When to pray for Revival.

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  1. When to pray for Revival.

    When to pray for Revival.
    1.At all times. Lk 18:1Acts 10:2.
    2.Always.Eph 6:18.
    3.Three times daily. Dan 6:10.
    4.Morning, noon and evening. Psm 55:17.
    5.Seven times in a day. Psm 119:164.
    6.Without ceasing (always). I Thess 5:17.
    7.Early in the morning. Mk 1:35.
    8.Early hours .Psm 63:1.
    9.Midnight.Psm 63:6.
    10.Third hour of the day. Acts 2:15.
    11.At the sixth hour. Acts 10:9.
    12.At the ninth hour. Acts 3:1.
    13.Evening Time.Gn 24:63.
    14.Night Time. Psm 134:1.
    15.Midnight.Acts 16:25,Psm 119:62.
  2. 1Th 5:17 Pray without ceasing.
    We should always mainitian an attitude of prayer.

    I have found that God is always willing to send revival whenever hearts are willing.
    Re(again) vival (life)- to bring back to life- to infuse the Church with His manifest presence, power and glory . Such a church can shake the world.
    I ask daily for this gift and daily I feel His fire burning inside.:)

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