Where Is Robin Williams?

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  1. This link came up in my Facebook feed earlier:


    Several Christian sites are reporting that Robin Williams is in hell. I wonder on what basis. My personal take on it is that he suffered from mental illness. When you are in that place you do not make rational decisions, and I think the decision to end his life was not the product of a rational and sound mind.

    My other take on it is it that it is not for us to speculate. What do you think?
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  2. I think that people who want to judge others into hell have a problem. Who knows where Robin Williams is -- really? And while his family and loved ones are grieving, who are we to bring us such railings against him?

    Some may have strong feelings regarding suicide, but no one knows what time he had before passing away or how our loving G-d pleaded for him. Just wait until our own loved one is in Mr. Williams' position, and see how may excuses and Scriptures we come up with, to send that loved one through the pearly gates. I think that such stuff is cruel and uncalled-for. People have too much time on their hands to be so mean. Let's see what Haggee says about Robin Williams -- that ought to be interesting....if I bother to see.
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  3. I did not know he passed. I agree with the article's statement " what is up with christians taking glee" from anyone going to hell. And speculating it is in abominable taste.
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  5. oh my gosh, people get me when they try to see where others. are...
    When its already hard enough getting yourself into heaven.

    Idk, people need to focus on themselves and examine their Rship with God
    before taking a whack at others. :/
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  6. Oh! Remember Good Morning Vietnam and Dead Poets Society?!? Wonder what the rating is for Good Will Hunting. I need to see that one.
  7. Just... WHY would anyone say he was in hell? Because suicide is a sin?
  8. Christ died so that all sins could be forgiven.
  9. "What Dreams May Come" was my favorite. Interesting take on Heaven and Hell in that movie and in the movie his wife commits suicide. In fact, that's like the main plot.
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  10. I'll have to see that one, if the rating passes muster. Good Will Hunting was rated R. I know. I'm just a goody two shoes, but it is such a waste of time for me to watch most R-rated movies. The only R-rated movie I recall that was worth watching was Amistad.
  11. That is one of my favorite movies as well. But I don't know what Williams' religious convictions were nor does anyone truly know what took place or where Williams is now. And I would say it's not anyone's place to speculate in such a cruel manner. It reflects poorly on all Christians.
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  12. Indeed. And what does it make our L-rd look like.

    My boss (who is a pastor) and I talked about this today. Neither of us were willing or wanting to pass judgment on Mr. Williams. We were both simply sad and wordless in the end.
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  13. I liked Amistad as well - but then I tend to like anything Spielberg did.
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  14. I don't think there is anything wrong in speculating where he is when you believe he is in heaven.

    I believe he is in heaven along with Mandela.

    No child of the devil can uplift people like he did for most of his life.
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  15. I don't think anyone can give an answer and be absolutely sure unless their answer is that they just can't be sure...of this I am sure.
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  16. Where is Robin Williams?

    That's totally between him and God!
  17. I'd like to think he is in heaven.

    It doesn't appeal to me that others say other wise.

    As far as taking his own life, he may have been on drugs like prozac that make some people seriously contemplate suicide.

    IMO, ultimately, no one in their right mind would take their own life.
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  18. I don't this is anything new.. I think same kind of thing happened when Paul Walker died (hope I spelled the name correctly). One thing I have learned over the years.. When we look at someone and clearly know something is not right, we should not become judgmental. Pointing out errors should be for edification of the person. We often judge people without taking any effort to actual help them come out of it. We judge someone as drunkard without taking the effort to help them or edify them on why drinking is bad.

    I can see why many Christians make that claim. Especially since it is a suicide. That is a separate discussion. Can a believer commit suicide? Or when a person commits suicide, should they be considered believers? I think that is slightly deeper topic. Passing judgement on someone is certainly not deep! It is simply shallow!!
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  19. PG-13
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  20. And sometimes, PG-13 burns my ears and I turn it off. Too starchy? Maybe I am, but for me, I need to keep it clean.

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