Which one is better?

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  1. Which one is better?

    To know you going to give birth to the baby boy or girl before you even gave birth child? or know when the child is born?.........I don't like this of finding out what gender is your child 6 month before you gave birth etc. unless God tells me and my wife for a certain pupose like He use to do in bible times....other than that it takes that element of suprise and joy etc don't know how to explain that.........But what do you think guys?
  2. Nathi, the first 4 times I was surprised. The last 4 times I knew and it was helpful in helping us prepare, financially, in a sense.
    I had 5 boys in a row so we never had to buy alot of new clothes or worry about bedroom situations. Our 3rd girl came last and knowing this in advance helped us make the necessary preparations.
    My 8 children came in a 22 year span.
    My youngest child and oldest granddaughter are less than a year apart.
  3. Ok.......finacially I agree.....but.....:D
  4. Even now, with the technology, if I was having my first child, I would not want to know.
  5. I don't think there anything wrong with finding out ahead of time, unless you have bad intent. For example, in communist China, they are only allowed to have one child so they will sometimes abort if they find out it's a girl, that is wrong.
  6. Two thoughts on this...

    If God wanted me to know, he would have given me a window on my belly.

    I don't open presents from God early...it spoils the surprise.
  7. Perhaps He did give you a window via ultrasound. I do not believe all technology is terrible. Some technology, like the internet, can be used for bad, like porn, or for good, like this forum. Saying if He wanted you to know He would have given you a window is like saying "If He wanted me to talk to people 800 miles a way He would have given me a really loud voice and great hearing." Instead, you have the internet. :D That being said, we found out the sex of our child before the birth and it took nothing away from the birth at all.
  8. I think its nice, when a women is giving birth, and doctors say

    "Congratulation you got the baby boy or girl"....giving birth while knowing take away this feeling, i don't how to explain it....natural feeling,that you got by opening the the christmas gift from someone you love during christmas even though they bought it 2 month before..............

    After saying that....I don't think it's a sin to know though.........
  9. Need to add one more thing...I knew what each of my children's gender was going to be before they were born...no tests, no doctor telling me...no dreams, words of knowledge, visions, divine revelations...I can't explain it...I just knew. My family thought I was nuts.
  10. Like Violet I had five boys one after the other, had I known before birth their gender, I think I would have been desperately disappointed by number three!
    However the battle of labor and delight in this new person always far exceeded any 'oh still not a girl'.
    Had I known, I would've had time to be selfish and be negative.

    My husband has a vasectomy after our fifth son,
    but then we became Christians, and the first thing I asked of the Lord was for a daughter and He said 'yes'!
    We then spent 6 years going through various trials and battles to see God's promise fulfilled.
    Through the pregnancy I desperatly wanted to find out if God had kept His promise (doubting thomas that I was) but it wasnt hospital policy to tell.
    You can imagine our delight when our first daughter was finally born!
    So yes I knew because God had said, but I had no physical proof.
    I conceived again, and this time found out because I could.
    I had believed God had said He would give me a double portion, so I expected another daughter, but it was a son!
    I asked God why, and I believe He said, 'you wouldnt have believed me for another boy, having already had five,
    but I have a plan for His life.
    I was greatly touched by this.
    And then I laid down my childbearing as I was now 37.
    The Lord had other plans, and almost three years after my son's birth my second daughter was born!
    I 'chose' not to find out the sex this time.
    I had wanted to but a friend of mine said 'dont you will regret it', and I agreed.
    So again we chose to find out at the end.

    It is only nine months, you will know what they 'are' forever afterwards!
    It's like unwrapping Christmas presents in November, it loses what God intended, the wonderful suprise.
    Gosh just noticed Nathi said similar!
    Out of the mouths of two witnesses!
  11. Violet this is the same as me!
    My youngest daughter is 13 months older than my first grandson!
    My oldest son is 21 yrs older than my youngest daughter, same age gap as between my dad and me!
  12. I enjoyed reading these posts!

    One thought - we should be careful when we say things like "if God inteneded, then . . ." All manner of very bad doctrine can sneak in through "human reasoning." There are those in history who declared the Railroad ungodly stating God never intended for people to move at 35 mph. Others stated that one should never fly because God did not give us wings. We could give example after example! We have enough clear sins and problems without "creating" more.

    Those who want to know should be able to find out which gender. Those who do not - hvae fun waiting.

    To each his own.
  13. I think this falls under the catagory of whatever floats your boat. My sister in law was positive she was having a boy. She painted the babies room blue and bought lots of cute little boys clothes. My niece is now 12- LOL!
  14. I think that it should just be up to the parents. :)

    I always want to know in advance because then I know how to plan. With my first, they told me it was a girl and on the ultrasound she sat right on the camera so there was no mistake that she was a girl. My second was shy and hid the entire pregnancy. I had no clue what I was having up until the day I had him. I had a boy. The third let us see that he was a boy-- no shyness there. Ironically he is very similar personality-wise to the oldest. Now we are expecting our fourth, and I do want to know. I think it is nice to know which gender of clothing to pull out and wash, and how to prepare. I figure if the baby doesn't want me to know then it can hide like my second did. :p
  15. Gadzooks! This is like tearing open your Christmas presents a week earlier when you're younger (guilty:eek:) and then trying to act all surprised on Christmas morning.

    BTW: My friend also did this. On Christmas morning he was looking around, and then--much to his horror--he asked his Mom, "Hey, where's my watch from Gramma?":eek:
  16. Hee Hee!!

    About the babies, you might want to know by the time you reach baby number 4!:)
  17. I never understand the connection everyone makes to opening Christmas presents early (which I have never done, nor been tempted to do ;)).

    Opening a present early ruins not only the surprise for the individual, but also takes away the joy of the giver because you have essentially stolen their gift. A gift is not yours until it is given to you. Until then it still belongs to the giver. So opening a gift early is like the prodigal son expecting his inheritance before it is due him. An infant is yours already. It is your flesh and blood. It is still a surprise when you find out the gender prior to birth, and some people are surprised to discover that those images were all wrong. It also doesn't take anything away from the infant to find out what gender it is early. It is all just a matter of finding things out earlier or later. It's not any different than using a pregnancy test to verify pregnancy rather than just waiting until you have all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, or taking any number of tests during the pregnancy to make sure things are going okay with the pregnancy, rather than waiting until birth to be surprised about it all.

    Also, a Christmas gift is a material item that usually serves a temporary purpose and does not have a major impact on several areas of an individual's life. A baby is permanent and effects many areas of the individual's life. Finding out the gender can ease some stress, and allow the parents a few months to prepare in a number of ways.

    Having a baby is exhausting! Women have all kinds of fluctuations in their hormone levels which causes them depression and stress, not to mention the sleep deprivation from waking every 2 hours to feed the baby. The last thing that I want to do after having a baby is to get things ready because I just discovered what gender it is (i.e. washing baby clothes that were stored away, decorating, etc.).

    I am not knocking those who like to wait and find out at birth. That is their choice, and there is nothing wrong with it at all. Women are all different and maybe some have more energy for shopping and laundry after giving birth than I do. :p We all have different preferences, and there is a lot of gender neutral patterns, clothing, and accessories out there for infants.

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