when men become women and women become men.

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. when men become women and women become men.

    the roles in this world are getting mixed.
  2. No kidding, Smelly.

    I mean, I've heard of people who are born with male and female organs, but, they usually choose one gender eventually.

    But, changing to another gender when you're a man or a woman? No way, Jose.

    I'm fine being female, though I do have my times when I say, "Goodness, sometimes being a girl is hard!", I'm A OK with how God made me! :D
  3. a women is a treasure to a man.these days the treasure has faded,and the man too.
  4. Lol, that's true.

    It seems like men want to be women more than they do be with them.

    If it's not transgenders, it's men exploiting women in very rude ways. Which is where we get feminists I suppose.
  5. all information is inputed into our brains,some do what it takes to (b)e exepted others see there plans and destroy there plans.
  6. I've often wondered if transgenders accept Christ after their sex change, do they have to change back to their original gender to make it to heaven?
  7. no idea.they twist and turn so much from ideas of dog breath who knows.

  8. What is treasure generally?


    What does gold represent?

    The golden streets, the river of life.

    The women are faded as treasures because of lack of the river of life. The blood of Jesus will clean them off, and the river of life will refill them with life the way God sees it.

    I find gold intersting. I think the many twinkles in it represent the good things of this world and they make up the riches in God's eyes. The gold material itself makes up riches in man's eyes. Notice God sees everything for what it is. It's true beauty past material or material worth ($).

    Physically- it is gold. - mans riches

    Spiritually- it has all those good and true things in it - Riches in God's eyes that we should see by looking past the material world.

    Cherish what God cherishes. Turn away from what God turns away from.

    See riches how God sees them.
    And you will be truly wealthy.
    Because it's already there from God.
    The river of life pouring out of us.
    You just need to see that it is actually what makes you rich.
  9. I once read about and saw the photo of a married couple who had small children. The father who was well over 6 feet tall had a sex change to become a woman, and the mother (who was very short had a sex change to become a man. So you end up with a very tall, ugly woman, and a very short, feminine looking man. :eek: Strange to say the least.I can't imagine the confusion that had to cause the young children. Mommy is now daddy, and daddy is now mommy.:confused: :eek:

    I also saw the movie about the first man to have a sex change. He changed his first from George to Christine after the change. It was interesting. The doctor in the movie showed George a drawing of a male and female figures. Then he said, "Here's man; here's woman, and here's you" as he drew a line down the middle.:D

  10. No, I don't think so...Undoing a sin is not required...once it's done it's done. John 5:14 comes to mind...

  11. Thanks. I never thought of it this way.
  12. I saw a "man" on a TV talk show once (I normally don't watch talk shows, but that one caught my eye.) who had been changed into a woman, got saved, and then got changed back into a man. The end result left him looking rather feminine. I'm curious as to how they replaced what they had cut off. :eek:
  13. They get a new body in Heaven anyway, but I don't think God requires anyone to change their body to get into Heaven.
  14. Mark, you have grown so much lately and the above post shows it. You have so much wisdom through the H.S. Never lose it, keep going the way you are. I hope you have the kinds of friends who appreciate the wisdom God gives you and that you share with them. That was beautiful about the gold. Bonnie
  15. :D

    I've been watching you grow too, it's so wonderful!

    Praise the Lord!:israel:

    Now I'm working on ridding of pride and the need to be noticed.
  16. You know, I was just thinking about this. This whole new age of gender-neutrality is really destroying the natural order of things and smothering the answers to the questions, "what is man?" "What is women?"
    How many people in this world actually know what it means to be their own sex? Women are trying to become men, and men are trying to become women... it's perverted and upsets the biological order.
    As a result, I'm swearing to myself that I'm going to be a woman, not a man. So few women respect the fact that they're female, so it seems, and I'm not going to go against that God-given part of my identity. My womanhood is essential to who I am, as masculinity is essential to what man is. I don't think it is what this culture says at all; they don't know what gender identities are, which is why this country doesn't understand the function of marriage or the sexes. It is why anything goes with marriage, why divorce rates are up, and why most people are unhappy--they don't understand who they intrinsically are, and are doing everything possible to say, "there is no Truth" and therefore no answer, when there IS a Truth and an answer. They just haven't found Him yet. :(
  17. There is no more requirment to attempt to change back ones gender apearance than there is to back up and remarry one first spouse. Jesus said"sin no more"

    Besides those who have a so called "gender change" are becomeing eunachs. They give up their natural born ability to reproduce for the appearance of the other gender. What it amounts to is gental mutilation coupled with hormone induce gender appearance.

    When smellycat started this thread I thought of cross gender role changes. Men and women,husbands and wives who reverse their role in their relationship and or interaction with the world.
    This is more of a problem in marriage and church than physical gender change .
    It is much more common and socialy acceptable.
    There are strongly dominate women and predominately submissive men in the world and the church as well.

    What kind of burden and or confussion does this place on those who strive to live by biblical direction????

  18. The tabloids said: Oregon man is pregnant!:eek:

    I thought - meh, that's nothing. It'll blow over.

    Then she was on the internet. Then on Oprah. Now she's on the cover of some magazine.

    I'm not going to call her "he" like everybody else is doing for one reason: God made this individual a woman. An operation doesn't change that. Her flesh body is and will always be woman.

    She lives in the city two over from me, Bend, OR. They had a spread in a local paper, showing pictures of her when she was a bodybuilder. She looked like Demi Moore in 80s workout clothes. They also showed her female lover.

    I try to be nice, people. I do! You all know this. I try to be accepting of everybody that I encounter...but with this? I just can't. The photos of her shirtless as a man, with pit hair, etc...and pregnant? It turned my stomach.:sick:

    I'm so sorry (God) for judging, but I was physically ill. I'm afraid to go grocery shopping in Bend because I might see her pushing a cart around the store and I'm going to want to put my cabbage back because the sight of her made me ill.

    She was born a woman. She went against that and had an operation to try to change herself into a man. After that operation (which wasn't completely finished) she became pregnant as a woman does. This woman wants the best of both worlds...and she can't have it.

    She is still a woman, her pregnancy makes that clear. Her scars on her body (shown in the photo spread) make that clear. Hair and muscles a man does not make. A man is more than that. A man is a man down to his heart, as a woman is a woman down to her heart. Her core.

    The Indian Shakers (Christian) believe that when we're called to heaven, our Father will look at us and realize that we weren't truly happy with the flesh body that He gave us. That's wrong, imprinted on our souls and on our spiritual bodies. He's going to say, "Who are you? You're not the one that I sent down there."

    Anyway - I'm done with my editorial.:sick:
  19. From what I read, she said that she didn't have anything done to her reproductive organs-so she is still a she in my opinion--just with a beard. So what you've got are two women married to each other. I'm sure her "wife" didn't get her pregnant.
  20. This is what I don't get.:confused:

    In Oregon, a few years back, they outlawed same-sex marriage. But this woman grows some hair and changes her name...that makes her a man in the eyes of the law? What about the eyes of God?

    I'm not asking to start an argument. I'm asking because I can't comprehend. She wasn't finished with her operations, so she was still able to bare children. And yet she's legally called a man? To the point where she is now able to marry another woman?

    Confusing.:confused: I hope she reaches out to find Christ before the baby is born.:(

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