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  1. I was wondering if anyone has a special way they prepare for prayer? I know alot of us pray throughout the day; but do you light candles, put on comfortable clothing, incense etc....

    I will start off with what I do. I do talk to God many times during the day. I do love talking with God while in nature. In ways I follow the Celtic Tradition. When I am alone at home I do like to prepare and at times light candles and dim the lights. It just gets me in a relaxed place to speak with God. I use to wear a robe but haven't in years. I think the robe was just something I had a hard time departing with after my heathen pagan days :). Now its your turn.
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  2. I just close my eyes, bow my head, hold my hands together and say "My father Yahuah who is in Heaven, (Prayer goes here), in Yahusha's name (and/or blood) I pray, Amen." This is just my current prayer life, it will probably change in the future. I also use Jesus Christ as well. I just learned the Hebrew a year ago and I've stuck with it ever since.
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  3. Celtic Christians could teach us quite a bit!

    Have you used the Carmina Gadelica which is a book full of Celtic prayers covering every part of their day/night?
  4. I have similar books. I will look that one up. I use to follow the praying hours from "The Prayer Foundation".
  5. I don't do anything special. I pray every morning and evening. In the morning, I always start by thanking God for another day. In recent mornings, I have been praying to God to help me get back on track at work because I have been slacking a bit...okay a lot. My job is odd though because I develop/run analytics for compliance purposes so I usually post on this forum site in my down time. I will sometimes pray throughout the day depending on what's going on, but I usually gather things to pray about at night and when the time comes before bed, I pray about those things. Again, nothing special, just good ole prayer time :)
  6. I pray about everything that disturbs me, when I'm confused, when I feel angry. I pray every day (for the most part!) that God would help me be patient, living , and kind. I thank him in prayer all day-- he is never far from my thoughts. I also pray before I read the bible.

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