Where to draw the line in intimacy before marriage?

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  1. Where to draw the line in intimacy before marriage?

    I'm in a serious relationship and it's difficult for me to tell whether my wanting to remain pure is the whole motivation for saying no to my guy in the intimacy department (besides sex) or if I'm just being selfish and don't want to deal with the hassle of him wanting a service.
  2. HI there,

    I am new here.. I am a divorced 45 year old woman.. who is on a journey of healing from many things in her life.. and looking to be pure in all ways of my life and to know the Lord and his word, so that I may be able to go forth and share with others, especially women.

    I pray that the Lord give you the strength to remain pure in all ways.

    Believe you me, the love and affection that you get from the Lord and by honoring the Lord in all ways, is much greater than a moment's worth of any form of sexual doing.

    May you be uplifted and kept strong and the Lord will provide the strength from this temptation.

  3. I cannot remember who it was but on of the folks at CFS once said something like this:
    If you wouldn't do it in front of your Pastor or your mom don't o it. This is an excellent guideline for purity.
  4. Think to yourself: What are laws? And what are suggestions?

    I wish more people would think about this, especially out on the road. You see a lot of people pulling up to stop-signs full-force, slow, and then keep on going.

    It's a law...come to a complete stop when you see the red octagon. It's not a suggestion. We should feel guilty when we don't obey this law of society. The police will probably never catch every single person who breaks this law.

    What are some of the things that God has said about this? Are they laws? Or just suggestions?

    God has installed cameras at all His stop signs, and He holds everyone accountable who breaks His laws.

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  5. I've heard that before and it's pretty good. Also, if you wouldn't do it in the presence of Jesus Christ, don't do it.
  6. do onto others as you would have done to yourself.
  7. In this case Mike that may not completely apply!:D
  8. The subject is were do you draw the line on intamcey before marriage. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you could lead to trouble.:eek:
  9. nope.if 2 christians are in full control there is no problem.
  10. I loved this..the gentleman I date .. is so guilty of cruising through the stop signs.. .. This is going to be a great one to share!

  11. But then that was not the original question Mike. I choose not to argue- God bless you brother.
  12. I agree with this! But that still might not be clear for some. IMHO
  13. The OP posted one post back in 2008 (1 Year after my daughter was born) Just only this one post. The last response was in 2008. Until today!!! A new record has been set.

    Just saying.
  14. Interesting topic though, what are your thoughts on it?
  15. Hard to tell, the OP never responded back. She seemed confused about staying pure or just not wanting to perform a service for someone she claimed to be in a "Serious" relationship with.

    Her relationship ought to be with Jesus.

    however, for the conversation of sex to even be an issue they both crossed the line long before hand and would have to look at the root of the issue.

    I mean if I date a girl, take her out, hold her hand and say goodnight. We have fun, spend time together but never cross that line of just holding hands, then there would be no reason she should expect I would sleep with her.

    If on the other hand, we always kissed, fondled and just stopped short of (Sex), then by temptation alone she would have a right to ask to go further.

    It's just as wrong to lead someone somewhere then say no, as it is to be the one led and expect.
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  16. I think courting is a more biblical way to handle a relationship then dating. Anytime someone wants to be alone with the opposite sex, and is not married, they're asking for trouble, and setting themselves up for disaster.

    If two people are dating, anything that they're not willing to do in front of Christ, they probably shouldn't do
  17. Where is the Messiah - I think you are invoking all the old and dead threads :D
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  18. The other issue with these Marriage, boyfriend girlfriend threads and sex is that the Poster is not often honest in their part. They just give us their woe's and don't mention what they did.

    We don't hear they allowed this or that, don't hear what we need to hear to make sound advice.

    It's very one sided and they want to hear what they expect to hear. Most can't bare the real answer though.

    Like Jesus, brings the dead, back to life.
  19. I found it to be an interesting subject. I thought it would be better to just comment here instead of starting a completely new thread. :)

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