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  1. Please share some photographs of where you live.

    I'll start. I live along the coast of Northern New South Wales of Australia.
    These photos were taken within my town boundary lines.





  2. Wow! Lovely pics, Peter Luke!

    I don't have a cell phone to take pics with, but my daughter took this pic of our southern Ontario backyard last summer. It's looking much like that now, but our bright yellow tulips are in now!


    We have a lot of spring planting to do in the next two or three weeks and I will get a good shot later this summer. I am having an outdoor tea party at the end of June and will be sure to post something then.
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  3. Thanks Euphemia for sharing your photo with us.
    Looking forward to seeing the updated shots.
  4. I don't have pictures from my home (other than ones with people, who may object to my posting), but I do have pictures of the house in western Maryland where my wife grew up. I was there this past week doing some maintenance... This picture was taken last year.

    Deer Park 1.JPG
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  5. I didn't take these, but I enjoy these places often:

    CaledonState Park.

    Frum I love Virginia State Parks website

    Caledon 2.jpg
    Potomac River at Caledon

    Caledon has Bald Eagle nests (Bald Eagles are symbol of U.S.) . I often see eagles, Ospreys, and hawks above my home.

    I live in King George County, which is near Fredericksburg, Va. There is a Riverboat that docks there to give rides on the Rappahannoc River:

    Photo by Richard Dawson
    http://www.panoramio.com/photo_explorer - view=photo&position=3072&with_photo_id=42986165&order=date_desc&user=4061049

    A little farther away is the Virginia State Arboretum and Blandy Experimental Farm. It is really wonderful to walk around its grounds:

    State Arboretum Blandy Experimantal Farm 2.jpg
    From Blue Ridge Institute for Environmental Studies
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  6. This is the small boring town where I live since 2011.
    local church
    And one picture from my window in previous home. I liked it much more.
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  7. This is mine; always wanted to go to Australia by the way. :)

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  8. Thank you to those responding to this thread. It is interesting to see where others live.
    Here are a few more shots of my area.




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  9. Here is a photo I just took from my balcony lol. uploadfromtaptalk1430958982587.jpg
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  10. Hello Mykuhl.
    Wow, you like fairly high up.
    Have you explored the bushland nearby?
    Have you got any photos of its beauty?
    I also notices water at top left. Is that a river or a bay?
  11. I don't necessarily like it this high up, it's just where I happen to live right now.

    I haven't explored that bushland at all but I have seen the occasional deer and rabbit run by.

    The body of water that you see in the top left is a large lake called Lake Ontario, you can only see a part of it in the photo.
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  12. LOL! That's funny, because I said to my husband, "Look...this pic looks like Lake Ontario!" I also live on Lake Ontario. Your vista looks very familiar. Is that the 401 or the 403?
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  13. Wow! You are good Euphemia. You could tell that was lake Ontario by that little bit in that photo? That's impressive lol. The highway you see is the QEW.
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    Ahh, you and I are close. I was born and raised here in Hamilton and Stoney Creek, and we did live in Burlington for a while. The QEW is a very familiar landmark!
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  15. Awesome[emoji106].

    You know it's funny because I have been considering moving to Hamilton in the near future lol.
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  16. It can be a small world.
    Lovely to read about your discover of each other.
  17. Peter Luke, it sure is gorgeous where you live!
  18. This is in my backyard -
  19. Hello John.
    What a back yard! Do you fish there too. Is it a river, creek or a channel?
    Love the way the light plays off the water ripples.

    Where I live (Ballina), the river branches north and south of the town. Creeks branch off around the back of the town. Two opposing creeks have joined and now the townsfolk say that Ballina is an island, ha ha ha.
    Yes, I am extremely fortunate. I am at latitude where it is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.
  20. It's a canal that leads off to a small lake. I do enjoy fishing there - lots of Bass!
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