What makes a good sermon?

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  1. Here is what I think. I haven't read anything in the Bible on this subject, so please, if there is any Biblical input, then please tell me.

    I think that the goal of a sermon is to edify the believer and leave them better off with Jesus then they were before. So here are some of my views on how a sermon should be:

    Short. From my experience, sermons that are an hour long are very bad for someone who wants to learn. The pastor just goes babbling on and on, and it's like they are just stalling for time. I think that the sermons should be short but sweet.

    Biblical input only. What I mean by that is that the pastor should only be reciting the Bible verses and telling what they mean, step by step. I don't think that telling people of personal experiences are a good idea, because they are a waste of time. From my youth pastor's sermon last week, I remember his long personal stories more than his actual message. This should not be so. If a story should be told, then it should be right to the point, although I believe that personal accounts are unnecessary.

    Don't try to entertain. The only reason why someone should be losing the crowd is if their message is long and boring. Then they have to be funny to get the crowd back. This should not be so. The Bible is not boring, the message should not be long, and the pastor should not be trying to entertain the crowd.

    Focus on the Gospel. People always need to remember what Jesus did for them, so the message should focus on the Gospel to an extent. I believe that it can always tie back.

    Those are just some of my ideas on how to have a good sermon. That's not all of them though. What are your thoughts on how to give a good sermon?
  2. The length of sermons today are far shorter than at times past. Look at Acts 20:7-12. That was a long sermon!

    A witness for Christ, whether an individual or a preacher should bring examples from everyday life that show how Biblical teaching should be applied. This shows how the eternal truths are just as relevant in today's world as they were 2000 years ago.

    Incline your ear and open your heart and you won't worry so much about the time spent.
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  3. I agree that pastors should add personal stories, but that they should not be so long. For example, my youth pastor was giving a sermon on Sunday, and he went into full detail about this personal experience that he had when he could have just went to the point and used that time to teach more. I honestly think that my youth pastor stalls for time when he preaches. This is how the quality of the sermon goes down, and people stop listening.
  4. Is this because you do not like sitting still for very long ? I mean come on now - saying how a sermon should or should not be by how long you have to sit there or listen ?

    Brother Juk here is what makes the best sermon - a pastor - praying and seeking God for direction - writing along the direction God spoke to Him - holding it up to God and see if it is correct or needs changes - then preaching it as the Holy spirit leads the pastor -

    What makes a poor sermon - a Pastor speaking to please any one other the God - A pastor speaking along the guide lines of those who are to hear it - especially members and staff of the church.

    So my friend how does this fit in ? ;)
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  5. Well I don't think that God would want a sermon to be so long that people start to think about other things or fall asleep during it. And it's not about the sitting down. Come on, I'm in school for eight hours a day. If something is too long and off topic, then the people will stop listening.
  6. Thats funny Juk because all across the land churches are preaching sermons for hours and people are waiting for the next one to start and lots of churches are having services allbmost 7 days a week.

    See there are those sunday go to church Christians or fair weather Christians and then there are those CHRISTIANS that simply can not get enough of His word or what He is doing and it is these Christians who are getting used very much. So if a sermon being a little long for you then perhpas it is you that needs to do some soul searching. ;)

    I mean is the word Gooooood ? Then I will be there....
  7. Sometimes I start to think about "what will I cook for lunch" after first few minutes of sermon... and sometimes I listen eagerly to every single word that is said during 40 minutes long (or even more) preaching :) It is not about the length.
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  8. Is the word good ? (y) You ever notice that when the word of God is being spoken and it has your attention that time speeds up ? lol I mean I have placed a dvd in and sat back and then jumped up get my bible and note pad and before you know it - 3 or 4 hours are gone by and your ready for another one.

    Now when your stuck with those cranky people and praying they go home soon - time seems to slow down to a crawl. lol
    Have a wonderful day
  9. What you have said reminds me of this Bible verse.

    But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. (1 John 2:27)
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  10. Study the sermon on the mount.
    That was the best sermon ever.
  11. Granted, it's a little bit subjective, but I will say there is a universal truth to what makes a sermon effective and good versus a poor one.

    A short answer is that a good homily or sermon is one that strongly challenges your faith. It stops you in your tracks and makes you rethink whether or not you are really taking up your cross. A good homily/sermon is honest and not concerned with reaching people where they are -- rather, it will say what needs to be addressed.

    I don't know if time is so much a problem. I've heard amazing homilies that are 5 minutes long and good ones that are an hour and a half long. I've also heard rather poor ones that are both short and long. Substance and clarity tend to make the difference.

    I agree that a focus on entertainment doesn't make for a good homily. It often comes off more disingenuous and pandering than thought provoking and focused toward Christ.

    Matt Walsh, a blogger and writer for The Blaze recently wrote this piece which I think was very well put. The article is called Maybe Christianity In America Is Dying Because It’s Boring Everyone To Death.<----LINK

    It's a tongue-in-cheek perspective on Church and attendance.
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  12. I agree. I too have heard powerful sermons that were an hour and a half long, as well as 5 minutes long. I have heard duds that were three hours long and duds that were 5 minutes long. It's the quality, not the length of time that matters.
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  13. A speaker must know his congregation. If it is younger they tend to be able to pay attention longer. The elderly have about a 20 minutes attention span. They have health issues, many need to eat because of medication and a lot are just unable to stay awake so why push the envelope. Every preacher knows when to find a stopping point and then he can start right there the next time they meet. The idea should NOT BE to finish a sermon just to be able to say..."I FINISHED IT".

    The goal in my opinion should be about 30 minutes of speaking. After singing and praying and introductions and so forth, the average meeting is right at an hour.
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  14. Amen!

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