Which version of the bible should I read?

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by johnl10, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Which version of the bible should I read?

    Hello, I just joined this forum.
    I grew up in a family that was catholic and attended church regularly but never really read the bible much.
    I now have decided to learn the bible and am looking for a local non denominational church but also have begun watching Joel Osteen on TV.
    What I'd like to know is which version of the bible should I read? I have seen King James, American Standard Version, and New International Version.
  2. Welcome to the forum. :D

    Just to be brief here. I’d say try them all. You can find literally all the versions online for free. Read the different ones and see which one speaks to your spirit.
    Personally, I started out with the NIV. It was easy to understand. I like it for reading, but not for study.

    It’s a lot like the Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge debate.
    Which one is best?
    It depends on who you are.

    And as far as Joel Osteen?
    I won’t even go there. That one will get the thread closed for sure.
    I’ll just say I don’t watch him. :rolleyes:
  3. Hello And Welcome :)

    I read the New King James Version. And the King James version.

    Wisdom to you in your reading.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days

  4. Hi John ..... welcome to the forum . Glad you found us .

    Please look over the forum rules and drop by the new members section of the forum and tell us a bit about yourself so we can all welcome you .

    Every one has a personal preference and I would say to look at each one and see which version speaks to you and which one you find the easiest to read .

    My preference is the N. I V. but it might not be yours.
  5. Hey you got that one right , Dean .... You are learning ..... He he . We do not talk about other pastors here. .... You're a good man . :D:D
  6. Hi John, welcome to the Forum! Myself, i prefer the ESV and the NASB, I also like the Geneva Study Bible, at www.bible.cc you can compare parallel translations...also biblegateway.com...I deffinitely don't read "The Message," (i would read the NIV if i wanted to read a paraphrase.)

    The NASB is word-for-word, so is the ESV, the ESV is a little different in attempts to make it a little more readable than the NASB, anyways, it's good to compare translations on passages. KJV is also very good.


    If you have a Bible, read it
  7. There are some versions that leave out reference to the Blood of the Lamb. The blood is vital to our growth. Its what ratified the covenant that we are to live by. Choose the version that you want to read but ditch any that do not keep the blood references
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  9. John, I would say that any version is right to read, but I would start with something that is easier to understand. New Living Translation is good for that, I think. I love the Amplified because it gives a lot of synonyms and it is generally more detailed and easier to understand. But, in order to do a really good study, I recommend that you read the same verse or passage in more than one bible, maybe even get a concordance and compare things. BTW, welcome to the Forum.

  10. Hi John. Great to have you on the forum. I would recommend the NIV, but if you have the time try to learn N.T. Greek. It's great to read the Scriptures in the language in which they were written. You will also get some really good insights that are not available in translation. New Testament Greek is the common language of the people and is not too difficult to assimilate. Give it a try.

    God bless.
  11. Welcome to the forum John.

    The best Bible to read is the one that suits you best. Some people prefer the KJV over the NLT and so on and so forth.

    If you like something simple yet sophisticated, go for the NLT (New Living Translation). It's a lot like the NIV (New International Version), but has that certain "feel" that I like.

    If you prefer to go traditional then all you have to do is pick up the KJV (King James Version). Once you can get a hang of the "thee", "thou", "knowest", etc. talk you're ready to go. Whenever I read the KJV I always suplement those fanciful words for modern terms "thee" = "you", I think you get the point. :)

    Now, if you really want to get down and "Olde Tyme", there are plently of Old English and Middle English Bibles available. It's just that sometimes the words are kind of odd to read because we don't speak like that anymore. :D

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