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  1. I was a died in the wool IE guy but due to recent problems I am now a Firefox guy. It is a really nice browser and a great improvement over what they originally offered- I think I will stick with FF!
  2. I use Safari on the Mac (I'm a web designer) and I like it over all others because of the long history list which I use constantly plus it's very fast.

    I only use Firefox when submitting links for my clients so I can check the PR of other sites, however I don't like Firefox because of it's short history list and the View Source page because it doesn't wrap and very hard to read the code when scrolling back and forth.
  3. FireFox all the way!
  4. I am an Opera guy myself, however FireFox is a very close 2nd. With opera there are so many keyboard/mouse shortcuts and built in features that I use every day, not to mention the security of Opera. I only use FireFox for a few sites that it can handle better than opera.
  5. Firefox!!!
  6. I use Fire fox with no script.

  7. I've been an IE user since 1995, but this week I switched to Google Chrome. Have had to many issues with IE10 lately and it is slow. I must say I am impressed at how quick it is and I was able to port everything over from IE with little to no problem.
  8. i'm using Chrome at the moment.
  9. Firefox is there to work for you, not to make a buck for google, apple or microsoft.
  10. I use Safari, Firefox & Chrome all at the same time. I use each for different purposes and have them all running. If I had to only use one it would be between FF & Chrome. I like FF browsing experience better but chrome seems lighter and uses less memory.
  11. I really like Chrome for browsing both on my computer and phone. They did a good job creating a fast and light browser.
  12. FF uses less memory than Chrome? That's new...
  13. At least on my macbook pro it does, according to activity monitor. For example right now.

    i have 16 gigs ram available and
    safari currently using 1.52mb
    ff currently using 1.72 gb
    chrome currently using 75mb
  14. Of course I guess it could be a few plugins I have for ff I dunno
  15. With two tabs in each, I have 222 MB on FF and 193 MB on Chrome with Win7. I'll have to wait until later to check it out on Mac. I guess there could be some optimization somewhere. I always liked how Safari ran on Mac, but the scrolling was so much easier using Fire Fox. I never quite understood why they didn't incorporate the finger scrolling in Safari.
  16. I've noticed since I started using Chrome that is has slowed down so I'll have to see if the cache is making it slow or new add-ons I don't know about. I know my ISP's security package makes it a little slow but I'll take security over speed any day. It definitely not as bad as Norton products!
  17. It's funny. I don't doubt that Chrome is slowing down, but I started using Chrome because Fire Fox was slowing down, and FF because IE was slowing down.

  18. My experience is just similar to Banas. IE to FF to Chrome.

  19. Mine is a little different, I did Netscape, IE, FF, IE, Chrome. I think they all slow down sooner or later do to their caches.
    FF never worked on my banking site so I got rid of it right away.
  20. It is funny how it is different for everyone. Except that no one uses IE lol

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