When We Let Him Have Control

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  1. Beautiful Poem

    Why is it as though
    We struggle so much
    And live in constant despair?
    We don't need to carry
    Such burdensome loads
    But should go to God in prayer

    Give Him your burdens
    And all of your hurts,
    Just lay them at His feet
    He's such a big God
    He can handle it all
    And watches over His sheep

    He cares so much more
    Than we'll ever know
    And just wants the best for our lives
    Each one of his children
    Has so much potential
    If we’ll only begin to rise

    To be all that God
    Has intended us to be,
    To walk through His open doors
    We need to stay focused
    And open to God
    And put our trust in the Lord

    For when we all come
    To realize God's love,
    Our hurts will not have a hold
    For God's love will cover
    And free us from fear
    As we give Him total control.

    © By M.S.Lowndes

    You may copy & paste the Poetry, Card Verses, Devotionals into any craft project, cards, print them out for yourself or to give away to others, use them on blogs, internet groups, on any other website, recite in church services/meetings and for use in church bulletins/newsletters - keeping my copyright notice with them.
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