What's Your Motivation?

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  1. What's Your Motivation?



    Then I observed that most people are motivated to success by their envy of their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless, like chasing the wind.

  2. My motivationfor doing things...are my children.:)
  3. To build the Kingdom.
    To be a blessing.
    To seek and save that which is lost.
    To do all things as unto the Lord.
    To be a joy to my Master.
    To care for and protect my family.
  4. And let us not forget fear.

    Fear often has a negative connotation about it, however it is also one of the most powerful motivators.

    2 Cor 5:11 Since, then, we know what it is to fear the Lord, we try to persuade men...
    Ps 34:11 Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord. Ps 89:7 In the council of the holy ones God is greatly feared.

    All things are good when used for the Glory of God. :)
  5. The positive in this is that the word fear here...for me at least is a command for a healthy respect...not ...I am scared fear(I hope I explained that ok)
  6. In Hebrew, yirah John 1:16 Ps 90:11 yare Mal 3:16 and pachad Job 3:25a, Ps 119:120 mean reverent fear, terror, or dread, normally translated simply fear.

    There are other words in Hebrew for mere respect, reverence, or honor, such as kabad Ex 20:12.

    In Greek fear/terror is phobo Mat 28:4,1 Pet 2:17, where reverence or honor is timao 1 Pet 2:17.

    techie, respectfully, I agree with you with regard to the fact that we hold a healthy respect and reverance toward God. Much in the same way that you or I might fear "fire". I'm not really afraid of fire, but I greatly respect it.

    However there is also pure fear, trembling, heart pounding fear associated within the scriptures as I sited above.
  7. That is a good one brother. And Love which is the most powerful force ever- stronger than death or fear it has conquered death.
  8. It is an interesting predicament isn't it.

    A theologian named Mike Yaconelli once wrote...

    "I would like to suggest that the Church become a place of terror again; a place where God continually has to tell us, "Fear not"; a place where our relationship with God is not a simple belief or a doctrine or theology, it is God's burning presence in our lives. I am suggesting that the tame God of relevance be replaced by the God whose very presence shatters our egos into dust, burns our sin into ashes, and strips us naked to reveal the real person within. The Church needs to become a gloriously dangerous place where nothing is safe in God's presence except us. Nothing--including our plans, our agendas, our priorities, our politics, our money, our security, our comfort, our possessions, our needs.

    "Our world is... longing to see people whose God is big and holy and frightening and gentle and tender... and ours; a God whose love frightens us into His strong and powerful arms where He longs to whisper those terrifying words, 'I love you.'"
  9. I wasn't trying in any way to deminish what you were saying:groupray:....I think this is perspective...you see...you say mere respect...now my respect for God is the heart pounding trembling respect but I dont live in terror of him.

    I didn't mean this to turn into something it wasn't...I simply commented and even let you know it was on a personal level...I wasn't disagreeing with you.:confused:
  10. Amen my brother! He is a Consuming fire and will burn away our flesh and yet His gentle hand of love is upon us each moment. He is a Rock that will break, crush and grind and He is a nurturer and brings healing, a smoking flax He will not quench, a bruised reed he will not break.
    All of these things He does out of His great love for us and He will not be content until we experience the freedom to walk in all He paid such a terrible price to give us.
  11. OH!! I didn't think you were my friend!!

    Not for a moment.

    I was only pointing out that the "Fear" of God is in actuality real "FEAR!"

    It is that gut wrenching, shivering, scared out of your mind kind of fear. And it is also an unconditional soothing and comforting love that you and I simply cannot live without!

    These two contrasts are so impossible for us to fully comprehend that they serve to give even greater glory to God.

    I don't know how He does it, yet He does.

    I wouldn't bow down to anything less! :)
  12. Bolded part sounds funny/wrong. Just sayin :p:D

    Man, not dealing with the truth completely can have one going nuttoz with fear. Eternity can make one incredibly happy, but incredibly loony and terrified if the truth doesn't come, correct them, and let them be comforted.

    I know the truth more every day, it's getting better and better. The fear is going bye bye with my old self.
  13. Well, perfect love cast out fear, and the one who fears is not perfected in love, and yet the one who is humble and trembles at His word is the one to whom He will look. I think we've all been there. We've been terrified at His Word, been stopped dead in my tracks by His Word, been deeply comforted by love in His Word, and have jumped for victorius joy in His Word! It is the Living Word of God! And if it ceases to move me I need to wake up. Unfortunately I'm not perfected in love, yet. I still have doubting moments from time to time, and still have fears from time to time.

    Fear, Fearful, Fearfulness (some highlights from Vine's)
    1. Phobos
    b)reverential fear, (I) of God, as a controlling motive of the life, in matters spiritual and moral, not a mere fear of His power and righteous retribution, but a wholesome dread of displeasing Him, a fear which banishes the terror that shrinks from His presence, Rom 8:15, and which influences the disposition and attitude of one whose circumstances are guided by trust in God, through the indwelling Spirit of God, Acts 9:31; Rom. 3:18; 2 Cor. 7:1; Eph. 5:21 (R.V., "fear of Christ:); Phil. 2:12; 1 Peter 1:17 (a comprehensive phrase: the reverential fear of God will inspire a constant carefulness in dealing with others in His fear) ; 3:2,15 ; the association of "fear and trembling," as e.g., in Phil. 2:12, has in the Sept. a much sterner import, e.g., Gen 9:2 ; Ex. 15:16 ; Deut. 2:25 ; 11:25 ; Ps. 55:5 ; Is. 19:16 ; (2) of superiors, e.g., Rom. 13:7 ; 1 Peter 2:18 See TERROR.
    2. DEILIA fearfulness, (from deos, fright) is rightly rendered "fearfulness" in 2 Tim. 1:7, R.V. ( for A.V., "fear"). That spirit is not given us of God. The word denotews cowardice and timidity and is never used in a good sense, as No. 1 is.

    We have to remember in our souls that we have been brought near by the precious blood of Christ, and that if we take our eyes off of Him we start to sink. May the love and peace of Christ dwell richly with all of our spirits,

    1 John 4:18 Bible Commentary

    probably the best way I've heard ' to fear the Lord' defined outside of what I've felt would be "to shrink back in awe, and to lean foreward in wonder," uknown.

  14. :groupray::groupray::groupray:
  15. HAH!!! :D

    I hadn't noticed that. :eek:

    See what you did!!!! You had me reading Hebrew and Greek, (No comma's)

    Let's try that again in English...

    OH!! I didn't think you were, my friend!!

    There, that's much better! :)
  16. Dats good you all ..... Kiss and make up .... I like it . ......I, unfortunately make typos all the time ( it's the old age symdrome ..... he he....... so I'm allowed :):) )

  17. WoW! What a difference a comma makes! :) LOL
  18. Oh yea,..Let's see...

    "Drink Ye All, of it."

    "Drink Ye, All Of it." (RC version) :D


    "I tell you this day, you will be with me in paradise."

    "I tell you, This day you will be with me in paradise."

    Those ole commas, they'll git ya if ya don't watch out! :)
  19. to tell evil to go in to your pit,please.

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