Where's Tubby?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by gonefishing, May 27, 2014.

  1. Have we lost our resident atheist? The last question I asked him was about his family and I've not heard from him since. Most of you have been communicating with him longer than I have, but I kinda miss ol' Tubs.
  2. Maybe he just got bored, and decided he liked us too much? In fact I was surprised that he expressed that to me in a post one day... Tubby will accept Christ one day and in large part because of the folks he met on this forum...so be it in Jesus Name..:)
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  3. Tubby has been banned. The seeds have been planted, it's up to the Spirit to make them grow.
  4. Did this forum's watering can go dry on Tubby?
  5. Ours is to plant, The Spirit waters. And His watering can doesn't go dry.

    I believe we did all we could.
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  6. Okay. I will pray for Tubby :)
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  7. Thank you. We all should.

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