Where was He?

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  1. I had a pet chicken called Plucky, whom I loved dearly and treated her like my child. She was part of the family and we loved her so very much. She got very sick with a disease I don't even know about, so we took her to the vet who prescribed medicine. We kept Plucky inside the house, fed her looked after her and even tried to give her the medicine (an antibiotic too).

    I got home from school today and found her dead in her little hay box where she slept at night. This is the second time a chicken of mine had died to a disease I don't even know. Vets couldn't even tell what she had.
    This lead me to a question which I'm itching to know about.

    If God loved the world so much, that He gave His only Son to save us, then why did he create disease, bacteria and virus's that hurt and even kill innocent people? Some of these people are even Christian's, pure children of God. If He loves us so much then why does he let some of us suffer and even die to Natural factors?

    I understand that mans first sin, The Fall, would've brought death and disease into the world, but animals are sinless and innocent. So why does he take animals lives as well? Letting sinless animals suffer from something caused by man?

    I prayed to God to save my chicken yet she still died. Where was He?
  2. I pray that God will send His peace to comfort you in what you are going through. Loss is never easy.

    In answer to your question, people suffering is not God's desire or His fault. The devil comes in to steal kill and destroy. So the things that you are blaming God for He had nothing to do with. God has given us ways to deal with the evil things in this world, but if we don't know about them then, as the Bible says His people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. This is why it is so important to be consistently studying the Word, hooked up to the Holy Spirit, and walking in the ways that God instructs, because as 1 John 5:18b says that he who has been born of God keeps or guards himself and the wicked one touches him not.

    God did not create disease or things to hurt or kill anyone. Its all apart of the curse. The Bible says that the earth (which includes all of God's creation) is waiting on the sons of God (that is us) to release them from that curse. The devil attacks people and their things and animals, and if they don't put him under their feet with the Word of God then he will rob them of everything they enjoy, even life itself. The devil is very crafty and if people blame God for all the evil then they will never realize that it is the devil that they need to be fighting against.

    I pray this helps. I know it "feels" like God was not there, but i can guarantee you that He was, and that He is very upset that you are hurting, and that He could not save your chicken. But please remember it was not God that hurt or took your chicken away. Blessings
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  3. Thankyou Cturtle. Thankyou for your help. I pray God grants you peace as well. I think I just need to read the bible more. I'll start by doing that. Thankyou so much! God Bless! uploadfromtaptalk1442223560349.png
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  4. 1. The same way He made lions with big teeth. When He was in control they lay with lambs. Is He evil for being omniscient / having foreknowledge? No! He can't help the fact that He is God...of the universe ;). We know He is not evil by looking at where the evidence of what He decides to do with His omniscience and omnipotence points...John 3:16.

    2. God gives life and takes it away. We cannot grasp His omniscient timing of death. God would only be evil if He tortured your chicken in heaven. The bible says there is no torture in heaven. So God is good and your chicken is happy.

    3. We need to remember that it is because God is good that He does not always get involved! Free will = good. God only hears the prayers of His people John 9:31. If you are His child and you prayed, well then you just need to accept He knows better / it is all part of His plan for your life.
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  5. Correct. Always put the blame on the right one that it belongs to!
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  6. Great picture! I do believe that animals go to heaven...Jesus has a white horse in Revelation :)
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  7. You know, I wrestle with this question too, I was reading my mom's sociology book ...and the chapter was about how sociology helps us to be human.

    Without social interaction in our youth, humans can't function as capable adults...

    So I read a sad example about this girl named Genie, her father didn't lil kids at all, he killed her two siblings and left her strapped to a potty in a closet from age 1-13..her mom was blind and fiercely afraid of her husband. ...

    When they found her she couldn't speak any English..and at 21 she was sent to an institution to care for adults who can't care for themselves.

    And I wonder why her...im glad it was me, but why did it have to happen to her?

    She didn't choose the loveless environment she was born in...nor did she choose to be born at all..

    This and many other cases I dont understand....

    God has power T part seas and keep the sun in place for Moses...but he was absent in genies life...idk
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    When people choose to not serve God (ie her parents) there is nothing God can do. Yes God has the power, but if people don't give Him the authority to work in their lives...there is nothing that He can do. He is not like the devil who just buts in and wants to take over. He is a gentleman and will not intervene unless invited.

    Same goes in a believers life. Just because we accept Him as Lord, does not mean that He will automatically take over in our lives. We must submit to Him and His ways and invite Him into every area of our lives, so that He can help us to be the person that He desires us to be. A lot of things that people think God is in control of...He has put into our hands. A,lot of Things that God gets blamed for are not His fault. He warns people of things but if they decide to not accept or listen to the warning...there is nothing that He can do, because we have tied His hands. He has sent angels to protect us...but if we speak or talk contrary to the Word of God, we keep them from helping us. (Exodus 23:20-22)
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  9. God does intervene at times..biblically...jonah is an example..when he *chose* to go the opposite direction He *made * a fish swallow him till he went back..

    Personally, my best friend had issues at home and had to stay with strangers BC she had no where else to go.....

    For some other girl, anything could have happened..anything..

    When I see car accidents, or people getting pulled over..

    I'm thankful its not me BC I'm still learning and I make crazy mistakes sometimes..
    But I wonder why them...

    Idk, I think we all have an hour glass for our lives and when that last grain empties out... Then there's no stopping the inevitable...

    Anyway, I'm gonna try to stop fixating on this question BC... Even if god had an answer as to why he didn't intervene... I don't think Id want to know..

    I'll just try and pray.
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  10. I have one problem with number 3, God loves everyone dearly...so if anyone prayed..at any point,time, or situation in there life...he would hear them.
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  11. Trusting and praying is great, and what should be done, but if you are not sure as to what to pray...then just praying God's will be done will not help. Just something to think about.
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  12. I know how to pray, but at the end of the day.. God will do what He sees fit..
    Nit saying there's no point to prayer.. Its just...
    When you do..God wont always say yes...

    Sometimes he does the opposite..
    In pluckys case, a place free of disease...in a way ..may be the answer or just better. (for the chicken)
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  13. When you pray you have to be prepare for the possibility God may say no...

    So your faith won't be shaken..
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  14. Thankyou guys for your help. I also really appreciate your comments pancakes. It's just sometimes...I feel like God doesn't hear my prays and the complete opposite happens to what I asked for. I'm saying sometimes cause there were other times where I didn't even pray but He still gave my hearts desire. I do understand God knows best, but it breaks my heart or brings out anxiety. How do we let God intervene in our lives?
  15. Isabella, I want to share a story with you..to give you further solace...

    My grandmother's boyfriend lost his son years ago...
    He cried for 2 yrs straight... I dont think he was saved... But he heard God say, " I loved him more than you ever will."

    And from then on he stopped crying.

    God loves the people or animals far more than you or me ever could...

    And I think that's a good thing to remember.( that I need T remember)

    If god only loved you, Isabella... Its still enough to share with the entire population..thats how much he loves you alone..and how much he loves us all..

    So..i hope that helps.
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  16. To let god intervene means to accept his will..and he wont say yes all the time..yet he knows best.

    Just lil a parent knows a stuffed toddler doesn't need four extra cookies after downing dinner.

    Trust is had bc it means things wont always go your way..but you have T be okay and find peace with it.
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  17. Thanks Pancakes. I think I understand a bit better now. Thankyou for your help.
  18. I apologize, i was not trying to say that you don't know how to pray. When a person prays according to the Word of God. The answer is always yes (that's what the Bible says). But the Bible also says that when we pray and don't receive what we prayed about, something is wrong with how or what we prayed.

  19. I don't see anything wrong with asking god to extend someone or something's life..theres nothing wrong with that prayer...along with taking mental,emotional or physical pain away...

    Still the answer is sometimes no...
    it is what it is...

    I think it'd be better to pray for endurance.
  20. I never said not to pray to extend someones life and take away their pain. In fact i agree that, that is a great thing to pray. And I pray it often for many people, with success. So i pray what you are praying for is always blessed.

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