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  1. Watch the entire presentation and then let's discuss

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  2. Can you give a link please, I can't see anything.
  3. Code:
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  4. Silk <-------clutching her KJV...wait, ok (phew) it's not new! (raising hand and waving, face reddening "pick me, pick me - I know what Sheoul is.")
    I really liked this video. I did not know there were these, in some cases, major differences in bible versions. Language, I've said other places, is not my forte. I do delight when others talk about the meanings of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramic whatever because it enhances my understanding. But trading English for English definitely confuses.
  5. I am not a conspiratorialist or a KJV only-ist but it makes some startling points
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  6. I wasn't either, per se, altho 1) I believe we are brinking on end days & 2) I believe Satan is behind all deception. But I really was stunned/startled at what was pointed out. I say the Lord's prayer all the time and then add my extras. I don't see it as repetitive, altho I suppose it could be construed that way. My parents had me baptized as an infant. Now that I'm an ole bag, I would like to go thru the ritual again. I don't bring it up as an argument - I can see both sides of that.
  7. I enjoyed the video and learn some things from the video. I've always used the KJV but one can still expand on it by using the originals and a good dictionary.
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    Nearly 2 hours? Can you synopsize this? Or is there a link that does?
    I appreciate that. If you'll kindly ignore the juvenile eye rolls that are in this thread and realize not everyone has two hours to sit and watch a video on their computer. Thank you. :)

  9. I have an 1873 Bible (Rev.John Brown) published by John E. Potter that the movers from the 9th level of hell ripped the cover off of (Family Bible). The hard copy bible I use is the "Open Bible" which is KJV. I bought (about) a year ago a 400th anniversary edition of the 1611 KJV for $4. It was in a clearance bin at Walmart. I have also used NASB version in the past (currently lost from above move). I grew up with KJV and it is the one I am most comfortable with. I've been thinking alot about that video because I think the Bible -the Word- is the most important protection we've got. Am I just getting old? or is messing with the Word in this way as serious and critical as I think?
    PS: Anyone know where I can send the family bible to be restored? I looked and no one answered me.
  10. At about 1 hour & 32 minutes into the video, they had referenced a verse in Revelations 22:19 talking about the consequences of removing words from that book which is removing his "part"; not his "name", but "his part" in the book of life and out of the holy city of which I have been given the understanding by Him that if any saved believers that commit this deed, can be left behind at the pre tribulational rapture event; because the first inheritance is to have a place in the holy city of God that comes down from Heaven: aka New Jerusalem.

    Those wayward & unrepentant saints that shall be left behind will be received later after the great tribulation to serve as kings & priests for the milleniel reign of Christ: and with the sea being gone and no war for a 1000 years, more land will be needed for the coming population which in turn means, those saints coming out of the great tribulation will not be living in New Jerusalem but spread out over the whole world serving as kings & priests for the King of kings for a thousand years.

    Just a clarity on that "his part" in the book of life, but I understand that only God can enable this truth to be received.

    Thanks for sharing the video. I do rely on my Good Shepherd for understanding His words in the King James Bible for the meat of His words in discerning good & evil in these latter days.

    Two major changes in modern Bible versions that only the Lord can show in His words as kept in the KJV is:

    #1 1 Peter 4:19 where the topic of "committing" or "entrusting" the keeping of our souls is dropped in modern Bibles and thus alluding good works as something believers are to be doing while they suffer when the KJV was placing "in well doing" on how well our faithful Creator was keeping our souls while we suffer. Believers need to hear that assurance for when they suffer.

    Instead, believers think commit is the same thing as commitment which is resorting to their religious zealism to keep and thus under a yoke of bondage. That is not living by faith in Jesus Christ that He will help us to follow Him & to do good works.

    #2 Romans 8:26-27 is testifying that the intercessions of the Holy Spirit cannot be given by the Holy Spirit Himself because they are unspeakable which is why the "he" in verse 27 is Jesus, the Son of God, as being the One that searches our hearts ( Hebrews 4:12-14 ) and thus is the One that knows the mind of the Spirit is how the intercessions of the Spirit's as well as ours are made known to the Father before we ask anything in prayer ; Matthew 6:7-8

    All modern Bibles testify falsely that the Spirit makes His own intercessions known by Himself and some imply that sounds are being made in verse 26 to validate wrongly that God can use the gift of tongues as a prayer language. Some commit a grammatical error by changing out the "he" in conclusion of that verse 27 as being "the Spirit" as being the One that searches our hearts & "knows the mind of the Spirit". The "he" cannot be "the Spirit" if the "he" is separate from us in searching our hearts & separate from the Spirit in knowing the mind of.

    Jesus is the only Mediator between God & man ( 1 Timothy 2:5 ) giving all the intercessions to the Father ( Hebrews 7:25 ) because the Son is our only access to God the Father ( John 14:6 ) as He is the only One that can answer our prayers so that the Father may be glorified in the Son by saying yes to any of the Son's presentation of ours & the Spirit's intercessions. ( John 14:13-14 ) FYI

    Those are the talents that the Lord would have me share in this post. May God cause the increase.
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you...sisterly hug :):):) Blessings to you and yours.
  12. Lots of info, a bit repetitive, I was surprised how much is happening so close to where I live. It leaves me with one question, can there be a translation that is easier to read yet still maintains the meaning that is intended?
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  13. Sometimes I think the "easier to read" part is where believers need His wisdom in understanding His words instead of looking to mankind to make an easier to read Bible. As it is, the KJV is easier to read according to one survey report entitled "Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Indicator" at this link below.

  14. KJV

    God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn.
    God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows.
    Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?
    Canst thou bind the unicorn with his band in the furrow? or will he harrow the valleys after thee?
    He maketh them also to skip like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young unicorn.
    But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.

    1. probably the great aurochs or wild bulls which are now extinct. The exact meaning is not known.
    Because Rhino or Buffalo was too hard.
    And I won't get into baptismo which is full immersion but was made sprinkle because King James was sprinkled and would be offended.
  15. At 1:13 in the video, it references an 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language that the unicorn as known in that time was a rhinoceros.

    Even though a current dictionary would list unicorn as a mythical winged horse with a horn, it does testify as to how man's dictionary can contain omission that today's readers would think of the unicorn as only the mythical creature.

    As per the sprinkling reference, King James would be offended by this in the KJV if he would be offended at all ( which I highly doubt ).

    1 Corinthians 1:17 For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect. 18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God....21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

    All King James did was approve the Puritans' request for another Bible without the errant marginal notes as found in the 1599 Geneva Bible. Parameters were set, but he was hardly the one that set them.
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  16. Yes it took until 1828 to even reference it. Even though the animal had been known previously and still the word unicorn remains.

    This is why updated text from surviving originals is not a bad thing.

    And it still keeps the sprinkle baptismo and Lucifer. Not to mention issues with erets and ekballo.

    These poor translations causes confusion. 1Co 14:33.
  17. The point is, Satan is at work and he will even change man's dictionary down through time to make believers as well as people ignorant of the meaning of His words that was so obvious in the time it was being used.

    Like how uncleanness is the same as masturbation, but it became known down through man's dictionary as self abuse or onanism wherein today some dictionaries do not even list that as a definition of masturbation but only as self gratification.

    Some other versions has Lucifer in it; FYI But if you want to make a big deal about it, then I reckon it is just your opinion for why there was a need for an easier to read Bible, but some of those versions still used Lucifer so it couldn't be because of that.

    https://www.biblegateway.com/verse/en/Isaiah 14:12

    As for sprinkle baptismo, I do not see that in the KJV. Feel free to give a reference, because there is only three references using sprinkle in and it had nothing to do with water baptism.


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