Where did the water come from??????

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  1. Sounds to me like the Scripture faith without works is dead. If you have knowledge and don't use it...all you have is knowledge or as you said belief :) good stuff my friend
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    Tohu and bohu of Genesis 1:2, indicate formlessness, void, chaos and confusion. We all know who the author of chaos and confusion is! Some food for thought! Makes for an interesting study.
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    Hi @Major,

    There is something trying to come to the surface of my mind, related to Gen 1:2, something that I have read, but which won't come to light, so I looked at the words used, '... the deep ...', 'the waters' :-

    'And the earth was without form, and void;
    and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
    And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.'

    The 'deep': H8415 תּהם תּהום tehôm tehôm (teh-home', teh-home')
    (Usually feminine) from

    an abyss (as a surging mass of water),
    especially the deep (the main sea or the subterranean water supply)

    Transl.: - deep (place), depth.

    H1949 הוּם hûm (hoom)

    A primitive root (compare H2000);
    to make an uproar, or agitate greatly

    Transl: - destroy, move, make a noise, put, ring again

    The 'waters': H4325 מים mayim (mah'-yim)

    Dual of a primitive noun (but used in a singular sense);
    water; figuratively juice; by euphemism urine, semen

    Transl: - + piss, wasting, water (-ing, [-course, -flood, -spring]).
    * Ideally, when time allows, I should look at the concordant references given to each word translated from the Hebrew words used here, in order to get a complete picture of how the Holy Spirit used them, and thereby get a fuller picture of what these two words are intended to convey here in Gen. 1:2.

    * The earth, and the waters, are remarked upon as present: as a part of God's creation; so wondering as to where the waters came from, has no relevance really, does it? For like the earth, it is merely a fact of what existed as part of God's creation. You could just as well ask the question, where did the earth come from? 'Where', doesn't matter: the knowledge 'that it did', does.

    Praise God!

    We see all of these things, through a glass, darkly.
    Perhaps within the breadth of eternity, these things will be revealed to us.

    To the glory of God.

    In Christ Jesus
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  4. 'All things were made by Him;
    and without Him
    was not any thing made
    that was made.'

    (Joh 1:3)

    'For by Him were all things created,
    that are in heaven,
    and that are in earth,
    visible and invisible,
    whether they be thrones,
    or dominions,
    or principalities,
    or powers:
    all things were created by Him,
    and for Him:
    And He is before all things,
    and by Him all things consist.'

    (Col 1:16,17)

    'Thou art worthy, O Lord,
    to receive glory
    and honour
    and power:
    for Thou hast created all things,
    and for Thy pleasure
    They are and were created.'

    (Rev 4:11)

    Praise God!

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  5. It has been speculated by some that the "Darkness was on the face of the deep" was a description of a sense of resistance to the moving of the Holy Spirit on the earth. Some have said that this was because Satan was cast down to the earth as seen in Isaiah 14:12; Ezekiel 28:16 and resisted Gods plan, though his resistance was futile.
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  6. All of those Bible verses are God's Word sister!!! They without a doubt the truth of creation.
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    Correct! Which is the purpose of the thread my sister.

    What are your thoughts on where the fossils came from that we have found that are dated 200 million years old ???

    Do you have input on where the water came from in verse 2?

    Some of us may think that I am questioning God's creation account by raising these questions. May I say to those that may be thinking that that I am one of those people to deal in reality and have for a long time spoken to college students as a form of outreach from my church to their university.

    Now all of these kids that come do so voluntarily as it is not a required class. They want to know answers. They are looking for the truth and their hearts are good.

    These questions I am posing to you all is what they always come up with in these teaching classes. Most of these young people have been exposed to Christianity but have not made the choice for Christ, but that is another challenge altogether. These questions have not been answered in their past when they asked them.

    Posting Bible verses is great but to them it is not the answer to their questions. It is to you and me but not to them.

    I just wanted you all to know about where I am coming from!
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  8. I believe that the actual planet, along with water---and IMHO---seed---was in existence long before Genesis 1:2, that there could be eons between verses one and two, and that the war in the heavens occurred during that time, which left our planet open to Lucifer and his evil machinations, who introduces chaos and confusion wherever he is.

    God's word gives us a very logical explanation for what we see as a mixture of marine and land fossils on the same strata, globally. Noah's flood, in Genesis, would by its very nature, mix, move, deposit and bury all sorts of material and dead creatures together from various geographical locations and environments.

    As a side note, where biological matter can be identified within the fossilized remains of ancient creatures, such as dinosaurs, that is a very distinct pointer to their fairly recent existence...not millions of years. Such fossilized remains and those of ancient marine life sealed in time in rock bear out the scriptures:

    2 Peter 3:6
    by which the world that then existed perished, being flooded with water.
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    By this way of understanding, then Genesis 1:1 , the heaven(s) would be the vacuum of space, the earth would be all the minerals which would form all planets and not the capital E Earth. Does this work into the same way of thinking? For they would not understand what the Elements were at the atomic level, and the word "earth" would encompass the Periodic Table.
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  10. Now we are getting somewhere! Thanks for your input sister. It seems that You are leaning toward the "Gap" explanation and it has its pros and cons. I tend to believe that there was something of a chaotic life before Genesis as well.

    Do you think that Satan could have been on that primorvaeil earth before Genesis creation. It seems that he was already in the Garden when he tempted Eve.

    Recent existence???? Do you mean "thousands of years or millions of years?
  11. My theory is that Lucifer fell soon after man was created. He and the angels which fell were jealous of man being created in God's image, yet he saw us as weak in spirit and not deserving of dominion over the earth. It was if these angels were thinking, "Were we not good enough that God had to create another form of life to worship Him."
  12. At least 6-7000 years.
  13. That's how I see it... :)
  14. Could very well be the case.
  15. IMHO, that war in the heavens and the casting down of Lucifer and his disloyal horde very well must have taken place before the creation of man, hence the chaos of the planet before God brought order and beauty and His beloved creation---man---to it...all part of His profound and awesome plan.
  16. The reason why Lucifer fell was fro the reasons scripture gave it.
    That he wanted to ascend to the throne and be like God .The same temptation via the serpent he tempted Eve with . "Ye shall be like God"
    and another that "the truth was not found in him"
    The angels that followed and rebelled with him were then also cast down .
    It is interesting to note that the devil is always under the Lords feet.
    For when he was in heaven he was cast down to the earth and his power "is in the air"
    When the Lord comes to the air ,he is cast down to the earth .
    When the Lords feet touch the earth he is cast down to the pit
    and in the end the lake of fire.
    The devil cannot touch God .
    But Lucifer was given the power of death .
    and Gods gifts are without repentance .
    He could not touch God but if he could get man .......
    Thus he held the truth in unrighteousness and like Baalam who took the truth of Gods righteous judgment and advised the enemies of children of Israel to take their daughters to marry the children of Israel and by them introduce the worship of idols into the camp. By so doing ;God being a jealous God would then judge the children of israel and they could then defeat them.
    So too then ,Satan that arch deceiver who knowing Gods word HAD SAID "that in the day ye eat thereof ye shall surely die " He aproached Eve as a seeker of truth and a desire for understanding "yea hath God said.........?"
    Not to get light but to sow doubt confusion and his lie . with the truth in the midst of a religious discussion.
    Be careful then when people come to you who apear to be seakers of the light . They too will use scripture and will ask did God really mean this > or does the scripture really say that etc.
    An immaculate conception is designed to dazzle the imagination but blind the mind to the truth .
    So he dazzled her with the thought "ye shall be like God " People who sin never desire to be alone they will always seek some one else to sin with them.and told a half truth "your eyes shall be opened ,knowing good and evil"
    What he failed to mention was that though their eyes would be opened and would know good and evil it would be by doing evil.
    and which God had said ye shall surely die if you do.
    She first accepted the character assasination of God by the devil. Which then opned the door to believing the lie .
    If you reject the truth you will believe the lie and once you believe a lie you become blind to the truth .
    What is written? She SAW that the tree was good to eat " and she reasoned thus "it would make her wise " and she did eat.
    To all those who major on mans free will. Whos will did she in fact do?

    in Christ
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    Agreed. There were many dinosaurs. Ideally you can't just take eggs. If that is what God wanted Noah to do well then why not take one pregnant female of all species? God wanted them to go on with a fighting chance. So there is a case for two of every dinosaur to be made.

    Some claim God wanted them to go exitinct, but then why would He say 'it is good' when He made them...

    One thought that does puzzle me though is how God introduced light and darkness as though it was not there. If there was a prior earth, why would He need to add a sun?
  18. This is definitely a brain teaser.

    1. Very co-incidental that the devil arrive just after Adam to tempt them.
    2. Does it make sense that God make angels and humans. Then when angels rebel, He decides they cannot live with Him and the good angels so He sends them to man. It is like man getting a raw deal / dumping the trash on man..who happens to be weaker then angels.

    It makes more sense to me that the plan for humans be from start an amalgamation of ''flesh, waiting for curse world and devil'. With Jesus coming to save us. A kind of round two of creations in His image after the angels. A testing ground. But then I guess we cannot grasp God's omniscience, maybe He knew the devil's fall would line up perfectly.
  19. The light would come from the glory of God then just as it will in the future as we see in Revelation 22 when we habe a New Heaven and a New Earth. That is no problem for me.

    However, If Noah took dinosaurs on the Ark, why do you think there is no mention of them in the Bible?

    And then, why would they be dated at 150+ million years of age when Scripture records man as 6000 years old. Aren't we placing God in a box by insisting that such and such must be the case when the Scriptures actually do not indicate that? Just asking!!!
  20. Rabbit hole???? Not in the least my brother. That is actual questions from people who want to know.

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