When Your Public High School is Run by Hezbollah:

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  1. When Your Public High School is Run by Hezbollah:

    EXCLUSIVE: When Your Public High School is Run by Hezbollah: The Imad Fadlallah Saga Continues - Hezbo Principal Hits Students, Bans Christians

    Debbie Schlussel
  2. Wao..... that is scary. Actually my aunt lived in Dearborn and the whole place has been over run with Arabs buying up all the land. When my brother sold her house it was only Arabs who came to buy.
  3. They're starting to come out where we live.
  4. I'm told in school that "evil Jews and Israelites took away the poor Arab and Muslim land for their own. Now they kill innocent Arabs, because they are sick, and are despots".

    I think my school is already run by the Hezbellah :D
  5. Of course you know that information is not true, don't you? It's a bald-faced lie, it is definitely not what is taught in American schools. I am appalled they actually think Jews are doing something like this. Most of our teachers would laugh at this.
  6. Sorry! :D

    Did I say something that got you a little angry? There seems to be some tone of anger in your post, I'm not sure. That is what I am taught in school, as we learn World History, and that "the world is not able to Progress because of their fundie religious wars".

    Sorry if I said anything out of context! :D
  7. Wait a minute...you mean this trash is actually taught in our secular schools?! No wonder I didn't know, I was homeschooled my whole life! Do tell. So I guess I was never taught it and it passed right by me without knowing! Yeah, that must have been what it was!

    Yes, this does make me angry. That our schools right here in America are teaching this kind of tomfoolery. :mad:
  8. Yes it is taught! And when it isn't directly taught in my history books, the other teachers modestly allude to their Religious Wars stopping "Progress", and blaming Christians!

    And it's strange how Christianity is taking the fault, after September 11th, and Muslims are being catered by the Government!

    I don't know how things are taught in Canadian Schools. But in many Secular American schools, this garbage about the Jews is taught all the time. Along with Atheistic Evolution (TAUGHT AS FACT, I GOT A DETENTION FOR ARGUING WITH THE TEACHER ABOUT THE ORIGINS), Humanism (where WE have the power, and we are the gods of our own universe.) and Homosexuality (where gender doesn't matter, and pleasure is the sole goal in life). Anyone who speaks out, is immediately shut up, and they tell "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!", thats what they told me when I spoke out against Homosexuality. That I CAN'T do that.

    Yes it angers me too, I just pray for America, as well as other nations, and hope that they will one day return back to God.
  9. I don't know about Western Canada, but do know about the east , especially in Toronto. There are so many muslims here and they are very militant in pushing for their rights . When my son was in public school and that is about 15 yrs ago already the muslims in his school demanded a special room where they could go to have their prayers and at Christmas time the school could not even put up a Christmas tree as it might offend some one . That's what I was told when I asked . So I am sure it is worse now than it was back then. We Christians need to unite in prayer as Christianity is being put on the back burner.

    Small children in kindergarden are told that Johnny has two momies or two dadies. And they read all kinds of books to support the Homosectual cause to indoctrinate these little children into thinking that , that lifestye is normal.

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