Where is the "Real" Body of Christ these days ?

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  1. Hello Every One,
    My heart is troubled and heavy burdened for what I have been seeing these days with those who are the Body Of Christ. I know how I am feeling and it brings tears to my eyes and I am to the place that I am almost embarrassed
    to identify my self as a Christian in many area's of this world. So this brings me to my question, How would God see us if we did not have the Blood of Jesus covering us ? Here is what I am talking about.

    Jesus died on the cross so we could live life abundantly and free from the curse of the law. Through Christ God has given us everything we will ever need to live a victorious life through Christ Jesus from glory to glory. He heals us of our diseases and blesses our food and multiplies our seed sown.
    He gives us peace and power over the enemy the devil. Jesus made the way that we can go boldly to the throne of God any time we want. The things Jesus has done for us could fill up this entire forum.

    So here we are dwelling in this earth with all the resources we could ever need right at our finger tips. God said to us to BE HIS HANDS AND MOUTH while we are here on this earth. His light shining brightly in this dark world.
    To be His example of Blessed people amongst those lost and hurting people.
    He is counting on us. Jesus is ever praying for us and this should be the easiest things we ever do for when God calls you to something He AUTHORISES you to do it which means HE HAS SUPPLIED EVERYTHING that we will need and has EMPOWERED US to carry out the task.

    So look around and tell me what you see ? You will find the body of Christ fighting amongst each other and living a sloppy life full of lack and sickness and cant even agree on the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD. You have believers falsely accusing servants of God of preaching false doctrines and such and claiming those ministries that grow big in every way are steeling from the people to live a fat life for them selves and so forth.

    Christians are even making the news these days. Oh yea watch their foul evil protest claiming to speak for God Himself. Oh don't they look so cute with their little signs reading God hates Gays and so forth. We attack churches for allowing gay and drunkards and such into their churches and condemn those who are not of the christian life style. Sad sight in Heaven we must be.

    No where in the written word of God does it command us to tear down another Mans ministry. No place does it tell us to judge them and broadcast it all over the world. It does say that if you judge some one then this same judgement will be upon you or another words you just took the level of how you must be so high that you will not be able to rise above it. WE are to judge our selves. Judge what is good for us. If it is not of God it will eventually fall but if it is of God you may find your self fighting against God.

    God is not holding anything against any of these people. He loves them. He hates their sin but He hates the sin in our life too and why is this ? Because it destroys man, for God hates anything that destroys man. However look at the body of Christ.. So caught up on who will get into Heaven and who will not and those gays wont ever get in unless they change and live life like us.
    I got some news for you.......that is simply words from the dung hill.

    God loves them all and is not holding anything against them. John 3:16 is for each and every one of them....Just as they are they can receive Christ and be born again and saved and washed with the Blood of Christ and get into Heaven. God will work on cleaning them up and perfecting them. Our Job is to LOVE them and show them the LOVE OF GOD, as far as changing them that is Gods place and out of our hands.

    God teaches us to LOVE our enemies and neighbors and those who persecute us and those who are lost. He commands us to and He commands us to forgive them as well. Well now Brother Jim it will be a sad day in hell before my church lets gays make out in the pews. Yea well guess what.......Come hell or high water NO CHRISTIAN COUPLES will make out in my church either.. Get a grip.....We got Christians fighting for their so called Christian rights to refuse doing any kind of business with any person who is not correct according to their religion.....

    Yep that's showing them the love of Christ alright...... God commands us to love them. Sad things is if they continue to pass these laws they are hurting their own communities way beyond acceptable.

    So in all of this I ask where is THE REAL BODY OF CHRIST ? The ones that Jesus died for and redeemed and only ask to share His love and see the captives set free and bring the lost into the light ? What chance does the lost have with a bunch of fighting so called believers these days ? The devil our enemy is having a field day within the church getting us to fight and bicker and become sloppy all the while hindering our ability to destroy his strong holds and kingdom on this earth. He hood winks the body of Christ and he gets an easier time in steeling - killing and destroying...

    Wow Just think........Him ( Jesus ) with our sins and US with His RIGHTEOUSNESS........and look at us.......God help us all......

    I hope this will wake some of you up and if it angers you that I speak these words good because it angers me just as well.
    Please lets get back to the BASE, the written word of God and lets live it according to His word and not our beliefs of the day.

    Blessings and Love in Christ
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  2. What about showing love to those Christians that make these harsh stands? Must we only show love to the sinners?

    The church is being hit with a tidal wave of sin. We can't forgive fellow Christians for their righteous indignation? Personally I am annoyed as hell with the blur so many create between saved and unsaved. Paul is crystal clear on us not judging the unsaved in 1 Cor 5. But he is also crystal clear on the need to discipline / judge / rebuke the saved that continue in extreme sin. I like the first line of 1 Cor 5 it makes such a strong argument for mortal sins. 1 Cor 5:1 It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that even pagans do not tolerate: A man is sleeping with his father’s wife.

    Now another blur creeps in where the unsaved want to be treated like the unsaved but yet still attend church with the saved. If I called Muhammad a monkey whilst attending a service at a Mosque, what will happen to me? People must not call themselves Christians if they do not want to obey the bible. Lukewarm < cold < hot.

    I don't think it could be clearer! Anyone hating what is evil and clinging to what is good has genuine love for Jesus Rom 12:9. This hatred for evil crosses denominational lines. We are all being drawn together. It is amazing to see.
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  3. If we are unable to act against anything from a platform of God's love, then we have already committed a wrong and lost. I still many times need to teach myself this, before jumping in with word and flapping arms on easy topics, how much more the complex ones like GLBT topics. And it is true, if we keep pushing sinners away, how are they to meet Jesus. I know a man who used to be gay, and in the occult. These days he leads a congregation of God's people. So how did this happen? Simple, someone allowed him in close where he could see and experience the love of YHVH.
    Yes, sadly we are a self righteous bunch from time to time.
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  4. God has not called us to go around judging each other and He has warned us against this.
    We judge our selves. We judge what is right in our lives which includes the preaching of His word. No scripture that I have ever seen or heard told in context authorizes us to judge our brethren. Yes we hate sin but NOT THE SINNER...we are commanded to Love.

  5. Howdy Brother KING J,
    Here is a better concept of what I am getting at.
    And Yet still another side that is not being seen correctly.
    It does not matter if we know some say they are Christians and are not and if we know some churches are not operating correctly under the Lord Jesus Christ. However it DOES MATTER VERY MUCH that the world which is in the dark does not understand this and see's this all as one, "His Church and Body"

    We are His light in this world. All the excuses the body of Christ can make will NOT remove the picture the lost are seeing daily. Google Christian things and find so many so called Christians with direct revelation from God about all these false teachers and such. You find churches fighting churches and the body of Christ fighting over preachers having to much money. It is all orchestrated from HELL issued by satan to turn the body of Christ into carnal minded christians all the while he is operating within the shadows penetrating deep within the church.

    It's time we wake up for the time for excuses and sweeping this under the rug has come and gone. It has reached His throne room and He is going to raise up some young Sheppard's who Love Him and will preach His Righteousness and Grace and are NOT afraid of the so called religious circles. This is the day....Ever hear hear Christians talk about "SOME DAY" Well God said this is THAT DAY and if you are not able to go with His flow then you wont be of the ones He will use.... in this day and hour.

    It's past time for the Body of Christ to wake up,
    This is what I am talking about
  6. Jim, not every one believes as you do my brother. We are all at different levels of understanding God's Word, and what you think is not what I or others think.

    It seems to me that in a veiled, round about way you are trying to say that we are not to judge others but your op does exactly that.
    It seems as if you are judging those of us that do not agree with your perception of how things should be according to you.

    As for speaking to ministries and making judgments against others you said..............
    "No where in the written word of God does it command us to tear down another Mans ministry".

    The premise that you seem to be saying is----Does God tell us not to judge?
    The Bibles answer-No He does not.

    What actually did God say????? In John 7:24 Jesus says: ............
    “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”

    May I take a moment to speak to you as a brother in Christ? What Jesus does tell us is not to judge by our own opinions, but instead judge by the word of God, that is what it means to judge righteously. He always encouraged the people to judge. God told Israel to judge the prophets in the Old Testament. He had the true prophets judge the false but the people reacted saying the very same things people are saying today like --- "Your being negative oh you never have anything good to say".

    In the New Testament we are told to judge prophecy, to discern, to test the spirits and we are told to test ALL things. We are told to do this because it helps keep us away from what is false and evil. The apostle Paul showed us how to judge so there would be no second guesswork. The apostle Paul said in Galatians 1:9.......
    “If anyone preaches another gospel let him be accursed”.

    How could we do that if we do not make a judgment on whether some one is a true or false minister????

    Would anyone say to Paul's face “your judging?????”

    In 2 Thess. 3:14-15..........
    “And if anyone does not obey our word in this epistle, note that person and do not keep company with him, that he may be ashamed. Yet do not count him as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.

    Strong guidelines that many avoid to do today. These are done not to condemn but to bring repentance and restoration. But that is just my 2 cents worth as you said.
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  7. @Major thanks for your opinions and views and you enjoy them.
    Have a wonderful day and keep on judging others in the name of Jesus and be blessed.
  8. They ain't going to get born again without repentance. ALL sinners need to repent, to understand their sinful state,
    to desire to replace this with righteousness that is Scriptural and Bible endorsed.
    Catching fish is so that they can be cleaned, but if fish do not want to be caught then they remain wild and free to swim in their polluted waters.
    Jim, the real real problem for "christianity" these days is that liberal free-thinking unbelievers pretending to be christians
    are destroying faith in the Word of God, the Bible as the only AUTHORITY to believe and submit to.
    I actually part listened to a local "christian" radio station that had some loser pastor from America on talking about
    how in his wife's church they marry homosexuals before God. I got and turned the radio off, I was so upset and offended.
    These wolves in sheep's clothing are leading so many to the slaughter - like lemmings going over the cliff.
    Jesus himself said that he had come to call sinners unto repentance. The christian life is not about remaining wicked and
    expecting to be saved like a righteous overcomer who lives the gospel.
    Yes, embrace conversation and witness to homosexuals, gamblers, prostitutes, drunkards and anybody else [even nice people] you
    come across - BUT in the end they have to believe the gospel and repent, and submit to the commandments of God(Jesus) to
    become new people - Romans chapter 6: dead to sin, alive to righteousness, and Romans chapter 8 to walk in the Spirit.
    The sad truth also, Jim, is that many if not most sinners these days do not want to give up their lifestyle choices in exchange for
    eternal life. Nor do they believe that they have to any more.
    1: the new trendy feel good gospel is about heaven and no hell; or
    2: there is no God, and who is this Jesus bloke anyway to tell me what to do!!!
  9. Waggles This is true in part but from talking to many who are still in the world, well they seem to have the same thing in common....Why do I want to leave this hell hold for that of the church ? See they see all the crap and fighting and all the bickering over the word of God.

    If we the body of Christ are not presenting our selves in such a manner that it draws or brings desire to what we have unto an unbeleiver then what are we good for ?
    People keep making excusses to me like they are babes growing up ? Really then why are they a pastor in a church ? Or it all the different levels of Christian growth,,,,Oh really then why allow weeker christians to lead your ministry or church or speak on your behalf?

    It is all human nature...passing the buck off to some one else. Yes the lost have to repent or turn their ways unto God BUT why would they want to when they are NOT SEEING THE LOVE OF GOD THROUGH HIS PEOPLE................

    This is my entire point.....Not somethng I feel or made up as some have said.
    I never said endorce sin........I said stop condemning the sinner. Not directed at you personally Waggles.
  10. Jim, the signs of the times - as Paul wrote to Timothy - in the last days men will be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God (and a bit more).
    Will I find faith on the earth when the Son of Man returns - what an extraordinary indictment against us all - a vote of no confidence by
    the Lord against christians in the broadest sense.
    When the first church began with 120 people and then another 3,000 plus, and again grew and grew -there was only one gospel, one faith,
    one baptism [water and the Holy Spirit], one doctrine...
    Now there are thousands and thousand of variations - even though the scriptures warn severely not to believe another gospel,
    nor to depart from the original faith...
    We are all truly children of Adam and Eve - following serpents, not shepherds.
  11. OK so that church where they marry homosexual couple before God - I guess that's the best example of embracing sinners within
    the love and forgiveness of those church members - BUT in the end who is fooling who?
    Who is being deceived here? Because my Bible teaches me that if I really love and care for people then I will preach to gospel of
    salvation [Acts 2: 37-39] to them, so that they can have an opportunity to choose life over death.

    I am sorry that so many churches don't have their act together and come across in a bad way.
    Leave them and seek those most closest to honouring and upholding what the New Testament teaches.
    I am fortunate to be a member of a dynamic Spirit-filled church that preaches sound doctrine, and promotes spiritual growth and experience
    in one's walk and Bible reading. The ability to give the Bible precedence in doctrine and church practices makes all the difference.
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    Waggles this is true about the last days and when Jesus returns but are we to just allow it and ignore it like it is not important.
    OBTW I am not a child of the first adam. To say so would mean what the first adam did is bigger then what the second adam (Jesus) did and that is not so.

    Personally I am born again by the incorruptible seed the ever living word of God. He is my Father and my mother is Sarah the free woman or MT Zion and my mother is NOT hagar the bonds woman or mt sinai.
    1Peter1:23 Galatians 4:21-26
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  13. OHHHHHHHHHHHH sloow down ther haus, No way is a church marrying gay couples showing the love of God. Never said that. I did say however to stop the turn or burn attitude and share the love of God with them. It is not our job to turn them but to bring them to Christ.

    I am not in a church as I was speaking of but my concerns are for those who are looking at us as hope.
  14. Amen!! We need a real revival! Bring it on Lord!
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  15. Hey Major, I like my meat medium rare and piled high with Mushrooms and caramelized Onions please:D
  16. Y'know someone once said that when a person finds the perfect church, they should not Join it..........
  17. Because they'd ruin it.
  18. I pray that He would rise up those who are not afraid to speak the real truth of His word and to pour out His spirit unto a revival through out this forum just about every night.
    It will happen..Watch and see
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  19. I don't generally go for 'one liners' but....Mat 16:18. And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it..
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