What Positive Things Are Going On?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Jesus Freak, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Hey, guys. What positive things are going on in your life right now? I am being helped by someone that used to be a minister and he is teaching me to have a positive outlook on life. He is doing this through teaching me the scripture that pertains to whatever is going on in my life. We are email pals btw.
  2. Life is positive, because life represents an opportunity to give glory to God, and to share the love that God has for us with others.
  3. God answered dire prayer two days in a row, and put his sign in the sky that it was answered hours before I received the news that He did indeed answer it ..
  4. Life itself is a gift from God. With that understanding, I try and enjoy that gift as much as I can, and use it in the best ways possible.
  5. I hate the word 'positive'. Christianity is not positive vs negative. Why not use happy, enriching or rewarding rather? New age Christianity = positive thinking = self induce brainwashing = saying you are fine when you are not = madness = ... I will stop there ;).

  6. Thank you. I greatly appreciate that. I am going to use positive. You don't have to like the word.
  7. Shall your energized testament as the consummate positioner surge to electrify the mood, and give us continuity to connect with scripture, sparking us to consider virtue where we are positively charged by your wired catalyst of encouragement, which also enables conductive inspirational currents of Christ’s love that will course above all negative circumstances.

  8. Huh? Are you saying that I am a beacon of positivity?
  9. that's a very good thing ..
    be "on fire for the lord" with the baptism of fire of the HS .. hallelujah !!!
    (it is important to be excited about what God has done and is doing, because that means we really are grateful for the gift of His grace/compassion from the curse of death)

    Mar 9:49 “For everyone will be salted with fire.

  10. Thank you. I try to be positive when talking about The Lord.
  11. Yes in a most positive way

  12. Oh good. At least someone here likes me being positive.
  13. The things that went on positively for me today on this Christmas Day 2013 are that I had my family around, opened presents, spent time with my nephew, and enjoyed the day overall.

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