Where are all the voices, now ?

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by Pastor Gary, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Where are all the voices, now ?

    Since most Christians are becoming more and more aware of the 'global warming' hoax and conspiracy, the administrators of the fabricated global warming agenda are conspicuously silent at the moment... the reason?

    Let me give you a couple hints...

    (1) The temperature in Key West Florida Monday morning, January 11, 2010 was 46 degrees setting a new record for low temperatures... a record that stood for 138 years.

    (2) Snowfall levels in most of north central and east central Europe have set 100 year records as well as cold temperatures. The avalanche frequency in the Alps is at an all time high.

    (3) Over 1200 new cold temperature records were smashed in the U.S. and Canada from January 01 through January 09, 2010.

    (4) Snowfall totals in the easten half of the U.S. have broken records in 19 states. On the day that the President of The United States returned from the 'Global Warming Conference' in Copenhagen, he was greeted by a 17 inch snowstorm - which was not mentioned at all in US 'mainstream media' - so as not to 'embarrass' the President.

    (5) SNOW along the Gulf Coast and icing throughout the Gulf Coast states has been imbedded for over a week... the longest such event in recorded weather history.

    As a volunteer weather analyst for 'Tropical System Research Center' in Gulf Shores, Alabama, I can mention that the locals who have lived in the area for 20 to 50 years, have never ever seen things this bad.

    My point is that proper education into weather statistics and trends is a personal responsibility for all caring persons to look into and not just accept what the vocal, radical environmentalists are telling you. Do your own research for the TRUTH... and do not be deceived.

    Thank you, friends... and stay indoors and stay warm!!

  2. i find God can humiliate people at the strangest of times.'Global Warming Conference' in Copenhagen,is a perfect example of mans logic vs Gods logic.:). chose the men you listen to wisely.
  3. This made me lol and then I thought of 1 Corinthians 1:20-25 which made me laugh even harder.
  4. Well said, Pastor Gary. I see you wrote that in January - well prior to the major storm that has impacted the mid-Atlantic states (including Washington, DC) with 30+ inches of snow.
  5. It's been so cold this year I wish they would sent us some' global warming' so can thaw out !
  6. Well , well .... I guess I have to brag cause we have not had any major snow storms all winter and we have had a lot of warmer weather than we have ever had . So you all who think Canada only has cold and snow , I say hogwash ..... LOL

    Tonight it is snowing for the first time ., but we are not expecting a lot of snow.

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