Where do you go on vacation/holiday?

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  1. For those of us still here..:)
    Like to know where you all go...and what's the best holiday you remember having?
    Are those 'package deals' any good?
  2. We've only had a couple vacations, where we rented a cottage with the kids when they were young. We did take a driving trip to Regina, Saskatchewan back in the mid 80's with the kids one year and were away for three weeks there visiting my sister and her family. Great memories. since then, we have not had a real vacation. We don't miss it.
  3. I only ever remember one holiday I ever had with the whole family.
    We went to Rotorua and my dad drove us. We stayed in a motel. I was 12. I think we were only there two nights. There were six of us in the family, so we all squashed in one car.

    My dad went round taking photos all the time. We saw bubbling mud pools. And geysers.

    My dad never liked to go away because he had this thing where he recorded the weather all the time and didn't really trust anyone else to do it. So we never had any other holiday all together after Rotorua! And mum didn't drive.

    I have had other holidays since, but, I don't consider it a real holiday if I go with my family lol.
    I need a holiday AWAY from them.
  4. I think the best holiday I had was a roadtrip to Gisborne just me and my sister. We flew to Napier and stayed at a bed and breakfast, and then drove to Gisborne and stayed with my friend who lived there.
    We listened to an audiobook in the car, my sister drove the rental. I remember it was shopaholic.

    Although camping with one of my workmates was fun too. We pitched tents in a holiday park for the weekend about an hours drive from Auckland. It was close to the beach and we went birdwatching.

    another time one of my friends invited me to stay with her folks up north. That was fun cos..her parents lived on a farmlet and just looked after us all the time, and she drove. We just went into town from there and did shopping and saw movies and hang out.
  5. Having time "away," has always been valuable to me. As a boy I was taken to "summer camp" every year (Jack Whyrtzen's Word Of Life Camps, in New York State, in the Adirondacks).

    When you are pre-teen, you go to a place called "The Word Of Life Ranch." There the Staff dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls and everything is like walking into a Western. There's a Sheriff and his Deputy and horses, and on and on.....

    During those years, the man who started all those camps (Jack Whyrtzen, and his Music Director Harry Balback, were constantly around, Preaching and doing musical productions (respectively). Jack was doing lots of radio broadcasts from the Word Of Life Inn near the Ranch, (a place for adults) and Harry was Writing and Licensing a ton of songs, some of which still ring in my ears even today, and I find myself singing at times.

    In 1973, when I was sixteen, I went to the Ranch, to "work" for the summer. They gave me the job of "Archery Instructor," which I thought bizarre, since I knew NOTHING about shooting a bow (lol). The kids would come out each day and line up, and I would let them shoot at a straw bale with a target on it, some 10 feet away or so.

    It was during that summer, that I had my first infatuation with a girl............ah..............her name was April. She had long blonde hair and washed it with "Herbal Essence" (a scent which I will never forget). Cute as a button........funny.....

    I eventually would be transferred to the Breakfast Crew on the Ranch, making breakfast on an 8 x 10 grill for 500 screaming and hungry kids. French Toast, Waffles, Eggs, Sausage.......I became a MASTER at massive quantities of food in a hurry (lol).

    They had a walk-in freezer there, that the Staff would use when the stress got to be too much. They would walk in, shut the door behind them, and scream as loud as they wanted (nobody outside the freezer could hear them), and then come out and be relaxed and poised.

    I eventually was spending so much time with "April," that I was asked to leave. That stunk, but I deserved it.

    Fast forward to about the mid eighties (I think) and the wife and I were visiting the Word Of Life Inn for a weekend, I happened to see "Jack" walking up the road near the Chapel, and I went over to talk with him. I had felt awful about being as irresponsible as I was that summer that I was sixteen. I wanted to apologize to the man who started all these camps, because I know it meant the world to him to see these camps prosper and the many who would come to Christ as a result of these various camps (of which there were at least three, in the same area of New York, not to mention other schools and camps around the world to this day).

    "Jack," I said, "can I take a minute or two and tell you a story?" He stopped, and listened patiently. "I'm sorry Jack," I said, "I didn't mean to be so irresponsible." Jack's response, "Isn't God wonderful?!" (he shook my hand and walked off).

    I was a bit startled by his response. I expected him to say something about duty, honor, loyalty, ..........not just "Isn't God wonderful?!" I've pondered the motivation for saying those words.

    In retrospect, summer vacations are a learning experience. They are a growth tool. They are important because they take us out of our routine, and give us time to see who we are; what we are made of; what is important to us.

    I highly recommend setting aside any slot of time you can, every now and then, to be away from your routine. It is a great time for evaluation and refreshment. Your kids and your spouse will benefit as well, in the same ways.

    "Jack" has gone home to be with the Lord now, and I think "Harry" is still living here yet, but the ministry of Word Of Life continues on. I highly recommend the Camps for the various members of your family, for the enrichment of your souls, on a number of levels.

    You can read more about the Word Of Life Camps here:

    Link: http://camps.wol.org/

    Or check out their YouTube channel here:


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  6. I've not gout out of Norfolk, the county I live in England for around 10 years. I'd probably most like to pay a visit to N Wales.

    One of my best childhood holidays was based around the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
  7. Wow, Ive never been on a christian camp. Church has them but only for children. I didnt belong to any church back then.
    I have been on school camps though.
  8. There is an island in the middle of the tasman sea called Norfolk Island. It used to be a prison island, convicts got sent there..if they were too bad for Australia that is.
  9. Perhaps you can volunteer as a staff member for the camp. That way you can experience the joys of a christian camp :) ( just a thought)
  10. I thought about that but they dont seem to want anyone, its all done through youth leaders, i am not involved in that.
  11. I bought a timeshare and I love it... though I've never been there! :p I sell the week so I can take vacations elsewhere. I've been to Spain 3 or 4 times, Portugal once, Florida and Virginia. I'll be in Florida for 30 days mid-Sep to mid-Oct this fall :D
  12. Easy one to answer for me as I have just got back.

    Somewhere where there is a lot of sun and a landscape to admire.
    See what wonders God has created and blessed us with.
  13. hmm..timeshare..good idea..
    fish of faith where did you go? Or is a secret?
  14. Lanzorote - Playa Blanca
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  15. Taking my wife and son to Niagara Falls was one of my most memorable vacations. God's majesty is on true display there!
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  16. yes it sure is...me and mum went there when my Canada cousins invited us to their wedding in Toronto.
    We took a day trip to Niagara. Amazing!
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  17. For me, Niagara is a normal excursion, as we live not far from there. Maybe some day my husband and I can take a trip somewhere. My dream is to visit Ireland and Scotland, and in my own country, I would love to spend some time in the Maritimes and in Newfoundland. On a personal getaway and to help my mother edit her book, I flew to Calgary, Alberta and my sister, mom and I had a little two-day junket to Jasper Park and Banff...now THAT"s a gorgeous place!
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  18. I took my wife there too! Great time!
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  19. When I was in Ottawa I so wanted to go to Calgary! I didn't get a chance, but I did get to go to Quebec City.
  20. Quebec City is a real experience! I was there as a girl and enjoyed it very much.
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