what to do when you're lonely?

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by twistedLinen, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. what to do when you're lonely?

    hey just want to know if you guys have gone through moments wherein you feel like you don't have everything, and you don't have nobody to turn to, what you guys always do?

    i just feel bad these past days, you know... And kinda crying out to God, i don't even know why i feel this way!
  2. I look through the contacts of my cell phone and ask people to pray for me. Then I weep before God and pray.
  3. sometimes i do that, but oftentimes, i just want to cry and let nobody knows about it, coz i have to be strong, my siblings and people around me, look up to me and knows me to be brave and strong!..

    I had my best friend to turn to, but now she's married, i can't bother her that much! And other people close to my heart are far away from me...
  4. God will bring the right people into your life, but sometimes you need to learn to be happy with yourself before that can happen.
  5. uhmm, yea that's right! but dont get me wrong, im happy with myself, it's just that there are moments in everyone's life wherein we need to confide with someone, like we just want someone to talk to, to listen to our whims.. yet when those time comes, it's when they're are not around.. and maybe that is the time God wants me to turn to Him alone, and it's really odd..
  6. Yup, I agree with you. We do need the support of others. Perhaps you should start confiding with some new friends online. Or build new relationships in church and strengthen the older ones. How old are you, twistedLinen?
  7. im 23, a bit old :(
  8. i have transferred church due to work. i have friends to my church right now, but not that intimate, i can't confide to them anytime i want.. online, yea maybe i could,
  9. -_- ... I'm 33

    But that being said, it took a LONG time for me, but eventually God brought more friends into my life than I could even keep track of.
  10. 23, a bit old? Nay, 33 is young, Banareth! Even 80 is young before the Lord. Look at Moses when he was 120!
  11. haha that's comforting, thanks mustardseed... :)
  12. Haha, no matter twistedLinen. Hope you're feeling dandy nowadays. I'm 19 myself.
  13. It will be good. Trust me. Trust God. I'm a 33 y/o goth gone Christian and I managed to find friend in one of the most non-goth-friendly churches I've ever seen in my life. And even managed to start a pretty respectable ministry through it. Just remember, the best things do not happen in our time but His.
  14. Yep, your problem is/was common to many of us. When I was younger, I did not have siblings with whom to discuss things. For a few years during my early teens I felt isolated, until I met a person with whom I developed a deep friendship. Now, after many years that relationship has endured, and we still communicate with each other despite being many miles apart. It is really important to have someone you respect and trust, to share concerns and intimate information with. If you have not been able to establish a strong personal friendship with someone near you, it sometimes can be done over the internet. If you read about people's concerns, or find advice on these forums that make a lot of sense to you, you can "private message" those writers, and explain your need to talk. Most of the time you will find sympathetic ears, and a willingness to exchange information and advice. I've gotten acquainted with several persons like that, and had some significant discussions about various topics. Try it, and may God bless your search.
  15. yeah right, thank you all for your response, maybe i could confide to some of you later. i got things to do this time, have loads of work to do..

    thanks and God bless!
  16. I go out and make something happen. First I pray, then God reminds me that only I can change whats wrong with my life, and then I go out and do something about it. Find a hobby, find a better job, go paint something, go sky diving, go to the firing range, go fishing, write poetry, draw stuff, play video games, read a book, make a name for yourself, make some friends, etc, etc, etc.

    only you can make your life better. God will help, but only by telling you that you are in the pilot's seat. Gods there to help us fly, but the only way we're going to learn how is if we take charge and control of our own lives.
  17. im sorry but is that not contradictory to the notion that in acceptin Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour we're making Him rule over our lives, that's the Lordship commitment, correct me if im wrong. Okey we have to take steps for us to learn, we have to make our moves for us to accomplish things and we have the right to choose. But let God reign in our lives, let not Him be ignored, though He doesn't force us to obey we have to seek His will, His plan for our lives. I've got your point anyway, maybe we just have different point of view regarding it, but the idea is there. we have to take a move, do it!:) thanks bless yah!
  18. This is an older thread I came across but found interesting~
    Bro. Ban is right about being happy with yourself, I agree 100%.
    I also believe friends are blessings; true friends.
    I have one true friend in my life and I believe it was God's work.
    This person is a friend I trust fully....someone I feel I can tell anything to and will not be judged or looked down upon or ignored.
    That is hard to find in a friend.
    My friend is a very Godly person who I share something in common with which makes the biggest difference in the world.

    I want to say though that I have friends here who are like a 2nd family, at least that is how I feel.
    I have no friends or family near, at all.
    You CAN find friends online and forums such as this really help with loneliness~

  19. Wow...I didn't realize I have been on here that long...wow.

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