What Will You Say/do The First Time You See Jesus Face To Face?

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  1. There will come a time when all believers, in their resurrected bodies, will have access to Jesus, in His resurrected body, in His Kingdom. The first time I see Him face to face I will probably fall down and worship Him! What an exciting thing to think about! I will probably ask Him if He would take a walk with me, and talk to me. I will ask Him if I can always have access to Him.

    What will you guys think you might do or say?
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  2. What could I say?
  3. I will say "I'm sorry for every single sin I commuted."
  4. Well, I have lots of questions but when He is right there I did not ask him anything I had a list of. I was more focused on what he was showing me.

    We have to give an account for ever idle words spoken and our works will be tried by fire. If we did not do all he said do while here, and our mouth was full of unbelief, then I suspect it's best to keep quit and say "yes Lord, Your so right Lord."
  5. If I get to say (or should say) anything...I think my first words would be "thank you". For He is everything that I am and every good thing in life is the result of His hand! He has forgiven my sins, blotted out that old sinner, and had me reborn as His daughter! I can not imagine the extent of the goodness He has, is and always will show me.....thank you isn't enough! :)

    And oh, why would I wait to tell Him? He is in me right now....living in me right now...I can tell Him right now. That is the beauty of the new life now - we don't have to wait until heaven to thank Him, talk to Him, or have our "issues" resolved. We can come to Him now - for He is ever present - and ever eager to hear from us. :) Just like any dad with his kids.....

    And you will always access to Him....why, when on earth He lives in us and is so intimate with us, would that change in heaven? Heaven is not heaven unless I am in my Lord's presence all the time! I live for Him, I breath Him.....and in no way will He ever be a distant figure....like the president or something like that. :)
  6. Thank you for saving me!!! I tell him this a lot---I'm overwhelmed to tears daily with this realization. He's so awesome <3 <3
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  7. He truly is the most AWESOME being. Love Him.
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  8. Two words that I'm sure would mean the world to Him "Thank you"
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  9. I will fall on my knees and thank Him for loving me.
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  10. His feet will be washed with my tears.
  11. Stammer, fall to my knees, cry, get up and bear hug Him. And then, ask him a 1000 questions..:D

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