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Discussion in 'Recipes and Cooking' started by Angelic Rose, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Think we will be back to asparagus with something tonight as it needs picking. Not sure how much more we'll have - maybe two or three meals before (approx) mid June it's time to leave it to grow to get build up for next year. Only a short growing season over here but it's nice to have.
  2. Last night was airline food.....ECH!

    Not sure what tonight will be.
  3. And I was wrong with my guess. Wound up with a takeaway from the fish and chip shop.
  4. Crab n coconut shrimp tonight mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm with garlic bread and fresh veggies ooooooo I can't wait
  5. O dang it! I forgot the spicy dippin sauce. Spicy melted butter with lemon in it MMMMMMMM!!!!!
  6. Papa John supreme......mmmmmmmmmmmm:D
  7. Surely Peony not Puppy.
    Beautiful none the less.
  8. Oddly chewy pizza today!

    My mother was trying out the convection oven part of her new microwave combi. Sounds as if she preheated the oven OK, put the pizzas in, set the cooking time but then realised she had only set it for 20 seconds and then reset the program putting it back to microwave function when trying to correct her mistake.

    It's probably as well I happend to go into the kitchen when I did and noticed the display was for microwave. As it was, the pizzas at least came out, well, sort of edible. I'm not sure what 20 minutes microwaving at full power would have done - maybe they'd have caught fire?
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  9. Well, tonight was ham steak with grilled veggies with green chili. And watermelon for desert! Yeah buddy!

    Jonbanjo, you post make me laugh out loud.
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  10. I'd like to have all of you over for a wonderful dinner of savory meatloaf and braised brussel sprouts...and for dessert I'll take that watermellon!!!!
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  11. Toad in the hole today.
  12. jon, what type of sausage do you use for your Toad in the Hole?
  13. I used chipolata.
  14. Pulled pork today .... served on ciabatta bread ....all home made by Mr Natty :D
  15. Southern lady, cooking southern style. Tonight we have fresh tiny okra boiled until just tender and seasoned. We also had fresh corn on the cob. Local "fruit stand" goodies. Also, I cooked a batch of the gluten free brownies like the ones in the giveaway I posted today here on CFS. No, we don't have to watch the gluten in our diets, but I'm part of the test/promotion for this product to promote gluten products. The brownies are wonderful. No meat tonight but a mixture of fresh strawberries, blueberries, and bananas in their own "sugar syrup."

    All very simple and "down home."
  16. Okra... I think I've only ever had that in Indian meals and I love bhindi bhaji. We did buy 5 plants this year but the 3 I planted out in May died - pretty sure it was too cold for them. The other 2 that stayed under glass survived but don't seem to be doing much. Will try again next year but I think I need to find out a bit more about growing it in the UK first.

    Have got some sweet corn planted but it's going to be at least another month before we have at least some fresh corn on the cob to eat.
  17. LOL, that's how I cook okras, too. I only seasoned them with salt though. Maybe I should be a little more creative.

    My cucumber died because of my laziness to buy the right soil and re-pot them. I'll try again. I'm not gonna eat them, I'll just use them to refresh my eyes :) I still haven't planted my sunflower seeds but I'll wait till I could get the right soil for potting. It's getting higher than 85 degrees here so it's time!

    Can't plant corn in our tiny patio/backyard unless I want the neighbors to complain! :p I love corn though so I'll just buy them naked or in husks or frozen packages from my store.
  18. We lost 2 cucumbers - something seemed to bit through the stems. Have only got one in the greenhouse and one outside now. Did order a couple more but they didn't arrive. What we do get will be eaten one way or other. Some of the excess wound up as soup last year.

    Way OT but btw, assuming you are not from Europe, are you aware there has been a big scare about raw salad ingredients and nasty strain of e-coli? Last I read, 36 people have died (I think all except one in Germany) and 3000 odd pretty sick. Originally Germany pointed the finger at Spanish grown cucumbers although the latest evidence points to bean sprouts grown in Germany. As well as the illnesses, millions of pounds worth of cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. have gone to waste. Even here in the UK, "nobody" was buying cucumbers...
  19. Bit through the stems, you have rabbits?

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