Where Did Everyone Get Their Pseudonyms From?

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  1. All of us here on CFS have a screen name. Is there a story behind the one that you decided to use?
  2. Glomung is Norse for "twilight", which is what I was going to name my cat before my family decided otherwise.
    So I use it.
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  3. LOL. That's funny.

    I just thought Cosmicwaffle was a funny name. Now I realize it actually has a serious definition that almost describes me.


    : of or relating to the universe or outer space

    : relating to SPIRITUAL matters

    : very large or important


    : to be unable or unwilling to make a clear decision about what to do

    : to talk or write a lot without saying anything important or interesting
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  4. Euphemia is derived from the Greek, meaning "to speak well" or "of fair or good speech", and it was my beloved Scottish grandmother's name. I thought it would be appropriate and that I would bring honour to her to use the name here.
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  5. I was having a hard time finding a screen name. I went with God_Be_With_You because I wanted other believers to always feel that my intentions are friendly and welcoming.
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  6. I prefer to use my name, "Curtis", but some one is already using it. My picture I took about 5 years ago when I lived close to the beach. Huntington Beach, Calif.
  7. Teckels are essentially Dachshunds bred for hunting. I love Dachshunds. I like they way they are designed and what they're bred to do (hunt rabbits and badgers). I own one and he's the sweetest thing alive most of the time... He likes spooning when I'm laying on the sofa and he knows that's his spot so he hurries over to lay with me.

    I love my pup....
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  8. AAAAahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! I thot that was Hunting Pier ! used to fish there a lot.

    Originally ..... Chilikiller. it was my IL2 callsign for JG27 squad. Well the name was to long for my crew to type during combat in the air , so they shortened it up to chili. I still keep the JG27 but you know the rest LOL
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  9. That is not at all what I expected your name to mean. I had a vision of a Celtic warrior or something, no insult to dachshunds.
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  10. Matthew 4:19
    Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. It's my favorite verse for several reasons.
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  11. lol.
    Yeah, well now I seem sappy instead of heroic. That's alright though. I'm not really a tough guy nor would I want that persona.
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  12. Years ago, the neighbors of my grandparents had a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix named Peanut. He was the absolutely sweetest dog, loved to sit with you while you watched TV. I miss that dog.
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  13. My name is a reminder to myself. We each seemingly control our lives, which makes us kings over our lives - a fallacy for sure, but that's how we humans think. Nonetheless I want to abdicate (to renounce one's throne) my life to the Lord so He can use it as He sees fit.
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  14. Gosh, I kinda just picked one out of the blue.

    But most of my other usernames are related to nature:
    Red _ lace wing( is the common name for a butter fly)

    This lullaby ( the title of a Sarah Essen book I love dearly)

    And I wish I one of these for this site, pancakes is kinda a thoughtless username lol
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  15. Mornin' All,

    My handle is a combination of the psychedelic picture of the 60's with the two men walking in step,


    and then I saw the light!

    So mix with that Heb 10:11, 16 and 13:14 and I'm JustPassingThru with my Lord on my way home.

    May our Lord richly bless you today,

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  16. Messiah - the promised and expected deliverer. My screen name is hopefully thought provoking. Where is the messiah, or where is Christ in our lives?
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  17. I live in Kitsap County, I'm a girl & I'm a bit nerdy.
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  18. Brian Kurkjian derives from an extinct language which actually means 'superman'. My parents had no idea what they were getting into when they named me.
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  19. Brave to post your real name on the internet.
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  20. I just love them cars (mercs).
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