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  1. What other forums have you guys used in the past?

    My first forum I ever used was scratchlive.net, which I think turned into serato.com. I used this forum for when I made a living off DJing.

    Another forum I liked to use was survivalistboards.com. I'm really into outdoors activities, and this is a great forum for this.

    Another forum that I am currently active in is, blackhatworld.com. A lot of good information there for ranking in Google.
  2. I belong to physhelpforum.com. it helps me understand what scientists are saying about creation.

    I also run my own forum (very low membership count) in MyBB.

    I belonged to a couple of chess forums for awhile though no longer active.
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  3. What type of forum are you running and how long have you been running it?
  4. A few of us who used to go to the "christian" ipocalypse network decided to continue to continue to meet after the "church split" that happened there.

    I started a forum with about 3 or 4 of us from that group where we used the forum to exchange any news, or youtube videos, links etc of interest to the group regarding the Christian online chat scene and other Christian current affairs.

    Also, at the time, there were very few Tapatalk enabled forums, and I wanted one that I could access from my mobile.
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  5. I use to be active in a couple of other forums but, these days, this is the only one I look at (at lest) daily. When I do go elsewhere now, it's usually to ask a question and the subject is most commonly computer related.

    I did have a (low usage) folk music related forum but I closed it down over a year ago. I've given this info before but you might not have read it so... The forum used my own php code. It was nowhere near as advanced as the off the shelf boards you see these days but it did fit in well with my usage of abc and (by say revision 3), I'd come up with a way of laying out a discussion and releated songs in a manner I don't think would have been easy to achieve with the off the shelf boards, eg. here's an archived page www.joe-offer.com/folkinfo/songs/284.html

    As for the abc usage. All the songs were stored this very compact (and for some people even human readable as music) plain text format. While it kept a cache, the system would generate the "sheet music", etc. when required (eg. song added, or updated). If you've not seen abc before copy/paste:

    T:Away In A Manger
    T:Cradle Hymn
    B:The Second Penguin Book of Christmas Carols
    C:William James Kirkpatrick (tune)
    w:A-way in a_ man-ger, no_ crib for a bed
    w:The_ lit-tle Lord Je-sus laid_ down his sweet head
    w:The stars in the_ bright sky looked_ down where he lay
    w:The_ lit-tle Lord Je-sus a-sleep_ on the hay

    Into http://mandolintab.net/abcconverter.php. That particular on line converter btw was originally part of the old forum.
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  6. I used to participate in couple of other Christian forums.. But then stopped using them and only spending time on this one.. I gues I like this one more and the discussions are alive :)

    The only other forum I visit frequently is xda-developers..
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  7. I've been experimenting with a couple of forums. Vanillaforums and NodeBB. NodeBB looks nice but I have trouble accessing it with my mobile. Vanilla looks most promising at moment but I don't know if it supports tapatalk. However its mobile themes are the best and most usable I've seen.
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  8. I installed tapatalk to my forum. That might help you with accessing from your mobile, it helped me.
  9. I've used more than I can easy remember at this point. Old school phpBB was my favorite because I spent so much time writing mods for it, but the new version isn't quite the same. We used to use vbulletin here and I kinda like that, but Xenforo seems to be making very rapid advancements.
  10. I've only been working with forums as far as trying to create them for the last month or so. I started with Phpbb, but it seemed like too much work to get it to do simple things, like create static urls. Then I was going to purchase vbulletin because another forum that I really liked uses it, but after research, and a lot of people are saying xenforo is looking better than vbulletin at the moment. Something about one of their head guys left, so vbulletin updates haven't been that great. But so far xenofor is working for me, just a bit of a learning curb.
  11. What add-on for xenforo will allow me to have a funny, agree, dislike, etc buttons?
  12. It's called Post Ratings
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  13. The only other forums I have used regularly are xda-developers and mmaweekly (mixed martial arts).
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  14. Awesome I added it. Thanks!
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