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  1. When my grandfathers were in their late teens, they fought one another in the war to end all wars, WW I. My German Forefather loved Germany and he served the Kaiser until he came to Texas and became an American. My Dad's dad served in the American Army because he loved and protected this country, his mother and the right for people to, self, determine their destination.

    When the Germans were busy sinking American ships in the Atlantic Ocean, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the following day, Monday Morning, my dad joined the U. S. Army and defended this nation for the following twelve years, ending with six years in the U. S. Air Force.

    I joined the Army on my seventeenth birthday, January of 1962 and my dad was so upset and kept telling me that I was, perhaps, going to die, a young man, if I did this. Knowing that dad has fought the Pacific War through two years of occupation and the history of my grandfathers, remembering the sons of my German born but proud American grandfathers sons, two in the Pacific and one dying in France fighting the Germans, I felt like I loved this country, what it stood for, then, my mom and dad and like my dad and both granddads always said, “If you love a thing or a person, you're willing to die for it.” And so it was with me when I volunteered to fight for the freedom of the little people of Southeast Asia.

    So, where is the America I grew up in?
  2. It is long gone my friend-even the America I grew up in in some 30 years your junior, is gone.

    Unless this nation repents and turns towards the LORD; well we know what is going to happen don't we. I am not looking forward too it all-but where else is there? Belize?

    Pagans and Heathens rule the world. We kicked God out of our culture, out of our Law, out of our Classrooms, out of our Churches and out of our Families. America, "REPENT! For the kingdom of heaven is at hand!"; "Make straight the way of the LORD!"

    But people want to remain 'willfully ignorant'; 'If I tell you of Earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe the heavenly/ spiritual things?' Even with things like spying on the domestic population coming to light which has been happening for decades, people still won't believe the depths of wickedness that is occurring around us daily.

    Why is there a media blackout on one the most prominent 'secret shadow government' meetings that just occurred at the Grove Hotel in Watford, Engalnd? (The Bildeberg Group) Why is it so hard for even "Christians" to open their eyes and see we are enslaved through the 'love of money'?

    Our false idols are numerous and large; God's waiting patiently.
  3. Sad, but you're right. In the late 90's I said that it would amaze me if the LORD were not here for the Rapture in the next twenty years. We are about 15 years out from that time and these folks scare the thunder out of me. But like yourself, all I am given to do is to witness and to pray for them but some of them are nice people and it kills me that they will not call on the LORD. Rom. 10:9,10
  4. Yes Bill nice don't count unless they accept the Lord as savior.

    @ dirtyrotten sinner,..... yes God is slow to anger. I have been aware of all the evil around us and time is def short. The media seems to be the worst. Keep praying non stop. I will lose a lot of friends because they will not accept Jesus as Lord. :(

    I try not to listen to media/news it's mostly bad news.

    I try to focus on Jesus. HE brings me comfort.....comfort.....comfort

    What better Father do we have? none.
    It says in 2nd Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of Power, of Love, and self discipline.
    Keep this in mind

    Chili out.
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  5. Great words chili. i also see the rapture as very near and I get a good deal of flack for the same reason one of my sons does. People tell us, all the time that they want to go to Heaven but not today and they are scared to death that we are about to have this or to have that happen to us. Morgan and I, both, tell them, of course it's going to happen and happen soon because the scriptures have warned of it and the signs Jesus gave us are appearing every day. We have lost a number of associates because we are considered nuts. I am not nervous and this OP had nothing to do with worry, on my part. I hoped and hope to wake the sleeping.
  6. Personally: I don't moon for the past. Evil was just as evil then, just less bare naked.

    I think about what the Lord said in Hebrews:

    So to me, any earthly country is not my home.

  7. True ...any country on this planet is only temporary Our real home is in Heaven. Like you quoted in Heb 11:16 .Jesus has a city waiting for us when we get there to live with Him. I'm excited lol
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  8. I agree that no 'country' is our home; however, the falling of our country is a symptom of not evil-but the failing of 'Christians'/ 'The body of Christ' AKA: the Church from doing its job. If we are not influencing and maintaining 'good' in our families-how can we expect to have it in our government.

    Now I realize this same symptom is seen in every country; I am not saying this is unique to the USA or even our present 'age'.

    Did not Jeremiah 'lament'? Was not Christ Himself convicted in the heart for His people?

    We are heartbroken for our country lost....
  9. drs, let's look at what you've presented here. In Jeremiah's day the Jew was nearly as plentiful as the Hebrew. (Remember, they were Jewish by profession and Hebrew by birth.) Jeremiah's reason to lament was a result of the lack of "true" faith. The same is true of the Christian today... not everyone claiming the title is a member of the Bride and using Matt. 22:1-14 to draw from, most of the members of the church (different from the Church) will not even e saved.

    I know that believers, doing their best to live a Christian Life, are also doing ther best to promote the righteous life, the problem is the numbers. I once gave council to a young lady about moving her membership... a thing I most often will not even discuss.

    In her home assembly was a woman that made a habit of not being seated before she and her young husband were. This woman would place herself directly in front of or as near as possible in front of him. She would then, wearing a mini-skirt and no panties, bend over for him to view everything. She had gone to the Deacons, she had gone to the woman and she had gone to the Pastor, all to no avail. Adultery is everyone's favorite sin, in the church.

    And this is just one common problem in the church today. You have said the nations are falling, not from evil but from the failing of the Body of Christ, and that is, just, not true. Evil, better named Satan, has invaded and diluted the Body of Christ.

    Just some thoughts and may God bless.
  10. I see your point th1bill, not really trying to dig a deep theological hole on this one. BUT; if everyone were obeying God's will.............

    .........I wonder what kind of place that would be? :unsure:
  11. I'm not either, rather transmitting food for thought. If everyone here were obeying God's will it would be
    Heaven here. My daughter an I hashed this one over today for about 20 minutes with her taking your point, it was a lively debate and interesting.

    God bless my brother.
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  12. It's been lost since it stopped looking Jesus.....and only God knows when that scale was tipped. Personally I say it was in 1892.
  13. Could have been 1778...
  14. Hmmmm....well...That was a landmark time.....But 1892 saw the invasion of Eastern Mysticism and Spiritualism introduced by a Midwestern cultural event....You savvy?
  15. We could argue that George Washington was a Mason and privy to the motivations of the Illuminati when he was president.

    I think that eastern and western 'mysticism' have the same roots looking at the similarities in symbols and what not that started immediately after the deluge.

    I am an amateur at best: haven't done loads of reading-can't say books are my friend. Probably should have been...too busy screwing up my life with sin. But I digress...

    My guess is the same old 'gods and idols' got carried around with Noah's wayward great-grandchildren before the land was split up by the waters leaving their heritage behind with the "native" people of North and South America.

    Though I would agree that 'international trade' with the shipping craze going on from the Orient and Asia during the late 1800's gave new flavors to the old idols adding more mystery to 'Baal worship'.

    On the western front of the USA the missionaries were 'taming the heathen Native American'; while on the eastern front the culture was being wooed by opium products. And when California happened and the railroad took over the nation-the Chinese influence inundated the West Coast and East Coast while building the infrastructure we have today.

    Now it is no surprise that the USA and China have this symbiotic mutualistic relationship today. Depending on whose "History" you want to believe- China may have gotten to North America before the French, Spanish, Portuguese, English...
  16. Interesting ideas, but I do read a lot, and your ideas are interspersing but not timeline sensitive (which is vital to history reporting).

    It was launched by the Columbia Exposition....or Chicago World's Fair. (My bad...shoulda been 1893)

    America's pagan influences came from Madame Blavatsky ( an occultist who promoted Indian, not Chinese mysticism...called "Theosophy") and the Fox Sisters of New York.

    The open door was called the "Parliament of Religions" If ya have time....see here...http://www.ramakrishnavivekananda.info/vivekananda_biography/07_the_parliament.htm
  17. Yes I have heard of Blavatsky: She inspired Hitler in his pursuit of the occult as well as was the motivation for 'Lucis Trust' (AKA: Lucifer Publishing) a non-profit org that advises the UN on spiritual (new age) matters.

    So we could talk about the USA importing Nazis to 'work' in science and government after WWII.


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