What's Your Song Right Now?

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  1. I will only mention him once, and once only to make my point. I was watching Joel Osteens Saturday mass live video feed, and he had as guest speaker Joyce Meyer, and she was talking about attitude, and she sang three songs that were typical of people, and I was wondering what yours was. I remember them I think:

    "Make The World Go Away."
    "My Way."
    "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head."
    "Oh Happy Day."

    Out of those 4 songs, which one best describes your mood, and why(if you care to share)?

    "Make The World Go Away" is mine at the moment. Because I feel right now I just want everyone to go away, and leave me aline. But, "Oh Happy Day" will be my new one after today.

    No bashing either person I mentioned. I just want the question answered. If you feel the need to bash them, you will get a report sent by me. Anyway....
  2. 'Wake' and 'Alive' by Hillsong United are my current songs for worship, but for the one's you listed, Oh Happy Day is always one of my tops because it brings a feeling of refreshment for me.
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  3. That's good. I need to have a happy day. So, oh, happy day.
  4. I'm listening to this right now:

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    A Real Hero by College featuring Electric Youth

    I also frequently listen to

    Venus by Frankie Avalon
    Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and the Shondells
    The Music Man soundtrack
    Walk On by Pat and Lolly Vegas
    Downtown by the Raveonettes

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