When Did You First Realise You Were Going To Die?

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  1. When did you first realise you were going to die?
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    I never thought about it until my dog died - which is last year. Seriously.

    I always knew it was going to happen but I never really questioned or cared about my mortality. It happens to everyone and it has happened to everyone before me and it will probably happen to everyone after me.

    It just never really hit me until I watched my stupid mutt die.

    I did think about it in my teens. But I was angry about lots of things then.
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  3. I would think we all realized this when first we were able to use our brain for logical thought...5 or 6 years old.

    A better question would be: When did you first realize that dying, seems like an awful waste / pointless end to such a great creation?
  4. Why is it a waste? That is a strange attitude.
  5. Why is it not a waste? So much effort went in to making us / we are such complex, intelligent being...yet we die so easily, shortly...even if considering its a measly 70 or so years....

    Don't you think you deserve to live longer?
  6. You claimed that it is a waste. Can you explain yourself?

    I can't answer for you. I'm not a mind reader (if such a thing exists).
  7. I have little control over it.

    I'll leave as long as I live.

    And then all that was me is gone.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    Death is a natural process.

    Humans think about it too much.

    In 100 years everyone on here will likely be dead.

    No use whinging about it.
  8. Sure. A BMW built simply to be crashed in a movie is considered by most sane people to be a waste.

    Now, do you agree? If not, you need to explain why...No playing dumb please.
  9. A car is not a human.

    Surely that is obvious...:eek:
  10. You are fooling nobody by playing dumb dude.

    You just magnify my point and the fact that you do grasp it ;).

    Exactly, a human > car. So how much more a waste to just....end it.
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    Maybe I am dumb.

    I certainly don't grasp your point.

    Why is a human more important than a car?

    The god of the bible is content to burn millions (possibly billions) of humans.

    Have you told your god about this wastage problem?

    So, why is it a waste again?
  12. You made the claim about wastage.

    Why do I have to explain your point?

    You are new to this, are you?
  13. I think KingJ was making a point about the apparent fleetingness of life?
  14. Possibly. But fleeting is all we have.

    In that context it is not a waste. It is too be savoured.

    Especially since we have no evidence that there is anything more than this one life.
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    You clearly have IQ>10, now if only you weren't so biased.

    God ''kills'' nobody. Everyone lives eternally either with or away from Him. Becuase we are all such special creations ;).

    Heb 2:7 You made them a little lower than the angels; you crowned them with glory and honor.

    It is nice to see your motivation for bias coming out. This we can work with.
  16. Still no answer, eh?

    I did notice.

    That was an example of what you may call wastage.

    I am highlighting your cognitive dissonance. Not stating any "bias".

    Glad to hear that you don't believe in heaven.

    We're making progress.
  17. How in the universe do you get that from my post?
  18. Atheism = act dumb, play dumb, be dumb and hope everyone including God is too dumb to notice.
  19. LOL. Or maybe not. My mistake.
  20. 1. ''Why is a human more important than a car?'' This question is unanswered, can you guess why?
    2. You need to believe that don't you. Atheists retain their bias with false assumptions of God. I accept it all and then pass judgement.
    3. Re-read the post.
    4. Yes, but it is slow. You are not reading or taking this seriously.

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