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  1. Morning after Morning before the sun rises I pass church after church. Most of them clustered in groups within a few hundred yards of each other.

    As I pass by I see the little bit of illumination given off from entrance lights and security lights. The church signs look like any other business signs that I pass. The billboards that advertise one church or another speak of things that people want and will sometimes give times when the church is “open” in the same manner the businesses advertising on the billboards around theirs do.

    Where is the difference? What sets these churches apart from the grocery stores and malls around them? Why does it seem that the only light these churches seem to give off is what comes from the electrical systems?

    If all of these churches were half as active with “customers” as the businesses they seemingly seek to emulate, they would have a huge and undeniable impact on the world around them.

    If they spent as much time, money, and effort just putting the gospel out to those around them as they do their advertising and enticements…

    Why do we act as if we are not at war, or as if the weapons we have been given are useless?

    What will it take to change this pathetic and deepening trend to be like the rest of the world?

    Noah warned of judgment, and spoke of one way to be saved. How many churches are warning the world of what is coming? Compare that number with those who focus on getting butts in the pews and with the exceptions of a very few areas/churches the two numbers will be vastly different.

    Yes, some focus on the "get ‘em here so we can tell ‘em the good news" approach, but for every person those signs might bring in the door, how many hundreds will just go on by without ever hearing the gospel that we are supposed to be proclaiming. How many of those would “hear” the good news if it was posted on that same sign, instead of a church advertisement that is practically indistinguishable from the store advertisements on the same street. How many would “hear” if the congregations got out and talked with those around them?

    This is not an issue of those who “hear” rejecting the gospel. It is an issue of those who have already heard and responded to the gospel not sharing the gospel.
  2. I believe you are missing the point. For one thing, every church is a reflection of the people in it. If a church is spiritually dead it is because the pastor and parishioners have been dead for some time. The vast majority of churches exist for the sake of existing, not for any real interest in encountering the Living God.
    An author wrote " you can walk on the waves from New York to London, and pull gold coins out of forever, but you just can't make them care".
    Ease and apathy are the hallmarks of modern civilization. It's not that every body hasn't heard the "gospel", or that they don't vaguely like the idea of Jesus, they frankly just couldn't care less.
  3. I agree totally. I would say that we are right about where Paul said we would be.

    1 Tim. 3:1-4......
    "But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God".
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  4. Yeah, a service business say: a travel agency or a hotel: they will greet you with a big smile….

    While I agree there are those who are not interested, there are those are interested but who are a bit shy….

    Yeah, some people are just a bit shy.... like children who need to be encouraged that bitter medicine is good…

    Yeah, why not a Church…. a group of person, outside the Church, with a big smile, before the service starts, greeting/ inviting passerby...a welcoming, sincere, inviting, full of hope smile....

    Although, am not a Pastor or a Church leader,,,, just a suggestion : )
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  5. I've attended mega churches where big entertainment comes to give concerts and stuff but you don't know anyone, including the Holy Spirit, Who's outside waiting for His invitation. Then I've been in medium churches where they are more of a school-type atmosphere where you might know most, and they have great food, but still, everyone goes their own way. Maybe the Holy Spirit visits once and a while. Then I've been in small churches where many are almost begging the new guy to turn over his paycheck so they can keep the lights on. While the Holy Spirit seems to visit more often, their focus is on growing so they can repair the roof. Finally there's the house church. Nothing fancy, a few folding chairs, and the Holy Spirit is very welcomed and rules the meeting. So if I had a choice between everyone in one big behemoth building filled with $300,000 seats - I mean 300,000 people, or eight in a basement because the living room sofa is too small, I choose the house meeting. That's just my experience and not meant to stereotype everyone into their pigeon hole, and to be funny. :D
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  6. I choose meeting my fellow believers at their home or mine and then going out for a walk and worshipping the Lord by singing his praises and having a picnic/bbq. Most of the time we gather at the local church hall to all worship and praise together and hear preaching but rest of the week we out there being his hands and feet.

    I actually need to go there today as friend left her kindle there, shes at work..and then its off to primary school to help,out with bible teachers. Later am meeting another friend to go see a movie and have dinner. We like to try new foods. Shes used to city living, so we do citygirl type stuff. Shes not really one to go for walks in nature but she does know the Lord.
    Many of my friends dont go meet in a church just go out for walks and enjoy Gods creation.

    I like to belong to church for this season in my walk at least because they pray for me there. And also , I need to learn!
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  7. Eric m williams seems like you more an evangelist now and want to be using your gift to reach out. Its ok, but some of us still have to stay put and learn as well cos we need healing in our lives and be around fellow believers to be built up in the faith.

    Go forth and preach the gospel, I encourage you. You dont have to stick around church if the Lord is calling you, hes given you itchy feet.
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  8. I hear your frustration.... Please be real careful about declaring the problems of the places without spending time in them, though... Frequently, outsiders seldom bear witness of the true issues causing a church to be stuck/unprofitable.... Another caution is to watch out for generalizations for what to expect based on the church size....

    It sounds like you have a passion for evangelism and evangelism training. Seek out a place where they will help facilitate you doing it.

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