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  1. What's up, brothers and sisters in Christ?

    Nothing is going on with me. Let's make this thread the what's going on/what's up thread. Just say what is going on with you either today, tomorrow, or in the future.

    I am going to be going to a tractor pull in March in Harrisburg,PA. It is an indoor tractor pull.

    What is a tractor pull? Basically tractors pull a sled with weights that are set up for the class they are in.

    So, what is going on/up with you guys today, tomorrow, in the future? Hope you have a good day.
  2. Dealing with sick kids. They have been getting sick every week... since Christmas break. Pray for us!
  3. I pray things get better for you all, Sweet Pea.

    My sort of should be doing is a small Android app I've said I'd write but seem unable to complete. I had tried praying to God that someone would take over my existing open source printing app so within a couple of days of that someone emails me and asks if I will support the print services introduced in KitKat and I say yes and start this project... It's should not be a big or hard job but it's one of things where I'm finding motivation difficult, am having a feeling something is trying to block me and on the occasions I've overcome both of these difficulties, I've found my mind flooded with different ideas as to how things should work...
  4. Planning a yarn shopping trip (who needs gold when you have yarn!)......waiting to see if I will be promoted at work....otherwise it is pretty quiet - but a blessed quiet. :)
  5. I'm not a programmer, but the IT ticketing system we use is so bad that I refuse to use it. So, I guess I squeaked enough that HQ said, try this... now I'm working on a project that'll be used at 218 locations all over the world! God has so blessed me, I can't even explain what this means.
  6. Good stuff Abdicate! I'm also working on a project of similar proportions, however, to save you all from boredom I'll just leave it at that. I'm currently working on the second chapter of my dissertation for my doctorate in education. While doing that I've been diving deeper into the Bible, more so the history of the scripture. I just purchased a book from Amazon called "The Canon of Scripture" by F.F. Bruce. That will be my next read after I finish with "The Devil in Connecticut" by Gerald Brittle (the possession and exorcism of David Glatzel; case by Ed and Lorraine Warren).

    Aside from that, just waiting to see what God has in store for my wife and I on the 21st of this month which is when my wife will know whether or not she is granted an internship in Illinois (our 'real' home as we call it, we have been in Phoenix the last 3 years) for the last year of her doctoral program. What a blessing it would be to be back home with family in a couple months!

    Other than that, just continuing to live a very blessed life!
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  7. Sounds like everyone is having a productive life. Hope you all continue to have a blessed life. I know i will.
  8. I thought I would post this topic hear as I'm sure the responses will not be significant enough for it's own thread.

    First, I hope everyone is having an awesome day so far! Second, when I was on my way to work this morning listening to pastor Bob on the radio here in Phoenix, he said something that struck a chord (and not a good one). He said 'those who are physically able should be going to church because there is no better way to get to Heaven than going to church'.

    I am not currently attending or am a part of a particular church, mainly because I have a lot going on in my life (grad school, work, etc), and I was going to church on Sunday's in the past to praise God and learn about the Bible. Now, from home I praise God every day and I read the Bible regularly along with other teachings about the Bible. The only thing I am missing is a sense of community with fellow believers, which is currently being fulfilled with everyone on this forum.

    I'm almost positive that what pastor Bob said was not scriptural. I would love to know your thoughts on this.
  9. I just want to say thank you/Merci beaucoup to everyone who is rating the post above this one friendly. It brings good happy tears to my eyes. Keep rating it friendly. You guys are the best.

    I am on a bowling league called the Thursday Fun League. I have an average of 108, and ny high game is a 161. But if you were to ask what my high game ever in bowling was , I would say a 199. One of the people I was bowling with asked me if he wanted him to pick on me more to get a 200+ game. I said,"maybe you should have." Haha.
  10. Wow. 200+ games are hard to come by. I've only bowled a handful and that was when I was bowling on a regular basis. Best of luck to you :)
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  11. Do you ever listen to 1360? I find it to be the most theologically-sound station. Been listening for 10+ years.

    Of course it's not scriptural. You are going to heaven because you are saved BY GRACE THRU FAITH. So obviously you going or not going to church doesn't change this. I know you know this I'm just stating the obvious :)

    We are the church.

    I see it just like offerings. God wants us to give with an open heart and I think we should attend church with the same attitude. If we are currently in between churches but are ministering to others and serving elsewhere than you are good to go. You helped me just the other day!!
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  12. Just an update on this. I finally managed to remove my distractions (which included constantly flicking through threads here so I dropped out for a while) and published the app. It's currently got just one rating of 2 which is not a good start but maybe things would improve given time. I think I'm likely to withdraw it and the original app though.

    This will probably sound very weird to some but the development has become (what I call) "another game". I know the signs, eg. the "patting myself on the back" thoughts over how well the original app had gone and how it might show I'm still capable of something, then a few negative votes which (when I read them) were accompanied with "tell God it's not fair" type thoughts, the mental battle I've had to get the new app completed, etc. As far as I'm concerned, such "games" really become "no win" and the only thing I can do is pull out.
  13. Wow you look like my first cousin? Jeff, but anyway just changing my water heater out, took a couple of vacation days this week thinking we would have some nice weather. I live in Tn. and the weather has been very strange! Im beginning to wonder if some of those conspiracy folks are not right? (they claim the government is messing with the weather). But a nice thread hope everyone has a really good weekend.
  14. The government messing with the whether? Where do people come up with this stuff? My wife's aunt thinks that the government puts stuff in jet fuel to manipulate the atmosphere and weather.
  15. Brian this stuff is true. Research agenda 21--- it's a project in the works now. Masquerading as "sustainable blah blah whatever" it's basically a way to regulate everything g and also depopulate the earth. Also Harp is real-- manipulation of the weather. Of course we can only do what is allowed by God until all things pass away; nonetheless-- it's evil! I believe it is a way that the elite will usher in the NWO. Which is in the bible.

    Check it out! There are good docs on YouTube..
  16. same crowd, and they are sure that "they" are trying to kill everybody. There are a lot of these that are "Christian", mix the book of Revelation in with some of these ideas and then they come up with some real interesting stuff. Man I hope they are wrong, but we have that sure Place where we belong, no matter how crazy this world or age gets.
  17. A lot of it is far-fetched but with discernment one can see that there are definitely some crazy things happening. The facts are out there and undeniable. Many conspiracy theories are true, I believe. It's not wise to get all caught up in it-- but I think it's good to be aware.
  18. Sounds like a conspiracy to help set up the NWO
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  19. I have been trying to figure this crowd out for years? They have some points in truth, but then seem willing to go into some places where reason, logic and the evidence do not allow. I must say its pretty entertaining, like watching some sort of end-times movie. But all the negative stuff and the fear based logic, gets a to be counter to righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. I do not discount everything I hear in these circles, they have some good evidence for some of it, such as those big stones in Georgia where "somebody" had wrote they intended to bring the world population down. And many people with power do promote population control etc.. are they willing and planning to kill folks? I don't think I have seen the evidence for that.
  20. Yes I agree. All of it is clearly not true.

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