Which type of worship songs do you like?

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  1. This thread is not to discuss what kind of worship is appropriate. Please refrain from posting any such thoughts! This is just a post to understand what my dear brothers and sisters enjoy :)

    For me, I love classical hymns. Just singing them in Church or just singing along in YouTube or listening while driving car.. Just love the slow hymns. In modern songs, I love the slow ones. I am never a fan of rock kind of worship music. I get distracted with music and never focus on the words.

    How about you guys? What songs do you guys like to listen to?
  2. I like the little more upbeat style , not rock n roll worship. Julie True is 1 of my favorites. It's called "soaking" music. here check it out
    It really puts the meditation in you and you can seriously focus on beauty of Jesus Christ

    This is just a trac sampler, so there are full versions you can listen to on You Tube

    Here is full healing song. It is beautiful :)
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  3. I'll refrain from getting into what music is appropriate for worship (especially since I know many of us have a different perspective on this). The music that jolts me, speaking in terms of its sacramental purpose, is High Mass classical (so to speak).

    I love soulful gospel and gospel folk music in enjoyment, but since you asked which worship type (I'll take it as purposes of worship), I'd say the classical side.

    This track was actually composed by Ennio Morricone for the movie The Mission, but has been adapted into some churches for processional worship and is a good example of what I'm referring to.

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  4. This also sounds good to my heart. (raising hands) "\/"
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  5. Lately these guys :D They're Messianics in Jerusalem! I bought their DVD and can see it as you see it on YouTube or in Hebrew! They're so catchy I wake up signing them! I love 'em!

  6. I used to be very critical about worship songs and very often I "had to" judge whether this or that worship band was good enough instead of just worship with them. I am still critical but I always try to not to think about it and spend the time of worship properly. I like songs with good lyrics and I am more for dynamic songs as I think that my church is too sleepy.
  7. I like both hymns and praise songs when the words describe in some detail who God is and what He has done rather than describe my worship of Him.
  8. It is not about me worship is about giving and that giving is to God. Should you be blessed while doing so it is just a by product of being obedient.

    We come to worship You
    Hands raised in praise
    We’re no longer bound by sin
    The ransom has been paid
    The ransom has been paid
    Dear Lord we are Your church
    The bride prepared for You
    Nothings borrowed
    Nothings blue
    Nothings old
    all is new
    Clothed in linen
    Pure and white
    Pleasing fragrance
    Beautiful sight
    The bride prepared
    For the Lord’s delight
    She longs to be taken home

  9. The drumming in this video gets me going.


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