What's your latest look right now?

Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by NearertoGod, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. What's your latest look right now?

    I just painted my nails bright gold today. :D It's been quite a while since I have painted my nails. I did lose my red OPI nail polish though. :( Well, I can always get a new one. :D
  2. The same as always I guess.:)
  3. Mine is pretty simple as well except for the days when I put on a little extra glitz and glam. :)

    Just thought today I'd have some fun with my nails and be all sparkly. You know women like sparkly stuff, no? Everytime I see something pretty and sparkly I have to buy it!
  4. I am just an old function over fashion kind of guy- lol!
  5. :D

    I have to many magazines and to many designer handbags! I guess I am the fashionista of CFS, lol!

    I just got the French edition of Vogue last weekend. I may get the Italian next. :D
  6. Yes-sparkley-I went to the mall-and saw some very sparkly fashion capris-all sequined and sparkling--I wanted them-but a look at the price tag-inflated my avarice -for them!!!~!:(:D
  7. Yeah, nothing over a $1,000 for me, unless it's a horse, dog, or a certain pet.

    I am going to go into the Swarovski (sp?) store one of these days and get a pretty crystal ornament. :)
  8. Today I put makeup on :) And some glitter :) Altho I have since rubbed my eyes and prob smeared the makeup lol...im getting tired. :)
  9. Oh, no painted nails ...... Pity !!!! He he He he :D:D:D:D
  10. My hair long, silky, and plain. My glasses hanging over my eyes. Thats me.
  11. Today?

    I Did laundry with…
    boots, blue jeans, T-shirt and a bald head.

    Then I replaced a shackle on my truck…
    boots, blue jeans, T-shirt and a bald head.

    Then I got cleaned up for Church…
    boots, blue jeans, T-shirt and a bald head.

    Tomorrow for work it’s going to be…
    boots, blue jeans, T-shirt and a bald head.

    When it’s real hot, I wear a T-shirt with cut off sleeves.
    When it’s cold I grow my hair and put on a sweat shirt.

    I wore my suit for a guys wedding from work this last winter.
    Most people didn’t recognize me until I got up close. :D

    From what I understand, Jesus wore the same thing every day. :)
  12. Gold is a good color. It's my favorite, besides blue, and white. It's my new favorite color because when I'm reading the bible, I hear the word gold many times.
  13. What, you don't paint your nails! How yesterday ;) :)
  14. At the moment my "look" is that of a very bored, lazy girl just waiting to see her bf next week, so I wear pyjama bottoms aalllll day, no makeup or nail polish, hair's a mess (and I can't decide whether to cut it off or not). I guess you could say I have the "just rolled out of bed" look all day lol.
  15. Lately I've stopped wearing jeans. Don't know why, just got bored of them and they feel too basic. So I wear mostly sweatpants and a white t-shirt or something like that. Feels more me.

    What do guys wear nowadays to get the impression that they're looking for a date?
  16. When I went on my last “first” date, I wore boots, blue jeans, and a T-shirt.
    Of course the cloths were clean, but the boots were a little rough looking. I should really get a pair of dress boots. :D

    The girl is suppose to be interested in me, not my style. If she doesn’t like my style, she probably won’t be interested in me. No reason for a date then.

    Today it’s going to be boots, blue jeans, T-shirt and a bald head.
    Tomorrow I’m going to a church I’ve never been to before and it’s going to be boots, blue jeans, T-shirt and a bald head.
  17. For me.. I am priceless just the way God made me... :D:D

    I am of beauty..................... no matter what I have on..


    PS... I do have my woman PMS days.. so I need to remind myself of the above now and then.. :D:D
  18. The college student!

    Messy hair, unshaven, glasses that have dust on them and for some reason I always find something better to do then clean them.

    Seems to be a lot of fingernail posts in this thread so am... I clipped mine today :p
  19. my new look at college today was: SOAKED....there was a torrential downpour, and here was me with no umbrella.:D
  20. Hah you show up to class in a t-shirt, shorts, black dress socks, flip flops and completely soaked. Walk in a sit down casually like nothing happened. Thats too funny.

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