    And Willy Weasel (who turned out to be female) the ferret

    All of them found us at some point, Oedipus was certainly part of the local feral community, I'm pretty sure Worthy had been someone's pet but was a stray, the ferret just wandered into the garden when young and seemed very lost.
  2. Oh and I forgot mewan, another from the feral community

  3. Better explain the ferrets name - see this
  4. Totally OT, I know but tufty the squirrel and the weasel character were 60s/early 70s road safety for kids characters. We had the Green Cross Code after that with the part played by David Prowse. He remains the Green Cross man for people of my era in the UK but US people would best know him has the body of (someone else voiced) of Darth Vader.
  5. Cute cats!!!! :) :) :)

    I have a cat. Her name is Chloe :]
  6. Not sure Mr Worthy is cute. He is the biggest cat we have had and a bully to other cats. He does have some likeable qualities though...

    Got a pic of Chloe?
  7. Aw.. thanks!
  8. On the bullying bit btw, we do have a problem between Worthy and Oedipus. Worthy will beat up or just intimidate Oedipus on sight. It takes a bit of planning, eg. to arrange food times in different rooms and we would not let them both out into the garden to do what they need to do at the same time.

    I still love them both though and Worthy is better with humans in that he is a claws in cat where Oeidipus can forget to retract his and scratch you...
  9. Aw, that's too bad :(
  10. In one way, yes... but in another way, I''m pleased we were given catty (and currently in our case ferrety) friends. Would be sad at loosing any of them.
  11. I'm a terrible rambler but on losses, on of the saddest was Delia, She was another feral and in poor health when we found her. Her eyes would hardley open and she maybe had cat flu. With the vet's help we nursed here bake to this:


    And she from scratching me and drawing blood from me became friends. Actually she was a get into bed with you cat but then what we think was the gamekeeper's dog got her. She only lived about 1 year. Still I have to look at it that the year she had with us was something she would not have had if just left to die on the footpath where we found her.
  12. Here's mine

    Sorry I don't have nun of my cat. I will though :)

    Chili out
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  13. Wow! How do they relate to us or we to them? Only reptile I really handled was a small garter snake a fiend had. Seemed really nice but I'd still not be sure I could make friends in the same way as I could cat dog crow ferret and other animals that have came our way....
  14. Don't have any... Have dust allergy, dogs and cats are not good for me... :(
  15. that's a shame jeenn

  16. Love pets especially dogs... I want to have one though have dust allergy for me to have a company at home... I am just renting an apartment so I think that could cause a problem to the neighborhood. also I dont have this yard to make a house for the dog :(
  17. When I rented a flat, I couldn't have a pet - was the only time I've been without...

    Dogs and cat are so different - I love this one:

    Dog: my master feeds and cares for me so he must be a god.
    Cat: my humans do all I want of them so I must be a god.

    Love them both but overall, if I had to choose one, it would be the cat as it is more independant.

    Ferret is an interesting little creature. First time we let it in the house, it started bouncing around and making strange noises. Never having had one before, I thought it agression but "dooking" is just excitement. Ours is not really one you can get close (as in having a cat sit on your lap or a dog wanting to go out for a walk with you) to though. It is only really interested in its own mischief if in the house and getting a bit of that paste in the photo as a reward for being put back in cage!
  18. I got myself hedgehog at the beginning of this year, and adore him. Well, actually "he" is a she. But didn't find that out til after I got her and was used to calling her a him. :) So I still automatically call Hedgie a "he". :) Was trying to upload some pics, but apparantly they are too large.
  19. aw, this breaks my heart </3

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