What To Gift For A Wedding

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  1. looking for some memorable gift for wedding occasion..
  2. Hmmm you could put together some pictures of the bride and groom or something. Or get both their names engraved in something. Just an idea.
  3. Hi..
    Thank You for your suggestion,my friend told me about bog oak collectables.... and yes I could get their names engraved on that!
  4. It would depend on your budget and the amount of people. My brother got married and they had a small bridal party. 3 bridesmaids, 3 flower girls and 3 groomsmen. We were given a pair of earring (all the BMs and FGs) that we wore on the day of the wedding. They weren't overly fancy but pretty and matched our gowns. The males were given $100 Amex gift cards. Being that the bridal party consisted of mostly family I think they were extra generous. You could purchase costume jewelry for your BMs and if you like the idea about the Amex gift cards you could just do $50 or $75. Again it depends on your budget.
  5. You can have a good diamond ring specially designed in two parts and keep the on with you and other to gift her. I have seen many of those kind of rings which makes a one when kept together after all couples are made for each other and diamonds are forever.
  6. Smoked salmon. Great gift that will last a long time, especially if you can smoke it yourself. If they're allergic to fish then deer meat will work.

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