When to wait in faith and when to ask for help?

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  1. I am currently in the middle of a major situation that is seems to be getting more and more desperate with each passing day because it is extremely time sensitive. I am doing my best to keep my faith in God, that He will come through for me somehow because He promises in His word that He will provide for my needs. The issue that I am struggling with is: whether to just wait on God to come through or to reach out to people to help me out of this situation. I feel like if I ask people for help that I am not displaying faith in God but am relying on the arm of flesh. I don't know if my thinking is twisted in this or not, that is why I am asking for advice.
  2. Hmm... Yeah, that is a hard question. I know that God works when we least expect it. But it depends on the situation. The best general advice that I can give you is to wait for God in faith.
  3. Your concerns ring true to my ear. I too have a situation here that is difficult, and am trying to keep calm and trust. At the same time, I realize that there may come a point when I must decide, and take a definitive step.

    Years ago, when our youngest daughter was just 27 weeks into her gestation, and we were away in Ohio from CT for Christmas, my wife woke with great pain in the middle of the night, and we rushed her to the hospital.

    I was told that my child was going to be born, and they couldn't stop it.
    The child was coming "breach" (sp?) and was about 1 lb..

    A Nurse came into the room where I was pacing back-n-forth while they prepped my wife, and handed me a form on a clipboard with these words,"If you sign this form, we will do everything huanly possible to save your childs life; if you don't, only comfort measures will be applied."

    Now that statement, for some of you, might be a no-brainer; but at 23, that question or option was HUGE. I felt as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders. That child, at one pound, would have a 5% chance of survival, they told me. Did I want to subject a likely dying child to that kind of trauma? Perhaps that child would have serious complications?!

    I didn't want the right to play "God," and didn't know where to turn. So I called the one person (at 3 AM) that I knew I could trust above anyone else...........my Dad.

    I explained what they told me, and all about the form, and I asked him what I should do. His response was, "Son, God has given man the ability to achieve great things. I think you should take advantage of every possible avenue to save your childs life. I see no ethical or moral issue with that."

    I signed the form...............

    Sometimes, in tough situations that require more-or-less immediate action, we must take a step in faith. A step that lines up with Gods Word. of course, but a step, none-the-less. We may not always know the outcome or result of our decision, but we go with the best information and intentions we can muster.

    Oh, by the way.........that child was a girl (our youngest). She is now 34, and perfectly healthy. She's married, and has graced us (by Gods Intent) with three wonderful Grandchildren! See that?! God knew!!

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  4. Thank you for that story.

    In my particular situation; I don't think either decision would be going against His word, but I feel that asking for help would be going against faith.

    If I were to wait and rely on God...I would be taking much bigger risk in the natural. Reaching out to people for help would be less risky, but then again I don't know for sure if anyone would help or could help.

    I am very serious about developing my faith and am willing to take risks in trusting God(I have done so already) for my faith to grow, but I don't want to be stubborn or foolish either.
  5. Did you already seek God's guidance on this matter?
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    Yes, I have, but I either haven't received an
    answer yet or I can't hear His answer.
  7. Then I suggest praying for an answer whenever you pray, and waiting patiently. But it is hard to know how to help without knowing what the situation is.
  8. It is hard to wait patiently when I am quickly running out of time.
  9. That is true.
  10. Asking for help isn't lack of faith, God's provisions are worked through humans.

    To ask for help from another brother in Christ is not bad, it means you have the unity that we are supposed to have as the body of Christ. We should be able to ask help from the ones we love, no matter the circumstances. It humbles ourselves because it allows us to fully understand that we can't do it alone.
    I say ask for help Mykuhl, no harm can come from it.
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  11. Mykuhl - Remember, God works through others. Asking people for help is not showing a lack of faith in God. There is a very old joke that goes something like this -

    One day there was a terrible flood. A man climbed on his roof and prayed to God to rescue him. After a while, someone in a canoe came by and offered to take the man to safety. The man refused, saying that God was going to rescue him. More time passed and someone in a rowboat came by and offered to take the man to safety. Again he refused, saying that he had faith that God was going to rescue him. As the water kept rising, a helicopter finally came by and said they would take him from his roof. Again the man refused, waving them off, believing that God was going to rescue him. Eventually the water rose above the roof and the man drowned. When he got to the pearly gates, the man asked God how come He didn't rescue him. God responded, "First I sent someone in a canoe, then I sent someone in a rowboat, and when you still wouldn't leave I sent a helicopter for you. What more did you want?"

    It's a bad joke, but it makes the point. You pray to God to meet your needs, and it is up to Him as to how He does that, or to whom He uses to accomplish it. If I am sitting in my house with no food to eat, and I pray to God to provide for my hunger, and a neighbor comes by later and offers me a basket of food, that was God answering my prayer.
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  12. Yes, I agree that God works through the body of Christ and that are supposed to have that unity where we feel like we can go to each other for help and be confident that we will receive it because we have love for each other. Unfortunately though the reality of this is often not present. In all honesty I don't really want help from someone if they don't actually want to help....if they are doing it only because they feel obligated or pressured. So, with that being said....yes, I feel harm can come from it.
  13. As i was reading your post i was reminded of one that we went through a few years ago. We were in danger of being evicted from the apartment. As we prayed and told God we trusted Him....we kept finding furniture, plus God gave us peace that we were not going anywhere. It got down to the wire of having the money in....and God allowed an offer from A relative to come through to loan us the money. It was something that we could not have done in our own strength, and i am sure had we asked....it may not have gone well. So if you have peace within to trust God....then go with it. If you are feeling pressure in the flesh....then surround yourself with the Word to make your flesh submit..... we will be praying

    Father, thank You for Mykuhl! Thank You that he is Your sheep and he knows Your voice! Thank You Father for giving him the peace to know the direction to take. Thank You for richly giving us all things to enjoy and being our provider. For we know that you do take great care of us! In Jesus Name, Amen
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  14. Yes, I fully acknowledge that God works through others and I will graciously accept that help and thank and praise God for it that help is if offered. Although, it is one thing to accept help that is offered because that person wanted to help(from a heart of love) or God moved that person to help, and entirely different thing to actually ask for help because you are worried or afraid that God won't come through for some reason. The former displays evidence that God is working in the situation, and the latter is you manipulating the situation because you are worried or afraid.

    I want to live by faith in God, and see God work in my life. I don't want to show lack of faith and do whatever possible to secure things for myself like anyone in the world that doesn't even believe in God would do.
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  15. I have seen situations where people ask for help out of fear.....and in all honesty...in my opinion it does hinder one's growth in the faith area. Sometimes a person has had to kind of start all over at the bottom of the trust ladder....just my paraphrase :)
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  16. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. To me, refusing to ask for help is being prideful. It shows a willingness to humble oneself to ask for help. But you should follow your heart, not mine. :)

    In any regard, I will be praying for your situation.
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  17. Yah, and that is the last thing that I want to happen to me. I have taken stands of faith over the last few months that some of my family does not understand or agree with. I am willing to risk a lot for my faith and this one is pretty big. I am just worried though because I have heard of stories where God doesn't seem to come through for some Christians for some reason. So, it is hard to have complete confidence and faith when I might end up being one of them. I believe I am willing to give up everything for Jesus but sometimes I think it would be easier to die for Jesus than live for Him in certain circumstances.
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  18. Although I agree that refusing to ask for help can be prideful and I will even admit that that might be part of the reason why I don't want to ask, but in all honesty I don't see how someone can show faith in God if they act and take the same steps as any unbeliever would. We are called to walk by faith not by sight.
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  19. Thank you for praying for me. I appreciate it.
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  20. I fully understand! I have done the same thing and just the other day i was persecuted violently for it, like in times past.

    The devil is trying to use fear to cripple your faith. So if you truly trust in God's love for you....and you truly have peace to wait on the Lord then get rid of the worry. Get in the Word of God and surround yourself with the scriptures that strengthen your faith. Because as it stands right now....you are wavering (james 1:6) and that will bring about the disappointment that your worried about.

    Read James 1:5
    Mark 11:22-25
    Hebrews 11
    Romans 4:20-25 the whole chapter is on faith

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