Where Did Everyone Get Their Pseudonyms From?

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  1. Well, slow and steady wins the race..! cturtle.
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  2. Mine reflects the mind-blowing and perilous situation I'm in and have been in for the last 10 years. Its been quite an eye-opener to the underbelly of our society and government. How to get out would be nothing short of a miracle.
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  3. Arrie is a simple nickname deduced from my real name. It has been with me from way back. I'm also into biking, and everyone in my biking circle knows me by this, but not my real name. Which is good as it's bikers, and I do not do the things most bikers does.
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  4. Mine is from when one king (me) surrenders a throne to Another Who would be King - Jesus. :)
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  5. Lysander is named after Lysander Spooner -- a politican philosopher and abolitionist from the 1800's who I admire. Shapiro is my name.
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  6. My bestie calls me this, now he's gone to be with Jesus and it stuck!
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  7. Nothing too fancy for me - first name and last initial! Never was known for being overly creative. :)
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  8. Peter is my Christian Name.
    Luke is my Confirmation Name (Roman Catholic) given to me when I was 6 yrs old (I think). My mother chose that name because St. Luke is the patron saint for artists.
    My mother knew I was gifted to do art when, at 3 yrs of age, I drew a chow-chow train for her while she sat across the table from me. I drew it upside down so she could see what I was drawing. The first time I learnt about this, was on my wedding day, when she presented the actual drawing to me, at the wedding reception.
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  9. Hmm. Lanolin is my christian name. My everyday name though, wont post here, does mean Heavenly. And my middle name means Beloved.
    Mum said she chose my names cos they were easy to pronounce lol.

    If your female, and married, you dont have a choice about your last name! Its interesting that men still feel the unspoken burden to carry on or live up to their family name. Names are very important to our identity.

    That is why most are christian and hospitals frown on parents who register silly names, like I remember some parents wanting to name their child superman.
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  10. Wow - that is really cool!
  11. When I used to play Pokemon, Sceptile was my favorite Pokemon. Jukain is Sceptile in Japanese. I wanted my name to be Jukain when I was on a Pokemon battle website, but it was taken. So I named myself Jukaiin. And that name stuck with me.
    When I joined a Christian live chat room, my name was JukaiinisInsane, part of this rap I made when I was recovering from a Pokemon rap phase.
    When I joined this site, I decided to shorten the name down to Juk, because that is what people called me on that site. JukaiinisInsane is just way too long.
    Since then, when I play games, I like to name myself either Jukayus (from when I played Bearbarians and Smite. I like those type of Roman/Greek names) or Fendimus (a character from a book I wanted to make) or Mloijnr (silent "M") , which I want to name my child.
  12. Lol! You want to name your child Mloijnr?
    I want to name my child Jubilee [emoji1]. That is if I have any kids and it is a girl.
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  13. My name is just a phonetic spelling I made up of my real first name. I came up with it years ago for a Hotmail email account...I needed something different that wasn't already taken.
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  14. Yeah, Jubilee is a really nice name. And want to name my child Mloijnr because it sounds and looks cool. If it's a girl, though, I'm thinking about naming her Myoni.
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  15. The way it is spelled is cool.
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  16. I just laughed cause the first thing a person would think when they heard/saw that name would be Thor's hammer!

    I want to name my girl Jubilee because of what it means...it's significance in the bible and also because I like the X-men character lol.
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  17. I thought that it was the name of Thor's hammer. But when I was writing a story based on Norse mythology I found that it was Mjollnr, or something like that. I got the j and the l mixed up.
  18. I'm glad you decided to shorten it! :LOL:
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  19. :ROFLMAO:
  20. I took my name from a packet of seeds. Boltardy is a popular variety of beetroot in the UK. I believe the name is contraction of "bolt hardy".
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