Where Are They?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by LanceA, May 28, 2014.

  1. Haven't seen God_calls_me_Olivia around lately. Thought she was a moderator? Also there was a guy who really liked Joel Osteen alot a few months back, haven't seen him around lately. Just curious if they took a break or left for good?
  2. Not sure where they are, but Olivia is not a Mod. Staff members are identified by a ribbon under their Avatar/name.
  3. I saw Olivia rated one of pancakes posts this week. So I think she might be
  4. Olivia is boom and zoom :)
  5. The other guy was "jesus freak" I think, and I haven't heard from him at all. I sent him a few messages awhile ago but he never responded.
  6. Yeah that is him
  7. Yah i know, i keep waiting for christine to come back..but she never does...

    Maybe they went out and got lives lol
  8. Ah, where...why'd you change your pic
    I loved the that Jesus pic :p
  9. Let answer this.
    He said this last weekend he was going hiking to find a bear. :) looks like he got his bear and is proudly displaying it hehe
  10. I liked the other pic too. Wait... Where, how did you get the bear to pose for you instead of eating you? Curious.
  11. people seem to come and goes, I have not seen MichaelH and Tressa for a quite a while too.
  12. Yea, I haven't seen Cosmicwaffle either! He's been gone forever!
  13. Maybe the bear trying to eat his face scared him ????
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  14. That one is easy!

    Two guys are in the woods and a big grizzly bear comes at them. Of course they run and run to get away but he just keeps coming after them.

    One of the men said....."Do you think we can keep outrunning this bear."

    The other man said......"I don't have to out run the bear, I just have to out run YOU"!
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  15. That's hilarious! LOL

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