When you look under "who's online"

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  1. When you look under "who's online"

    What exactly is a "Yahoo! Slurp Spider"? Sounds kind of disturbing.
  2. My understanding is that it is simply Yahoo listing what is on the public part of our site. All the search engines do this so when folk search they find the site with the info they were looking for.
  3. Thanks much!
  4. As long as it doesn't try to drink my slurpee! LOL!
    Ray is right AC, all of the major search engines sample the overall content of most websites. That would be how Google, Yahoo or any of the other search engines knows how what to display when you do a search. They are called bots- little software programs designed to gather data. These are restricted from any sensitive data and collect online generalized info such as user names and subject matter discussed. There may be a time when you see a little red stop sign by one of them, that is simply the sites was of not letting them get into any info they should not.
  5. The names are disturbing. I know many forums have to block "search engine 'bugs'" from joining the forum because they automatically sign up with the wackiest names like "CDYAH200S" and stuff like that. :D
  6. At any given time, there are "BOTS" scanning every open area of the forum. Those details are recorded in the main search engine databases of Google, Yahoo, ASK, and hundreds of others. When you type in a topic to search for in Google, for instance, if something on that topic was mentioned EVER here in CFS, that same data will be supplied on-screen by way of the search engine. Therefore, if you do not want your personal information to end up in hundreds of search engine databases, be cautious as to what you post.
  7. Also, your "name" will appear for anyone who googles or searches it in various engines. It is interesting what you will find.

    Actually, the spiders crawl constantly over the web gathering data for you to claim when you search. So when you feel the creepy, crawlies up and down your arms when you're at your computer, maybe it is Slurpy the Spider getting a bit of info about you.

    Try a little look-see by searching for your name, your husband/wife name, your "call name," etc. You will be amazed.
  8. :eek:

    Oh my. I tried Googling my username. Most of the results were from this forum and a couple blogs I've posted at. But then there was a hit from a, um...swingers site. There's a UK couple who like to advertise for that kind of thing and they go by the name "andiclare". Wow.
  9. Lol, the internet is amazing.

    Googled my name...my name is actually a website. Obviously, NearertoGod is a popular name.

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