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  1. I've started dinner threads at other sites and I always enjoy learning new recipes from members. It also offers some good inspiration for me--- it is much cheaper and healthier to cook for yourself than to constantly be eating out.

    So what is for dinner tonight?

    Last night my fiance and a friend were over and my fiance cooked lasagna! It was so super yummy and I'm happy that we still have half a pan of it left over for lunch and dinner tonight [​IMG] Then Sunday my FH is going to attempt to make shrimp and veggie tempura for the first time!

    For those who haven't had tempura--- look it up: it can be hard to make (its like deep frying) but its so yummy!

  2. We have got family over. Last night was pork casserole for those that eat meat and leek and cheese pie for those who don't. Common bits were carrots, swede (rutabaga) and mashed potato. Sweet was apple and blackberry crumble with cream.

    I'd think here, 90% of the meals are home cooked. Sometimes a microwave meal or a takeaway is handy.

    Where possible (obviously not the case with our sweet last night) we tend to use in season locally produced fruit and veg, some of which comes from our garden. Our policy with the garden is not to bother with things like main crop carrots and potatoes (too much work, plus there are good farm shops round here) but to concentrate on things that I think are tastier or nicer to have home grown, eg. sweetcorn, new potatoes, tomatoes, runner beans, asparagus, etc.
  3. Tonight I cooked roasted mixed veggies and smoked sausages. I'm a much better cook than my wife, which she is perfectly comfortable with. LOL.
  4. Off-topic.... but does that ever bother you/your wife? (Just wonderin'--- my FH is a better cook than me that his food tastes better and he's open to trying new dishes (so he relies on recipes all the time).... I'm better at seeing what we have in the house and throwing it into a dish and it turns out great)

    Can't wait for the tempura today!!! :D
  5. OK some things, eg. baking bread do need accurate measures but I'm more of a take some of ... and some ... add a bit of... and think it can be harder to wind up with something inedible than something tasty.
  6. My grandma's recipes were always, a pinch of this and a handful of that. Luckily, my hands were the same size as hers. lol

    My mother always followed a recipe, but took frequent detours when she didn't have all the ingredience on hand.

    One time she made several bars for a party she was hosting (mom had house parties all the time)

    One of the bars was especially delicious - I had never tasted anything quite like it. Afew days after the party I told her she should make them again...she got a strange look on her face and said, "I can't. I don't know what I put in them."

  7. MY tip for making beautiful "homemade" pies:

    I can't make pie crust. It never turns out - not even from a mix. So I by pillsbury pie crust that you roll out!!!

    I decorate the top crust using my artistic talents to carve sillouettes of creatures suited to the occasion, like deer at Thanksgiving time. I also use items in my kitchen like 1960's children's cookie cutters to cut out chickens or rabbits along the outer edges of the top crust. One time I used a cake candle holder to press rose designs in a circular pattern over the entire top crust. Then took a steak knife to poke tiny holes in then impressions where they wouldn't be seen. That was for a church fund raiser. A lot of women asked how I did it.

    As for the FILLING:

    I can make filling from scratch as that is easy. The trick with apple pie is buying the right apples. I can never remember which variety so I always have to ask the grower which are firmest. I think and mix of two or three types makes the best pies. Granny Smith is one, but it is tart, so you should choose another firm apple that is sweet to go with it. With that said, I don't have a recipe, I just toss the apples in some sugar and flour and cinnamin, plop them in the crust, heaped over the top and bake.

    OR, if you like to cheat, or are constrained by time, just buy pie filling in the can and refuse to tell anyone the whole pie came from the grocier.

    The crust is the fun part as everyone notices and comments and ask how you did it.
  8. Ginger we all have discussed it and are in agreement that you should make a few for us to try out. [​IMG]
  9. Tempura is wonderful.

    As to your question, no there is no friction because I am the better cook. Sounds like your husband and I think alike. I try different recipes, some need to be gaffed up, some don't. I did not say my wife is a bad cook, it is just I am better at it. LOL
  10. LOL I wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun of creating unique pie crusts on your own!!!

    I have been tryin g to think of something I make that actually uses measurements...but I can't.

    I make incredible chili, and turkey soup. But I don't measure anything. I taste and add more of whatever it needs until it tastes right.

    So, instead of recipes, I thought I might provide a few tips on cooking.
    1. when cooking any meat, wait for the pan to get good and hot before placing the meat in the pan. Do not touch again until the edges of the meat are cooked half way up and then turn. This will prevent sticking. That tip works to prevent other foods from sticking to the pan, also.
    2. Rare, medium and well-done.....Most online sources suggest you use a thermometer. Who is going to cook a staek with a thermometer sticking in it!!!! Other sources tell you to cut in the center and check the color, but if you are having guests for dinner, this doesn't look as nice as a an intact steak.
    My test is precise, but with practice is a pretty close judge. IT involves 3 parts.
    First cook at least 4 minutes on one side before turning. Cook at least two 2-3 more minutes for a rare steak, longer for medium. Touch the center of the steak and if it makes leaves indent - it's raw! If it springs back it's done, BUT the springerer it is the rarer it is. Also, look at the juices on top. If they are really red, it's rare. If it is less red, medium. Again this takes some experience and is not an exact indicator. But my steaks are usually close to the desired doneness.
  11. Nor can I but even my mother who can doesn't bother making most pastry. I've not heard of Pillsbury but over here/UK , Jus-Roll frozen pastry seems to me to do just as well as making.

    Don't know if you have it but in the UK, Bramley is a very popular cooking apple. We have one growing in the field behind the house and my mother stews and freezes some of the crop for ready made pie/crumble filling.
  12. Okay folks, this is how you tell what a steaks degree of doneness is. It works. Listen up Ginger. Do this and you will be a steak cooking goddess! This is how the pros do it.

    1. Open your right hand completely. Touch the tip of your index finder with the tip of your thumb. Using your left index finger gently push on the meaty pad just below your right thumb. This is what a rare steak should feel like when you push on it with a finger.

    2. Move the tip of your thumb to the tip of your middle finger. Again, with your left index finger push on the pad below your thumb. Medium.

    3. Do it again, this time with your thumb and ring finger. Medium well.

    4. Once more, this time tip of thumb to tip of your pinky. This is well done.
  13. Darn!!!!!! I am missing the index finger on my left hand........
  14. What happens if it feels the same each time? Doggone it. I guess I'm never going to be a steak cooking GODDESS. ;)
  15. Not being much of a cook, tonight I attempted lasagna. Turned out pretty good. My recipe came out SmartOnes "Traditional Lasagna". 8-1/2 minutes in the microwave and your ready to eat. Now that's my kind of cooking.
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  16. Hi guys! Hey i moved this thread to the home and garden section and under sub forum "Food and recipes" There is a whole bunch more stuff like this there and will probably interest you people a lot. Have a great day :)

    Chili out.
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  17. Thanks Chili--- Sorry about that: I wasn't aware there was a cooking/recipe forum :)
    God bless!
  18. Love this! [​IMG]
  19. Tonight was buckwheat pancakes with a mushroom filling.

    Had sticky toffee pudding with cream for afters. The toffee puddings were shop bought microwave things - only take about 20 seconds to heat through.
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  20. Use your nose.

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