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  1. I have been on and off for several years with my ex husband trying to reconcile. We were out yesterday and somehow we're talking about how to add those little emoticons for text messages when he asked me to show him how. I tried but when I saw his phone there was text messages back and forth from a girl that he used to work with who is supposedly young and cute from his own words and I asked him last summer to please not be chatting with her that way and now I find out all these months later that he still is. I asked him to let me see what they were saying to each other when he pulled his phone away and refused to let me look. He's 38 years old she's 19. Should I be concerned? they are in construction. I got very upset when he wouldn't let me see his phone. For that I'm being called an immature 2 year old and I should grow up. am I wrong here? It just seems to me if he had nothing to hide and I was upset he would have just shown me his phone. That's what I would have done. The fact that he so adamantly refused to let me see it to the point where we were arguing and still are tells me he's hiding something. To that he says I'm just crazy. he's always had this way of making me feel like I'm crazy and everything is my fault all the time. I'm just so hurt right now. Don't know where to go from here
  2. He's your ex husband.
  3. Is it the same legalistic guy?
  4. yes he is my ex husband. But we have been trying for several years to reconcile. I was just sort of blown away yesterday.
  5. Same guy but he tells me I'm the legalist. his belief is Jesus loves him no matter what so therefore he can do whatever he wants.
  6. If he's serious about getting back together then he won't be hooking up with other girls. If you're serious then you won't be checking his phone. In my humble opinion.
  7. I wonder where he got that belief from
  8. I didn't check his phone. I wanted to know why he was still texting this girl that he said he wasn't,. Then I asked to see it when he refused to answer. I'm confused by your post "wonder where he got that belief". Please explain.
  9. Okay.. Because if I am right, this is not the only problem with this guy.. We talked about so many other problems in the other thread.. Are you still trying to work out things with him? Clearly, this is not an isolated incident.. Is he really interested in working things out?
  10. You know I almost didn't post this because I feel so stupid. I have tried so hard to let go and yet continue to find myself being sucked in again. He came to me begging to try even asking we make a"new covenant" between us. We weren't going to let anyone influence us and no fighting for one year. He says he is done with organized religion, no more church. I am so confused by the things he does and says and KNOW this is not good for me. I feel distance from my Father when I'm with this man. I don't understand why I don't let go. I'm ashamed and embarrassed and feel like a fool. He tells me this is the way men are. I know is not true, my dad never talked to my mother like this or hid things from her and certainly NEVER laid a hand on her or swore at her. I am at the end of my rope. I have Prayed about this for YEARS. Please pray for me. Please. Pray for me. I have no one left to reach out to.
  11. Well of course you know what he is up to? You know him, and yet you hope to change him? I can say that I also loved one who would not walk with the Lord...they brought great pain to me. I often felt I was broken into a thousand pieces, I did mourn as if she was already dead. But I stayed upon my face before My Lord and He, some how, turned all that pain into a inward strength? Later this young and beautiful girl killed herself... My time of mourning had already passed for her... Go take your broken heart and weep before your God and He will turn that into a strength..
  12. Thanks. I am.
  13. I will pray for you.. And more importantly, you should continue to pray! You need to pray for wisdom from God and guidance.. We take all wrong decisions when we stop listening to God.. Your words give some indications that you are acting out of your own knowledge rather than looking to Lord.. This is just an observation from me!! But I would encourage you to keep praying.. The Lord will make everything clear and will show you the right path.. Praying is one key aspect.. The other key follow-up aspect is listening to the answer Lord is giving you.. Pray that he will align the desires of your heart as per His will.. It will not take much for the Lord to forget this and get over.. But we have to ask first..

    And my intention was not to kindle other things into the topic.. I just did not see this as an isolated incident in a healthy relationship.. That's why..
  14. I would never think you were trying to do anything other than help. You are correct in your assumptions and it is not being an isolated incident. I get so tired sometimes. I was praying and will continue to do so. God just reminded me while praying that if I stick close to Him and listen to Him.... I wouldn't be in this position over and over. He wants me to have joy and peace. There is none when I'm with Dave. Thanks for the prayers. I truly appreciate them. I know our Father does too.
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  15. By the way my name is Dave...not all of us are jerks..:)
  16. Ravin is correct
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  17. Also in my other post I was referring to your ex husbands belief that you mentioned
  18. Off topic.. Do you play video games? One of the first ever video games I played on PC is "Dangerous Dave".. Those old black and white PC games!!
  19. Also, what is organized religion? I hear a lot of people mentioning their disapproval of it lately. But usually when someone is explaining how they disapprove of it, at the same time the church has called that person out on some sin of theirs.
  20. If you saw his photo you would call him dangerous Dave

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