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  1. Where is the Messiah would like to know where is Mitspa? Was he banned? I need him to reply to my posts, then you can ban him again after.
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  2. He just posted a response to one of my posts yesterday.
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  3. Oh, okay. That means he's just hiding from me.
  4. He was banned and, no we will not lift the ban until it expires in 2 weeks.
  5. I kind of liked the idea that he was hiding from me :( Well, now all we gotta do is figure out how to ban frog legs.
  6. He was always trying to beat me in the rating system.. I'm not sure why he was so into the rating system. I remember when he tried to get positive ratings for his cottage.. Looks like its just me and Major now.
  7. Frog legs? ew
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  8. Do people get a warning before they are banned? I worry all the time that one of my snot-agate remarks are going to get me banned, and I won't see it coming.
  9. Always remember to pray before posting.
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  10. Hee-hee-hee!
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  11. Yes they do get a warning first to let them know what they did. and then " No more sling fries for the duration of the warning"
    And like Where said " Pray before posting" It will help us all to choose our words accordingly
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  12. NOPE! It is not about me my brother. I promise you with all my heart that getting any kind of rateing is the fartherest thing in my mind. I just try and quote the Word of God and explain it to all who read and share with them what I have learned from over 50 years of Bible study. IF someone agree with my interpretation of the Scriptures....wonderful.
    If they do not.......still wonderfull and now we can talk about our differances of those Scriptures.

    I am not here to win a popularity contest! I am doing this for ONE and only ONE reason..........
    To get out the Word of God so as to follow the will of God so that "That all men might be saved"!!!!!

    So then, It is just YOU now!

    I do not know what Mitspha did to get banned but I do know and trust the Moderators here. If they believed it was necessary I am sure they were right. I know that banning anyone from the site is the last thing they want to do.
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  13. What is "snot-agate"???

    Is that what leaks out of your nose after sneezing?????
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  14. Yes mame!!!! Tastes like chicken. Fry them up with onions, mushrooms, peppers..........ooops, I gotta go. Made myself hungrey so I think I will go cook some frog legs!!!!!!!!!
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  15. It's a term I believe my sister made up as a teen. She called me that sometimes, but it was too funny to get upset about.
  16. LOL. Okay brother.
  17. What do you need answered?
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  18. Bible stuff.
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  19. What specifically would that be????

  20. What happneed? o_O

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