what would you do ?

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  1. what would you do ?

    I wanted to get answers to a question

    what would you do if you believed some one harbored
    unforgiveness toward you ,and it become important to you
    to help the person ? or person(s) ?
  2. Matthew 5:23
    Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; 24Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.
  3. :smiley90: God BLESS YOU GODSPEAKS that is a awesome answer :smiley90: I wont mind at all if you elaborate further on that awesome instruction :smiley10:
  4. That chapter started out with what we call the beautitude. To me it is, attitudes, and how we should be.

    If I had done something and a person is upset with me I want to reconcile with them and would apologize.

    Then there are time we didn't do anything wrong, but a person seems to have something against us. So I'd try to talk to them to see ask if I had done something that upset them. Whether for real or just their imagination, I'd try to reconcile with them. If they don't want to do so but still had a grudge for some reason, the I did my part and I am free to go on. Then its up to them. Snd hopefully, after praying awhile for them they will forgive.

    I think the point here is we are not right with each other, how can we be right with God? Why try to offer God anything when we aren't right with him?

    I see how that can be important if we have offended someone. But as I said, at times we didn't do anything wrong, so we are released to go on with God.
  5. Also, in verse 22 it said if a person is angry with their brother, WITHOUT A CAUSE, ( for no reason) they are in danger of hell fire. We should always try to humbly go to a brother and restore them, for their good.
  6. :smiley90: I AGREE WITH THAT :smiley90: that is precisely what the scriptures state , Godspeaks it is something I believe is very important to God and many seem to by pass the instructions . Ive often believed that it why the church is in the current position of downfall :smiley40: because even the Christians that know they ought to do (dont always do) in both cases whether it be confession repentance or forgiving and reconciling ,they tend to do as the world would not always as the scriptures state :smiley60: just recently I heard a great sermon about it then later I prayed and began (seeking) more and discovered a small litttle book tittled (how can I forgive) I read through it and realized even when I was a milk fed Christian I was constantly running into people who had forgiveness issues and even myself at times have struggled , but the harder thing to know is often enough the more important things were just not done , this troubles me :smiley40: I actually wish I could send the (word) I read about it to all the people who did not get there disputes dealt with appropriately :smiley90: and add myself to the list , :smiley40: how can a Christian believer undo something they made the mistake of not doing right long ago ? should they ignore it ,or is time irrelevant when it comes to some things ?
  7. :smiley50: the other confession is I believe if I read something and it troubles me in my heart it is probabally because I would be on the list :smiley80: then I thought well now what :smiley80:
    so I believe it is when trouble troubles us no matter how long ago it was maybe God has a record and is saying make sure you dont create forgetting what is said :smiley60: Im positive the instructions the Bible gives is real clear ,so what happens if people dont do the doing the right way it reads in the instructions ? :smiley40: Im certian they would need to know if they had to do something to fix the mistake or just the fact they did not do , wouldn't they ?
  8. .
  9. Amen.. i would ask the LORD to guide and lead me in the right direction of how to help that person. It hurts to think somene feels that way about us, and i thnk it can lead to be a hinderence unto us as well sometimes. love ya sis, pray that the lord GUIDES YOU THROUGH!
  10. what you state is very very true :smiley40: God Bless you for that word of encouragement and help It DOES HELP :smiley90:
  11. The Spirit of the Lord reveals His truths to us and is our helper
    :smiley90: we can find it from Genesis to Revelations . Growing in his truths he reveals makes it a very very special Christmas
    Jesus gives his best of help I am so beyond grateful how can I express it all :smiley90: :smiley380::groupray::jesus-cross: what Jesus does is miraculous when we realize all he did :smiley90:
  13. Last year was very tough. I lost my grandmother to cancer. She was diagnosed with it for ten months. Her last month was the worst. Anyways, long story short, I was pretty bitter. Towards people at my church mostly. I just didn't feel as if I belonged. So I was rude to people and very mean and bitter. I lost a life-long friend due to this.

    I lost 3 friends this year. Hector, who also died of cancer. Austin, who died in a car crash in beginning of this month. And now, I lost Tim, he died on the 7th of this month. So all together, I lost four people. But ever since September, I realize that it's not about me. It's about God. And since then, God has been changing me.

    I miss my friends. I miss their lives. But I know for a 110% fact that Tim is up in heaven, dancing with the Lord Jesus. He was confined to a wheel chair. Anyways, I don't even want to get into that because I'll start crying.

    Anyways, I'm telling you all this because you know the friend that ended our friendship? It was because of how I reacted to my Nana's death. I was very mean. And I was just comparing NOW to THEN.

    It's hard to accept when someone has hard feelings for you. It hurts, but sometimes, you just have to accept it. People aren't always going to like you. And if they do have some bitterness towards you, you can't do much to change that. All you can do is pray that God will change their hearts. Remember, you aren't God. You can't change someone's attitude towards you. Only God can.
  14. I agree because I've been there; done that; got hurt; and DON'T want the t-shirt!

    Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray!

    That's ALL we can do, but that is also the BEST we can do; for others and for ourselves.

    Sometimes that may seem like a cop out answer, but actually it is the BEST answer. God knows our hearts better than we do. We must hand them over to Him, and let Him do His special work in us; even when we don't understand; especially when we don't understand.

    :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
  15. :smiley50: OOOH that is SO SO TRUE , I have had to learn by going through some things I just don't understand :smiley70:.
    I many long years ago made the transition from a world of simplicity and isolation into a BIG city wow was life and church and everything different I discovered the computer and all its awesome benefits and was so hungry to learn about Jesus ,I sighed up for everything wow did I have to learn a lesson :smiley50: I joined a private pay board where you pay a small fee to become a member and this was through a advertisement a good Christian friend sent me . I become very bonded with everyone very quickly and for the most part never imagined any type of problem or issue some one had would arise that could later severe any one from participation or inclusion . Well it just so happened that problems did arise and some left voluntarily some screamed loudly :smiley80: and some got very hurt just by attempting to keep the upset contained :smiley70: until help could HELP :smiley40: I found I was blamed and accused by a person who hated another Christian organization to the degree they were determined to win all the wars while forgetting the most important things all Christians should be for It ended tragically with me saying goodbye to my forever family I loved beyond words :smiley70: and when I tried to attend church I found I could not I was experiencing the never ending hurt :smiley70: I felt a circle had been drawn that drew people out not in I believe I stood on the outside looking in hoping for the best and having to deal with the worst . I so admired and was bonded with the people spiritually I could not accept what was happening . I just could not for the life of me understand why . I over time become afraid to trust afraid to allow myself to go on learn grow go to church or even say I was a Christian :smiley40: I questioned why God dont you make a miracle happen and bring peace to the situation and make it happen that people are re-united :smiley40: after realizing I had spent 10 years praying over the need I finally had to accept the reality that sometimes the wrong things happen and no one in charge makes what is wrong right and nothing was right about my spiritual life (past) I felt stuck rejected abandoned forgotten :smiley70: because I had these feelings I could not grow past I was still a milk fed Christian stuck seemingly in a middle of problems the leaders created and never resolved and it was all my fault like a child stuck in the middle of divorced parents I believed I was unloved unwanted and in the way and never belonged in church never could have a spiritual mentor father pastor to teach me ,this led to of course a failing and a falling I simply could not accept :smiley40: ashamed and Afraid I stayed outside all churches and events and desired greatly to be some one other than me :smiley50: I just could not understand why if all the Christians loved Jesus so much they could reject and condemn others I did not understand anything about why . I Just wanted Jesus to fix the problems with people being separated due to wrong decisions others made . I do believe that God will give leaders a second chance to bring people back to their fellowships and some will heed why God knows it is so important and some wont the time of the fullness will occur and no believer in Christ will have to be left out of that fullness . God has always had his perfect plan for reconciliation between God and man even though man has done quite a lot to mess things up :smiley80: God does understand how important it really is to the heart of all who believe . Until miracles happen though we do have to keep trying for the right causes for the sake of all who believe . :smiley90:
  16. :smiley90: I did find a small little book based on forgiveness sitting around I read :smiley60: it has wonderful advice and instructions regarding
    1. the unforgivable hurt
    2. forgiving against all odds
    3. resentment is bad for you
    4. you are not perfect
    5. the forgiven should forgive
    6. being homest about your anger
    7. being realistic about the event
    8. seeking the other person's view
    9. the role of love
    10. when forgiveness seems unjust
    11. saying I am sorry
    12. when there is no response
    13. neither innocent nor guilty
    14 friends again or permanent debtor ?
    15 the power to forgive

    :smiley40: even the least of milk fed christians who are born again can tolerate being accused and survive it it happens with children in trouble every day , it just so happens it is when they fear looseing their parents love that it becomes intolerable :smiley70: this same event happens and pastors leaders and watchmen on the wall seem to disregard the fact that it is not so much they did not do the work to bring people into the body , it is more the fact they did not do enough to keep people in :smiley70: there are in fact many who for one reason or another feel they can not be included they stand on the outside of the church defeated believing they are unloved unwanted unforgiven and dont have a chance they never accepted mistakes are going to be made they are going to happen what is most important is to hold on to the faith that some day it wont always be :smiley90: failing foward is better than falling away , this is for all leaders who so ever they may be . Do whatever it takes to bring back the run away's throw a way's and the left behind ,the church should have the policy of mentality no one is left standing on the outside ,when it is a circle that heals what is hurt on the inside . Abandonment rejection Isolation unwanted unloved these should never be part of a believers vocabulary when speaking of forever families reconciled under the banner of Christ's eternal love after all it was the great command :smiley60:

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