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  1. This was taken with my cell phone at the top of Pillsbury Mountain in the Adirondack. It was a very amazing view! DSC01241.JPG
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  2. Great to see others living near where nature abounds. How lucky we are. But then again I suppose it is relative.

    When in the RAAF I befriended a country man named Carter. One time we were given permission to live off base. The following weekend we went our separate ways to find our new abodes. Being a city lad, I moved to a quiet country setting with a river scene, and it was close to base. It was dead quiet, and I liked it.
    I met Carter on Monday's roll call. He was ecstatic about his new abode. He said he now lives in the middle of Sydney (30 miles away) in a small unit with a huge flashing Coca-Cola sign outside his window.
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  3. Just sitting in a tree. It has been by far the warmest spring I can recall, and I can't complain.

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  4. Beautiful scenery. Looks so peaceful there.
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  5. Here's my home town for the last 28 years...
    ...and a view looking back at the mountain I took that picture from...
    ...and this is up in the mountains that are in the distance in the first picture (about 25 miles away). This is within the Death Valley NP boundary...
  6. Fadingham, a very different home town. Thanks for sharing.
    It reminds me of a mining town. Is it a mining town?
  7. Hi Fadingman.
    Yes, that looks very arid.
    I was also wondering about the origin of your town.
  8. Because of the presence of water, it was a supply town for mines and mining towns in the area. The ghost town of Rhyolite is 4 miles away (a nice walking distance). Some movies have been made in Rhyolite, the most recent being The Island in 2005. The mines still come and go (there's plenty of gold around), but it is more of a tourist town now as it is a gateway to Death Valley.
  9. Thanks Fadingman for explaining the town's history.
  10. Cool.
    So for interest, how far are you from major centres?
  11. The next larger town is over 70 miles (112km) away (Pahrump, Nevada). There are a couple of convenience stores in town, but we need to travel to Pahrump or Las Vegas (105 miles) for real groceries every couple of weeks. The drive is easy, once you get used to it: 70 miles/hour with little traffic virtually all the way.
  12. Here are a few shots of North Creek, the northern part of Ballina.
    Missingham Bridge at Richmond River and North Creek junction.

    200 yards from bridge, at sunset.

    Missingham Bridge at night.
  13. Beautiful!
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  14. My humble abode from the rear!

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  15. These are the local landmarks where I live:


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  16. Those are so cool!! Where is this?
  17. The top one is at the Helix Park, near Falkirk - it's a series of lagoons and these huge horse sculptures, known as 'The Kelpies'.

    The lower picture is the Falkirk Wheel, in Falkirk itself, which is a unique canal boat-lift linking the two canals which run across central Scotland. [emoji2]
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  18. I've always wanted to visit Scotland!
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  19. Please do! If you're coming over, let me know, and I can recommend a good deal of things to do. If you come to the Central Belt, I'd be delighted to show you around myself. [emoji1]
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  20. Thanks. That's very kind of you. I'm leaving Europe on the last day of the shmita... 9/13. I'm returning home to the US. I shall miss Europe.
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