What you pray for determines how God answers

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  1. What you pray for determines how God answers

    I saw these posted on another site and thought I would share them here. The last one I really liked.

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  3. I like...

    Thank you :)
  4. This is really good, thank you.

    I love how God gives us things in nature and even in human design and machinery that relate to us in ways so that we can get pictures in our mind to understand Him better. For example how He prunes the bad odds and ends off of us to make us fruitful just as we prune dead ends off of fruit trees to make them fruitful.
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    Thank you.
    Very nice.
    God does always know what is best.
    We may not see or understand it but if we know it then we must believe it too!

  6. Best prayer......."Your will be done in my life.".....and really meaning it will cost dearly!!
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