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  1. I've been thinking of doing the same. Beyond the replacements for Office and IE, what applications are available?
  2. There are many powerful open source projects. Here is a really good site that links to many of these programs.


    You can replace say Photoshop with Gimp and Audition with Audacity for audio manipulation. The list goes on and on.

    Honestly I miss nothing after switching to Open Office. The programs can open their M$ counterpart files and can also save in M$ formats. You should take it for a test run...just install it and don't make it the default program for M$ files until you decide to remove M$ from your life.
  3. Thanks :)
  4. "I decided a couple months ago to stop using all M$ products "
    "I have Intel Dual Core 3.20 Ghz processors."
    HMMM-LOL- you should have went with the superior power of AMD Athalon- they will perform an Intel chip regardless of the specs.

    I have used Open Office before and find it does everything I could want except that it has compatability issues with the Microsoft Word most businesses seem to be using in these parts ( perhaps that has been corrected?)- other than that it is a terrific program.
    And by the way HC thanks for the links :D - your brother Larry
  5. Athlon tends to out perform Intel in some apps, particularly gameing and 3D rendering programs. However, Intel usually does significantly better in benchmarks using general apps, and specifically with photoshop suites. Most likely because the programs are streamlined that way, or because M$ has built better support into Windows. Either way, either processor should be more than enough to keep you happy.
  6. Dear Christian 73,
    Your browser may have to depend on your ISP. I tried IE7 abd had some dtrange things happen.
    Then, reading a letter in "WHICH" from another "Silver Surfer" I found out that it did not work well with TalkTalk ISP.
    So I went back to IE6 and the problems vanished as I too use TalkTalk.
    Now TalkTalk has bought AOL in Britain and I find that my Epson Stylus DX3800 or Epson Scanner 2400 will no scan to e-mail with AOL.
    Will we ever win - and they sign you up for eighteen months.?????
    God Bless and keep you all.
    :) :) :)
  7. Exclusively use Firefox, only use IE if I have too. (Wont use IE7, because of issues of it with the software we use. {use IE6}

    Opera is also another great browser.
  8. Firefox all the way :dance:
  9. FIREFOX!!!!

    I love GIMP on Linux. All the Windows versions I have tried have crashed and burned.
  10. I can honestly say I haven't had any trouble with Windows in a very long time. I am of course a stickler for detail when it comes to running virusscans, disk defrag , anti spyware and updates.
  11. Firefox 99% of the time. I have IE7 on both work and home computers for "when needed".

    I also am running strictly Open Office both at home and here at work.

    I am the director of the I.T. Department for a 100+ person company, and everyone else still uses MS Office because of familiarity. I have been testing Open Office full time for over a month now, and have not had any problems working with Word, and Excel docs from other people in the office. My plan is to switch everyone over to Open Office sometime in the next year if I can pull it off. I am not a Microsoft "hater", but I am tired of their constant upgrades and lack of backwards compatibility across all product lines. The pricing is really hurting the budget as well, and is only getting worse. They were once a visionary company, but have now resorted to near extortion on some levels.

    Outlook is another story though, We still use Exchange server, so Outlook is my only choice at the moment :(. I do use Thunderbird for email at home though.

    God bless,

  12. I absolutely Love Firefox the latest version, I like all of the add-ons and extensions as well as the themes. The only add-on I cant find is one that will allow me to edit my Microsoft FrontPage website.

    In Him,
    Rick :medieval:
  13. Firefox too!
  14. Isaiah 53:5 have you had any compatability issues with anyone using Microsoft Word- I have had them in the past and basically that is why I quit using Open Office- perhaps that has been straigthened out- let me know- thanks Larry
  15. I use Safari and have been experimenting with Mozilla's Camino browser.

    I used FF with my PC, but do like Safari.

    IE isn't real good, I try to convert my pc friends over to FF when I listen to their woes...but several just won't, even when I tell them it costs nothing. I think some are just scared to "tinker" with changing a web browser.
  16. I use Opera and I love it. Trying to do away with IE!! Use FF sometimes.
  17. Mostly FireFox or Safari for me.

    I find the IE shuts down and has WAY to many virus problems, so I quit using a long time back.

    Thankfully I have a MacBook, so I don't have to bother with IE and Safari and my FF browsers work 100% smoothly.

    My grandmother's laptop and PC desktop (both HP) have IE on them, but I updated her browser(s) to FF because IE kept "dieing" (as I like to call it) on me when I had more than 3 tabs on the window.
  18. Firefox has an add on which allows you to open a tab which emulates IE. You can even use it to check Windows Update.
  19. Safari here! I am a mac guy. :cool:

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