What would God think...

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  1. What would God think...

    I am a full time Mum. Every evening I tidy up the House. I need that to feel relaxed and less unorganized after the girls have gone to bed. My husband does sleep overs every other night and he appreciates a tidy house when he comes home in the morning. He does not understant my desire to do what is right in gods eyes. So my problem is sundays. The Bible says to rest on the seventh day. Is it ok to do the basics? I do have to cook aswell. I find myself beeing restless if I have a mess around me and I dont want to put my husband of. But I do want to put God first and do as he asks.
  2. As Christians, we are not under the Mosaic Law, at least not in the same sense that the Israelites were. The Law had very strict standards as to what could and could not be done on the Sabbath (and let's not even begin the argument about whether we even have the right day for the Sabbath, that's a whole 'nother contentious discussion). Jesus Himself pointed out, however, that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath (Matt. 12:1-12, Mark 2:23-3:4). It is good to take time to rest and reenergize, and it is good to set aside time to focus on worship of God, but it is also good to minister to others on the Sabbath, which I think would include doing things to make your family feel cared for. I would suggest doing what you can Saturday to lighten you load on Sunday (maybe preparing food beforehand so it can just be popped in the oven, for instance), but don't feel guilty about straightening up a little if it ministers to your husband and helps your own frame of mind.
  3. I see nothing wrong with cooking or cleaning up. I tend to cook frequently on the Sabbath instead of going out to get food.

  4. Hey!
    If you feel convicted of working on Sundays, then I suggest that you listen to the convictions. For me, I don't feel convicted. But every relationship with Christ is different. We are all different.
    I mean, you can cook a meal on Saturday and put it in the fridge for Sunday where you can just heat it up in a microwave.
  5. Good Day, 'unregistered'... as others have mentioned, there is no problem in doing work on Sunday. There is a modern misconception about a sabbath being a particular day and that is unfortunate.

    The word 'sabbath' in the Hebrew language simply means 'rest'. While some churches decree that a certain day is their sabbath, the original scripture language handles it a bit differently. We take our rest in Christ each and every day. He became our sabbath (our rest) as He died for us all on the cross. If you wish to read more, please do a GOOGLE search using the key words, "Christ became our sabbath". You will have several hundred pages of informative reading.

  6. Dear full time Mum!

    If you believe in living according to the Bible, as God's Word to us, then FIRST of all Sunday is not the Sabbath, and SECOND, the Commandment to keep the Sabbath is in the Old Testament which, since Jesus came and died for us, we no longer live under (who would want to be sacrificing animals and birds and all of that!) That is, the New Testament, or New Covenant) is where we ALL must live today (that's why it's called "New" and the original Testament or Covenant "Old").

    Under the Old Covenant God's special people, the Hebrews or Jews, kept the Sabbath very seriously according to God's commands to them, and it started at sundown Friday and lasted to a little after sundown Saturday.

    Keeping the Sabbath is the Fourth Commandment in Protestant Bibles, i.e., one out of TEN special Commands of God. In the New Testament where we now live today, you will find just NINE of the original commandments which those of us who love Him will obey - but ONE is missing! The missing one is the Fourth Commandment about the Sabbath! (it's mentioned, but certainly NOT in any way as a command for us to obey and live today).

    Feel free to search the Scriptures for yourself to confirm that what I've written above is HIS truth.

    Thus I am FREE of any commands from God to keep Saturday, Sunday or any specific day according to God's Holy Word. And YOU are totally free to do the same!

    God bless and guide you, dear sister!

    - BM
  7. I will do my best to leave as little for Sundays as possible. I will cook things in the slow cooker so while I'm still providing a healthy home cooked meal for my family, it doesn't take me away from my family or my sabbath either.

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