Where do you go on vacation/holiday?

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  1. I didnt get to go to quebec mostly stayed around toronto and then we went to NYC and also new jersey. But this was more of a visit to family than a real holiday.

    Im not really keen on the whole site seeing thing. Too much travelling wears me out, although its fun to see new different places.
  2. We were a home-schooling family when the kids were
    young. In the course of literature study, we learned
    of a place called 'Prince Edward Island' from Lucy
    Maude Montgomery's 'Anne of Green Gables' books.
    For the last wedding anniversary we would celebrate
    together, my late husband and I visited the island. I
    would love to go back again...
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  3. Oh, yes! PEI is a beautiful place! I have friends there, and was there as a girl...would love to go again and squiggle my toes in the soft, red sand there on the many beaches!
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  4. I heard of it because of a song. "He was standing in some tiny town on fair Prince Edward Island..." (Ballad of St Anne's Reel).
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  5. I love Anne of green gables!

    But I can only go to PEI in my imagination..it would cost a pretty penny to go all that way for me.
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  6. PEI............yep, been there! Very nice. I remember watching harness racing (no betting of course) there in the evenings.

    The Bagpiper at the boarder of Nova Scotia was neat, given the part of my blood that is Canadian and Scot.

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  7. I love P.E. Island. In fact, Anne of Green Gables is very much a part of many home-schooling families (it was with mine).
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  8. Coming from Baltimore, Ocean City MD is very much a staple. I come from a family of swimmers and we tend to be very fearless of the ocean (which might not be a good thing), but also understand when to stay out of the water, and if caught in a rip current, how to return to shore. We would always body surf, get slammed by the waves, watch whichever station it was that aired Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons, go out for pizza or whatever good restaurants there were, go to the boardwalk, etc.


    Later on, when I was in high school, my family began going to Chincoteague Island in VA. Also an excellent vacation spot. Quieter than Ocean City, very beautiful, an Assateague is a great beach, etc. etc. One of the location's highlights is the wild ponies...in fact, they're a cause for destination for many people.

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  9. Wow amazing.

    Well, where I live not far from the west coast beaches, good for a day out. They a bit wild though, with surf and black sand. You can also ride horses on the beach.
  10. I first read anne of green gables studying childrens literature for english at university lol.

    One of my sisters friend had the whole series, so borrowed them all from her.
  11. For some time now - just going to bed is a vacation !! and yea its a package deal. Blanket - pellow and fan !
    God Bless
  12. Yea all those trout -browns and rainbows woo hoo - winter time fishen on the niagara.
  13. Have convinced my mum to go on road trip up north to whangarei, and maybe we go to Bay of Islands, a popular holiday place in Northland. You can cruise around the islands and go under the hole in the rock, check out giant Kauri trees, and the birthplace of nz at waitangi where the treaty was signed.

    On holiday I like to go to hot pools, or walks on the beach and in the bush. And eat ice cream.
  14. Well, holidays are over and its back to school for everyone tomorrow.

    However, I still like to sneak in a bit of armchair travel.
    Does anyone have any good travelogues theyd recommend? I read one recently about a lady who went to Tahiti, she swam in the lagoons. Apparently good for fertility.
  15. Where do I go on vacation?
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  16. You have your holidays early over there; ours begin next week.
  17. Staycation. Is the newest trend.

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