Where did the water come from??????

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  1. There was something done on YouTube about this actually, I need to find it again and link it in here, but I believe it was by Rob Skiba. Anyway, he looked into one of the extrabiblicar scriptures and anayalized the anicient re
    Brother, I think you could benefit from the invesigavtive journalist, Tim Alberino, hyperlinked here:
    There are two following videos that you can help relate to as well. I find videos more easier to do my research in.
  2. I guess you have a point, dadgummed if I know what it is but I am glad you have one brother.

    Gerald.......you have a habit of interjecting words and thoughts that were never said. I did not same anything about neighbors in heaven or geographical locations of friends.

    I specifically said in #54...............
    "Very true. I think the real teaching here from the Lord is that when we get to heaven there will not be a need to continue the human race by means of birth. We will I think be very close to our husband/wife and can be together but we will not have to be."

    How you got your comment from that is way beyond me!

    But hey, thanks for the interaction!
  3. Thanks brother, I will follow up a little later.
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  4. Don't forget the ancient Hebrew word "Hayah" which is translated as "was" but is also translated as "became" The prophet Jeremiah backs up the revised Genesis 1:2 verse consistent with the Gap Theory, and he also speaks about seeing the Earth, in a vision, after a colossal judgment was done, in which God recreates creation.
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  5. Then angels are not asexual. but spiritual beings and while we will have a body " the rememption yet to be revealed") it mwill be like unto his glorious body .
    Not of flesh and blood but of "flesh and bone "

    in Christ
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  6. Angels are created absent of sexuality. There is no reason for it...which is why we will be like them---in that respect. For human beings, procreation is only a human process and confined to earthly life.
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  7. Agreed.
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  8. But the grammar of Hebrew does not support that theory.
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  9. in my opinion,
    the creation process was probably in the order of
    with the magnetic gravitational fields separating the liquid soup into stars and galaxies and planets
    which then heated and cooled processing produced
    a shell over water we call land.
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  10. But in the light of the order of Genesis or rather the re creation of the EARTH .
    There is no process.
    each part created by the command of God . In its order.

    In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth .
    it was the earth that was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
    First the light
    then the separation of earth from water .
    then the separation of water above and below the firmament which was called heaven.
    In fact it is the division of everything .
    Even finally by the separation of man from God.( Not Gods will)
    and Jews and gentiles

    In the end all things will be gathered together IN Christ .

    and when all things have been made subject to the Son then the Son will subject Himself to the Father .So that God will be all in all.,

    in Christ
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  11. i'm going with cooking,
    the universe was created then microwaved, with supermagnetism
    so supermagnetism results in no light, I'm talking about the black holes on the sun which don't allow light,
    and then it was cooled and light resulted,
    but I don't have any science background i'm just making it up.

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