When God Says No

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  1. When God Says No

    "Then he killed James the brother of John with the sword. And because he saw that it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to seize Peter also."
    Acts 12:2-3
    Can you accept God's will when His answer is no? If you are praying in God's will, He will always answer you when you pray (Jer. 33:3). However, sometimes His answer will be no.

    King Herod arrested Peter and prepared to have him executed. During the night, as his church prayed, Peter's life was spared when an angel freed him. God miraculously answered the prayers of His people that night. Yet not long before, James, too, had been arrested by Herod. James, however, was executed. Surely the church had prayed for James as fervently as they did for Peter, yet that time God's answer had been no.

    Did God love Peter more than James? Of course not. James had been one of Jesus closest friends. Yet God allowed James to die while He continued to use Peter in His service. The church in Jerusalem did not become bitter toward God. They accepted His answer because they trusted His love and wisdom.

    There are times when God wants us to persist in our praying until He has completed His work in us (Luke 11:5-8; 18:1-6). However, when God's answer is no, it is futile to continue pleading for a yes. Some refuse to take no for an answer, insisting that if you pray long enough and hard enough, God will ultimately grant any request you make. It is an affront to your Lord to continue pleading with Him when He has clearly said no. The purpose of prayer is not to conform God to our will but to adjust our will to God. We must learn to trust God so that if He says no, we accept that His will is best.
    Henry T & Richard Blackaby
  2. Thank you sis, very wise words.
  3. Good post. I often think that when someone is living submitted to Christ their is no yes or no. We make our requests to God the Father and what happens is His will.

    We know that all things work out for those who love God-those called according to His purpose

    So when we pray to Him we take whatever it is and know that this is Gods will and will work out for good.
  4. So true. Thanks for that :)
  5. Yes, indeed. We must understand that it is God's will to give good things to his children. We must also remember that when we make our request known to God, we must understand that when he says no, it is for our best, our protection, it keeps us from hardship and that is the Love of our Father. God sees what we cannot see therefore His decisions whether yes, no, or wait; is for our best. There is also a sifting process that God does to see whether or not we are asking for something out of selfishness, deceit, for our own edifications or whether it is the will of God. But if you don't stay in prayer, you will mistake a wait for a no and give up on your praying. God will let you know when it is a NO.

  6. A good Word indeed!:)
    God has a different view of things that does not always revolve around this temporary flesh in which we live. James was given a martyr's crown.

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